Does destructibility work for anyone in Dartmoor?

So I can’t find anywhere approval or disapproval of this.
On my PC destructibility in Dartmoor works in both benchmarks (automated and interactive) but doesn’t work in real mission and I wonder if it works for anyone (say, it’s unlocked for benchmarks but locked in game depending on CPU). My PC has Ryzen 3600x, RTX 3070, 32gb ram, and runs windows 10, quality settings are max, simulation quality is set to “best”.
I had been waiting for the February update to fix this and some others bugs but nothing got better (among issues I was interested in).

Same here. I don’t think that level of destruction was ever planned for the “real” game. The benchmark is a different animal as it’s designed to be a test of the PC’s capabilities but the real level has nowhere near that level of destructibility. I’m not an authority, but I’d say that’s by design.


I won’t expect this to work (maybe), but IOI actually promised “more destructibility in Dartmoor for 8+ core CPUs”, the way it works for me (and you) is weird so I want to know whether it’s limited only for some CPUs. Could you please share which CPU you checked it on? If someone told me it doesn’t work on his 5950x or 10900k it would be clear enough that it’s just disabled for everybody.

Unfortunately, I only have 6 actual cores (12 logical processors) but the game is running on “best” quality for whatever that’s worth. Some body with 8 or more actual cores could comment with their experience though.

Sadly it seems some of the destruction is tied to the benchmark tool.

The only things I noticed that is different in the live built is that of the furniture’s foam filling doesn’t become exposed in the ingame version.


Currently it is only available with the interactive benchmark if you want to test it yourself.

And according to IO, these improvements are coming throughout 2021 but are not ready now :

Together with Intel, we are working to optimize the game for launch and beyond, with updates, tweaks and improvements coming throughout 2021 that will improve the experience of playing on a high-end PC and multi-core CPUs.

These optimizations include enhancing HITMAN 3 for PC players with 8+ core CPUs, for example you’ll be able to spot more crowds in Dubai or experience more complex destructibility in Dartmoor.

IOI x Intel - IO Interactive


But will this be true for non-Intel processors?

For HITMAN 2 yes, I don’t think it will change for HITMAN 3. You just need a 6/8+ core CPU, AMD or Intel. It’s a work that they started a long time ago now on PC, already done with the second season and improved in the third, nothing new.


An offtop but
Geez, you could store a half of H3 in your RAM…

Are you referring to the original poster’s 32GB? It’s shocking to me that I can remember trying to fudge around with memory managers and extended/high RAM areas trying to get the most of out the 640K we had to deal with back in the day. I think I got up to about 628 or so usable kilobytes in the standard RAM space once and thought I was the absolute shite… Now I have 40GB and that was fairly cheap.

Offline Experience Refined by @Atampy26 brings the benchmark destructibility improvements in Dubai and Dartmoor to the main levels.
Currently only available offline though, but it is completely compatible with the main levels, it’s just one “.brick” for each.


I have same.
I assume you use 3 sticks. I’m noticing sometimes performance is not that great as it could be.
This is most likely because RAM can’t work in dual channel mode properly because of one slot is empty. Or 3rd stick should be removed. But eventually I’m going to fill in the whole potential of 64GB of RAM

No, just two. One 8 GB and one 32 GB. In order to go to the max 64 GB for my motherboard I’d have to get rid of the 8GB. One day maybe!