Dubai Mastery level glitch

Hello! I’m new to these forums, I was just wondering if anyone here has had this bug/if anyone at IO knows about it? I should’ve taken a screenshot of the -6 but I didn’t thinking it was some weird minor glitch. Sorry for that!

Long story short, I was mastery level 17 in Dubai, I did a few challenges and when I went to the end of mission screen I noticed my Mastery level was at -6 and it leveled up to level 2 somehow. All of my challenges are done basically and I’m at level 6 currently so there’s no way for me to reach mastery level 20 and get the trophy/items obtained from it. Any help would be appreciated! I can only upload one photo, but this one shows me at mastery 6 with a level 17 reward unlocked

Technically there’s a way, but it is tiresome and grindy. Every action you complete will give you a small amount of XP (silenced takedowns, headshots, etc). So you may eventually reach lvl 20 by playing the main mission or contracts on Dubai. Or just wait if IOI releases fix or new set of challenges pack which will grant you more XPs.

I have the same issues. check this topic too.

I’m glad I’m not the only one dealing with this. It looks like it’s pretty common I’ve seen a lot of people saying they are dealing with this issue. Hopefully IOI releases a fix for it soon. I really don’t wanna play the game with a bug like this going around, me getting my mastery wiped on 1 location is bad enough.

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Same for me… I was level 19, got to sleep and the next morning I was level 2 mastery for Dubai
I also lost almost 20 ‘hitman’ levels, I was around 915, and in the morning it was the same level I have on H2, 897…
I hope it’s going to be fix soon
Thanks ioi

I’m on PS4 by the way

Also confirming this. My guess is that it’s focused so much on Dubai because it’s the level people had progression in around the time of the carryover?

Yes all levels that are played in between the transfer progression is completed get wiped out not just Dubai…
This would be fine for me I knew that progress in Hitman 3 will disappear after the transfer but then why leaving the challenges completed so we can’t obtain them again and we can’t gain all lost mastery points and Hitman level? Is completely absurd.

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Nope it’s not a wipe out after the progression carryover, it’s a glitch due to a server reboot or I don’t know, all my progress on Dubai was made after the progression carryover not before

Did you had the status finished on the browser page? Because having items in game doesn’t means that all of the progress was successful…

And what about your challenges? You can re do them or they are completed and now you can’t gain mastery points for the location? Because if is just a wipe and you have everything to restart consider yourself lucky.

Problems comes when challenges are completed.

I hope someone from ioi will answer soon
There was some server glitches like this on Hitman 2, I remember, for one elusive target, some people ( me included ) didn’t received their costume after completing the challenge
My call is it’s a challenge glitch due to server reboot or something like this, because we have tracks of our progression on Dubai, the challenges are completed, we just don’t have the score for it

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Same for me, I was at level 6 but when I completed the other levels, Dubai’s level was reset to 1 but not the challenges.


Nope I can’t redo my challenges, they are validated, and I was level 19 mastery so.….
Hahaha btw for me it’s quite like for the elusive target, I have all the unlocks except the costum level 20 mastery
All the starting locations and gears from the level

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We have to keep making some noise on the forum so ioi can see our topic and regulate our issues


I agree with you.

I also have the bug that discover Dubai trophy don t pop but the challenge is gone now and so all the marks on the map for undiscovered locations… what a mess

I want to enjoy and love this game but this launch is terrible.

Yes I know what you mean
Be patient, master the others levels, I’m sure ioi is going to correct this, it’s just not their priority for now on

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The same also happened to me, I was mastery level 10 and then went down to level 1, also lost the xp gained as I was 2090 again.

also happened to me. Lost my mastery and reset it back to zero but all challenges I completed are still completed… Lost my profile XP by about 20 levels also.

Has anyone tried deleting their local copy of the saved data and then reconnecting to the servers to download a fresh copy of the profile data?

I had something like this happen to me with Whittleton Creek in H2. Deleting the local copy of my data and downloading a fresh copy by reconnecting to the servers marked the challenges as incomplete again so I could redo them.

I tried your tips, deleting my local saved filed and download a new one on the hitman server but it changes nothing, thanks it could have been a good solution unfortunately it doesn’t work