Elusive Target #1: THE DECEIVERS (Year 3: 12 - 22 May 2023)

Feels like the elusive targets are a chore at this point. Used to be a highlight of the month, but now it just means dedicating the spare time I have to play freelancer to trying to silent assassin one dude.

Doesn’t help that they’re no longer on the front page, so I forget about them.


I still enjoy them, but I do wish they were on the front page again.




Is that The Black Hat’s jar of marmalade?


Yes, it is. And it’s fine.


Who made this? This is amazing <3 I need to use this somewhere :smiley:


I did. It’s a photo manipulation of an existing “it’s fine” gif + artwork of 47 I found online + some original mods.


Here’s the original gif if anyone is interested to see the difference:


And the Hitman artwork from jaylifish:


Yes, I don’t even play the game anymore but i’m forced to check if there is a new ET in order to avoid losing my perfect score.
Games should fit player life, not vice versa.


But think of the realism!” Dan cried out from his Flamingo Outfit while he’s shot to death for ‘crouching too long.’

Valentina Yates laments her husband’s passing as Elite Mercenaries explain that he tragically drowned in his own toilet after an unrelated dart lodged itself in his neck.

Meanwhile, two members of security conclude that, while an Improvised C4 Bomb did explode 3 meters away, it was unrelated to the Propane Explosion that killed Tamara, and as such is ruled another tragic accident.

As the screen slowly turns grey, one phrase passes across Dan’s mind… “It really makes you feel like Hitman.” He nods, closing his eyes as Ave Maria plays over his final moments.

Yeahhhh… I like the concept of Elusive Targets, but IOI have already backpedaled on the “Only One Chance, Never Again” mantra.

Turns out, spending months of time writing and recording new dialogue, creating new Mission Briefs, designing new characters, and modelling unique assets just so players can enjoy it for 7–14 days is a very unrewarding game model (for everyone).

I can only hope they at least make them “permanently available” when they evenutally stop supporting the servers. Of course, at that point, Peacock already has them beat, so… :person_shrugging:


Not everyone plays on PC, so “it’s already possible with Peacock” is not a reason not to make them permanent down the road.

And “I don’t play the game anymore but I don’t want to lose my perfect score” is not a reason to stop having ET reruns for people who still play the game and enjoy ETs (or just want to unlock the suits they’re still missing).

I’m a completionist too, but I’m fully aware that that’s a ‘me problem’ and that it’s my personal choice, not a requirement, and 100% inconsequential. FOMO sucks, yes, and I’m usually not a fan of time-limited content, but at some point I need to make the decision to step away from a game I don’t care about any longer, and that a less than perfect score is just as meaningless as a perfect score.

Games should fit the players’ lives, but they’re also games and meant to be played for fun. It’s okay if they stop being fun for some people, but as long as others are still enjoying them, there’s no reason to stop adding new content (or reactivate old content) just so those who stopped playing don’t miss anything.


Been saying it for a minute: They should remove all the year 1, 2 and 3 bullshit and just make every single ET available for unlimited replay.

Minus the obvious two, due to licensing problems.


Ah, allow me to rephrase:
I’m not saying Peacock is an “excuse,” I genuinely hope they have at least an End-of-Life plan to make that content (and game) independent of the servers.

However, as much as I like IOI, it wouldn’t surprise me if things went the way of Bethesda and they said “Eh, the modding community will do it, why bother.”

I haven’t played most of the Elusive Targets, and I have over 800 hours across WoA. I often forgot, didn’t have time, or found something to entertain me while I waited… and then got absorbed by the thing that was actually available to me (just like dating, lol).

I’m personally not angry or upset that I haven’t played most of them. However, I find it strange, unfortunate, and sad that I could possibly never experience hours of content from my favorite game.

I agree! Games should be played for fun! I really enjoy the Hitman WoA trilogy. I would love for the Elusive Targets to become more available, so myself (and others) can actually play them and have fun!

Hitman never stopped being fun. It was the waiting that stopped being fun.


I thought about this and there’s an even better solution:

Make all ETs permanent, but keep them grouped in that year 1/2/3 thing for “historical” purposes… and then award the players one of the ICA coins from H1 when they manage to defeat all ETs from a single year. 3 years, 3 different coins, and an easy way to add a bit more content to the game.


My lack of interest in the game is only temporary, I played the game for thousands of hours and there is no doubt the love for the game will be back and I will play the game again. But my record will be permanently bad, just because ioi wants to recycle old content.

I am not to asking to stop this if it damages other players, just give me another chance later.

Exactly! I’m honestly fine if they continue the “No Saves,” and if ET’s need to have some exclusivity, then make them temporarily unavailable upon failure/completion. Whatever arbitrary amount of time seems “reasonable.”

With over 40 to choose from, even if you fail 10 in a row, you can still attempt the other 30 while you wait for those to finish their “cooldown”

You still get the sting of “having to wait,” but the game actually offers something else to do in the meantime.


That makes sense, especially since there has never been any possible way to obtain all three ICA Coins in your inventory (without mods that I’m aware of).

This would also be a good compromise for Japanese players who never had an opportunity to get ANY of the coins because Hitman (2016) didn’t get released over there until after the ICA coins were given out.

The Hitman (2016) players who were there since the very beginning, would still be able to get the other two coins they never got, would get to keep the exclusive Black Winter Suit that was exclusive to them, and would be able keep the Aluminum Travel Briefcase.

This will keep both IOI who want to reward loyalty and players who are veterans of the Trilogy happy with their exclusive items, while also preserving Elusive Targets, and making more Content available for players who don’t own the PC version.

I assume this will also aply to getting the Elusive Target reward suits for everyone (like the map specific ones and Legacy ones like the Blood Money and Absolution suits).


This should be the real Arcade, yes.
And an adequate solution for the end of life cycle of the game


It was posted on FB about 10 minutes ago (plus the time since this was posted). Probably on Twitter too. or probably not.

Let me guess… i didn’t get any credit, right? :rofl:


I’ll give you credit :wink: What handle ya want?