Downloading Bonus Missions from Hitman Complete First Season Edition

I decided to reinstall Hitman on my PS5 so i can finish all the challenges, trophies etc. I have both games, the Complete First Edition (with steelbook) and the Game of the Year Edition. I noticed that even though both games are installed separately, the trophies are the same - a sad fact for the casual trophy hunter that i am lol.
I am bit confused. The bonus missions such as the Sarajevo 6 is installed but not the Bonus missions (Landslide, a House built on Sand, the Icon) + the Patient Zero missions story. I know that i used the code from the First Season Edition and not the Definitive Edition.
I don’t know how to get the Bonus Missions + Patient Zero. Also, is the Sarajevo 6 on the disc of the Definitive Edition so that when i use the Hitman First Season Disc it’s available? I don’t recall using the code from the Definitive Edition.
Can anyone enlighten how to get them? I tried the PS Store but nothing is available for the first game. This is very confusing.