How to get Bonus Missions on from Hitman The Complete First Season in 2023

I own a copy of the first Hitman 2016 The Complete First Season. I didn’t play as much as i wanted compared to Hitman 3 so i decided to reinstall the game to unlock the remaining trophies, unlocks etc. I tried to download the 3 Bonus Missions + the Sarajevo Six missions but only the screen for the WoA is in the shop and it’s not available.
I tried to enter the code of the dlcs again - i used it years ago, here is what happens.

The code clearly shows the item but i can’t download it. I don’t know why. I know that once a code is used i can’t use it anymore but what about the dls, how to get them?
Does anybody has the same problem? I’m lost with the all the versions of the game. I saw the player support thread, saw the SquareEnix page that says they don’t support Hitman titles anymore but no actual thread about it. Maybe @Clemens_IOI can help? anyone?

I know this is no way related directly to Hitman 3 but i opened a thread on the Hitman 2016 page here but noone has answered me yet. Also if this has been already discussed, feel free to give me the link and close this one. Thank you.

Wasn’t this the complaint about the change to WOA? It eliminated support for the original H1 & H2 because those games were delisted on every platform.

Example: You buy H2 (used disk retail) but now you can’t combine H1 levels into it because the H1 legacy pack doesn’t exist anymore for H2 (only the version for WOA/H3).



That’s the issue - you’ve already redeemed the code, so you cannot use it again. They’re single use. The content will still be downloadable (assuming you’re still using the same PSN account) by navigating to the owned content for the title. Instructions for a PS4 and instructions for a PS5.

Little bit different as the Legacy Pack was just sitting on storefronts for people to “buy” for free if they owned the relevant content. These codes are for DLC combinations that were never available for purchase, but were hidden and only accessible if you had a valid code to redeem it for free because it isn’t on the disc (in the case of the H1 disc releases, this was due to disc space limitations).


I am guessing from the screenshot that it is about the PS version.
Have you entered the DLC code in the past and have the data already been obtained?
If so, install “HITMAN 2016” on your PS system, and from the list of additional content, an option will appear that will allow you to download it again and re-apply the side missions.
For more information, please visit the official SONY website.

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That’s the bit of my problem that i forgot to mention in my op, silly me. You gave the best answer possible directing on how to download the owned content and i cannot thank you enough for this. I’ll look it up and hopefully will be able to get them back.

Question: since i didn’t use my code for Hitman 2 Gold Edition, will i be able to get the content despite the chaotic organisation that it is?

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The code that came with mine says its valid until November 2028, so I would assume so.

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Yeah, delisted content is hard to find easily on the store for PS, but it can still be found, usually, by searching your downloads or add-ons menu for each title.

It’s especially difficult for PS3, as I think the only way to find delisted content easily is scrolling down through your previous downloads menu that contains everything from DLC to Demos to Themes, which can be a lot for one console generation…

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Years ago i had installed both Hitman 2016 Definitive Edition then the Game of the Year Edition.
Two discs but same files and trophies, yet the two games were visible on their own in the game listing. Today, i have been able to get the dlcs back - once again thank you @thrison. Strangely enough, both games seems to have merged into a unique page.
Hope this little thread will be helpful for those who are in my case. Thank you all guys.

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