Dr. Mekar's Custom Elusive Targets - Main Topic

So here it is, my Custom Elusive Target Topic for the new Forum, so for the ones who don’t know what this is, here a quick Breakdown.

On this Topic, I’m going to show of my finished Custom Elusive Target Mods, once there’re aviable for Download. On the old Forum, I also had a build in Poll and let People vote the next Map, so do to sinking participation in this Polls and me being the only vote around the fifth ET, I vote do this anymore, atleast for now. Anyway, time to get to the Mods:

Season 1 (Completed)

SEASON 1 of my Custom Elusive Targets contains 8 Missions with a total of 10 Targets & 3 Objectives, aswell as some Challenges.

The Dataminer
Földesi Yvondes

Play Now: The Dataminer - Dr. Mekar's Custom ET 1 at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community
The Deserter Apur Jikitu

Play Now: Dr. Mekar's Custom ET 2 - The Deserter at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community
The Refugee & The Identity Provider Jon Grey & ‘Mrs. Newland’

Play Now: The Refugee and The Identity Provider at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community
The Solar Dr. Mario Connor

Play Now: The Solar at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community
The Spy Derek Endura

Play Now: The Spy at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community
The Shameshifters Archibald ‘Al’ Colt & Darius Wainwright

Play Now: The Shameshifters at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community
The Customer Jyotis Pooja Andromeda

Play Now: The Customer at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community
The Operator Dr. Kristopher Tränenstein

Play Now: The Operator at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community

And this are the Challenges:

01 - The Dataminer

The Dataminer

  • Eliminate Földesi Yvondes

He Couldn’t Hack This

  • Eliminate Földesi Yvondes via Electrecution

The Wrong One

  • Eliminate Worassio Yvondes

02 - The Deserter

The Deserter

  • Eliminate Apur Jikitu


  • Retrieve The Letterbomb

A Drilling Break

  • Eliminate Apur Jikitu With A Fireaxe

You Were Suppose To Prevent That

  • Crash The Stockmarket

03 - The Refugee & The Identity Provider

The Refugee

  • Eliminate Jon Grey


  • Eliminate Jon Grey By Poisoning His Coffee

You Ain’t Running From That

  • Eliminate Jon Grey With A Non-Silenced Machine Gun

The Identity Provider

  • Eliminate ‘Mrs. Newland’

It’s For You

  • Eliminate ‘Mrs. Newland’ With The ICA Electrecution Phone OR The ICA Explosive Phone

04 - The Solar

The Solar

  • Eliminate Dr. Mario Connor

The Judge Will Love This

  • Retrieve The Lab Protocol

Breathtaking Discovery

  • Eliminate Dr. Mario Connor, While He Looks Through The Microscope

He Will Not Be Missed

  • Eliminate Dr. Mario Connor

  • Stash His Body In A Locker Without Pacifying Or Killing Anyone Else

05 - The Spy

The Spy

  • Eliminate Derek Endura

Rats Return To The Sewers

  • Eliminate Derek Endura

  • Toss His Body Into The Seine

Deadly Habbit

  • Cause Derek Endura To Blow Himself Up

06 - The Shameshifters

The Killer

  • Eliminate Archibald ‘Al’ Colt

The Sex-Offender

  • Eliminate Darius Wainwright

Box Rights

  • Eliminate Archibald ‘Al’ Colt Before He Urinates On The Box

Deadly Habbit 2.0

  • Cause Darius Wainwright To Blow Himself Up

Two Birds With One Stone

  • Eliminate Archibald ‘Al’ Colt & Darius Wainwright Not More Than 10 Seconds From One Another

07 - The Customer

The Customer

  • Eliminate Jyotis Pooja Andromeda

Retail Savior

  • Eliminate Jyotis Pooja Andromeda Before She Finished Tearing Down The Tea Stand Owner

Hard-Hitting Marketing

  • Eliminate Jyotis Pooja Andromeda With A Sign

The Taste of Vengeance

  • Eliminate Jyotis Pooja Andromeda Via Poisoning

Keep The Change

  • Lure Jyotis Pooja Andromeda Around A Corner With Not More Than 3 Coins

  • Eliminate Jyotis Pooja Andromeda

08 - The Operator

The Operator

  • Eliminate Dr. Kristopher Tränenstein

That Not Yours

  • Retrieve Tränenstein’s Stolen Data

Technical Failure

  • Manipulate KAI

  • Eliminate Dr. Kristopher Tränenstein Via Accident

  • His Body Must Be Found

Human Failure

  • Manipulate KAI

  • Eliminate Dr. Kristopher Tränenstein Via Poisoning

Force of Habbit

  • Manipulate KAI

  • Eliminate Erich Soders

Season 2

The Analyst
Flint Montay

Play Now: The Analyst at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community
The Analyst and all of my future Mods will also be aviable over @Atampy26’s Quickmod.
The Technican & The Constable Maurice Konsandro & Alan

Play Now: The Technician and The Constable at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community
The Salesman, The Competitors & The Dealer
Benjamin Iskott, Patricia Karen, Tabitha Luise Pancras & Thadeus Roltimus

Play Now: The Salesman - The Competitors and The Dealer (Elusive Four Returns) at Hitman 2 Nexus - Mods and community

The Brothers
Akbar Lal Kulkrani & Dev Kulkrani

Play Now: Over the Mod Explorer

If you have any problems or suggestions regarding my Mods, don’t hesitate to contact me over the Hitman Forum or over Discord at DrMekar#4492

Until the, Happy Hunting 47’s…