Easy Featured Contracts

Hi all,

I am wondering if there are any easy featured contracts that can be done suit only. There is a ton of them so far, so I am trying not to blindly jump into any of them (mostly because I don’t have the time to spare).

My objective is to get both, the phantom suit and the classic, all-black suit from the challenges. The problem is I don’t want to grind needlessly and endlessly to get them, so I would rather get some recommendations on the most optimal featured contracts for said goal.


@Count.Rushmore created a list in the Featured Contracts thread with the breakdown of each contract. You can use this as a reference to determine which contracts have “Any Disguise” or “Suit Only” complications for the disguise in your goal of doing it all in the suit.

As for what is easier, I did a blitz over a seven week period and it all kind of blurs. But I have at least given you a start. Good luck in your play through.


Thanks, that is indeed helpful. I appreciate it. I’ll check it out.

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