Elusive Target #23: THE SURGEONS (Year 3: 15 - 25 September 2023)

The Doctor & The Surgeon are back in Hokkaido for 10 days in their first activation in over 4 years.

They are free for all players, including Free Starter Pack owners, from 16 - 18.

If you own HITMAN III, you can practice this Elusive Target in the Arcade:

  • Level 3 of 5 of The Nebulae (with one disguise change optional complication)
  • Level 3 of 3 of The Dyads (with no loadout, default starting location & suit)

Good evening, 47. Your targets are Dr. Pavel Frydel and Dr. Akane Akenawa, brilliant and unethical transplant surgeons.

Both were involved in performing an operation on a billionaire’s son. However, the organ had been sourced illicitly in Central Africa, and the patient died of hemorrhagic fever shortly after.

We have located the targets at Gama in Hokkaido where they are key members of staff and will enjoy a great deal of movement and protection within the facility itself.

The client offers a substantial bonus if the targets are eliminated in a manner appropriate to the death of their patient. As you know, the Gama facility has worked with infectious diseases, so you should be able to find something useful on site. And I know you appreciate poetic justice.

The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.


Pavel Frydel, The Doctor

Pavel Frydel is a brilliant transplant surgeon, previously the chief at the Warsaw State Central Hospital. He moved into the private sector, lured by the prospect of astronomical salaries and the freedom to choose his own patients.

Before joining the Gama facility staff he was involved in a transplant operation that went horribly wrong after the organ used turned out to be carrying a strain of EHV. He fled underground, claiming his innocence, and blaming the patient’s death on the providence of the organ.

Akane Akenawa, The Surgeon

Akane Akenawa is a focused and meticulous surgeon with a private clinic in Tokyo in addition to her position at the Gama Facility in Hokkaido.

Brilliant, and entrepreneurial, she was also involved in the tragic events that led to the unlawful death of a patient following an infected liver transplant. She maintains that she wasn’t involved in the acquisition of the organ, and protests her innocence. However, her private clinic in Tokyo is listed as the broker for the acquisition of the organ, and a large payment was made from her accounts to Swiss accounts controlled by Doctor Pavel Frydel.


One of my favorite ETs. They’re on Hokkaido, my favorite map. Even if you’re starting from scratch with no loadout, it’s totally possible to take them out. I love that they have an optional kill objective which makes the mission a bit harder and encourages exploration, but if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to. It’s weird that none of the Hitman 2 or Hitman 3 targets ever got an optional kill method objective. My only complaint is I think Pavel’s name is still misspelled as “Pawel” in Hitman 3


This one is gonna be easy, and thanks to the latest batch of Arcade contracts, I know that I don’t even need to change disguises to get it done. All I need are some coins and a lockpick. These two are goo.

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Dr. Pavel, I’m ICA.


probably the best 2016 et, might even build up the willpower to finally make another hitman et drawing/video


Looking forward to this one. I’ll have to think over the weekend while I’m out-of-town on how I want to finish this ET.


Totally gonna Inceinrrate both of em. Got a name to just not gonna say till ive uploaded just in case someone steals it.

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If you want 5 stars, you have to retrieve the special needles as they have a kill condition. If you don’t care about that, I look forward to seeing a video for this.

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I know I’ve played the surgeons so many times on the eta so ive already experienced the et woty the syringes. And ive got all the SA and et rewards anyway so it wont do anything if i play it SA or at all. Totally check my YouTube out Wigglyweevil211

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And at some point the female’s glasses got turned into sunglasses too. :disappointed:


Technically it’s not a misspelling - they’re just using the “native” form. You would spell it this way in Polish and probably a few other central European languages.

excited to get that white yukata :smiley:

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I would imagine we will see a few VR players at the top of the leaderboards on PC/PlayStation for this one given that they’ll be able to legally use the syringes without losing SA, so won’t have to worry about being spotted.

wait i can use the syringes in any place at any time???


ah yes the very japan yukata

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it be yours on friday

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Yeah, syringes are busted in VR and are free kills. Could definitely be used to cheese any ET really, but this one for sure given the syringes are required for five stars.

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They fixed it in the latest update. Presumably anticipating for the surgeons.

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Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion but I don’t like the syringe complication. I feel like it limits some freedom. I know you can get SA still without them but I do like having 5 stars as well