Elusive Target #23: THE SURGEONS (Year 3: 15 - 25 September 2023)

Got a new personal record for this ET - usually get 3 minutes plus but I managed to get some nice RNG with Pavel’s placements. I had to fight my way with a camera’s cone of vision to get to the helicopter exit but it went pretty smoothly overall. Hokkaido is my favourite map :grinning:


Stopped playing Starfield for a few minutes for the ET.

Like all multiple objectives/targets Elusive Target I was apprehensive. It went surprisingly smoothly. Surgeon outfit always makes the syringes retrieval, and the first target easy.
The second target is always the most stressful : emetic poison in his drink is easy enough, but the director is always in the restaurant at the worst time, and a patient can go into the wrong bathroom at the wrong moment. Which happened once to me in the Arcade.

Caught emetically the second target at the right location, and he went to the lobby bathroom, which was much more of a breeze. (yes it was a emetic briefcase, I’m going for keep now in ET).

See you in two weeks hitman! ( * go back to surveying planets :rocket: * )


Decided not to do the syringe kill because it’s boring now and the Surgeons have a few kill opportunities and Isolation methods that I wanted to try.

Sabotaged KAI which causes Akane to go to the server room for an easy Isolation kill, and Pavel goes to the balcony. (You can also strangle him in the restaurant or poison his wine suit only, but I had the ninja suit on so I couldn’t)

Anyways SASO (White Ninja Outfit) Fiberwire (1 KO which was unnecessary but whateva)

also Akane’s face is still bugged out, so the screenshot looks ugly :pensive:


I was a bit sceptical about these targets at first when I was getting to them in the Arcade.

On the first glance, the mission seems to have three things I’m not a big fan of in ETs. Firstly, multiple objectives - means restricted restarts when you’ve done only one of the targets. Secondly, the retrieval objective (although optional) and finally, the kill method being a requirement for the 5 star SA rating.

However, despite all that, the mission turns out to be quite fun, and is definitely a highlight of H2016 ETs. Getting syringes is extremely simple and not cumbersome, both targets are easy to get to even with no disguise and they practically isolate themselves regularly, and the syringe kill requirement is perfect for their routines - easy to get when they’re alone, and you don’t have to worry about bodies inevitably getting found shortly after the kill. I approve.

:elusive_target_dark: Anyway, this reanimation was a good excuse to share this straightforward observation. Got them today SASO, Walking only to make it a bit more challenging.


I wish it was an any method kill with these target. This is like the 5 or 6 with them


Killed them with the virus as required for five stars on my main player profile on PS5 where I’m striving for 100% challenge/perfect completion, but when I went on Steam I decided screw it and killed these two targets for the first time without using the virus samples.

Was actually quite fun to play this one in a way that I never had before since I didn’t really care about not get five stars. Killed them both with fibre wire, left the bodies out unhidden and still managed SA. :smiley:


Haven’t gotten to this one yet, probably will sometime today or tomorrow. Know how it’s going to go, I couldn’t deviate my methods on this one even if I wanted to, not without changing my entire play style. Not only do you have to use the virus needles in order to get a perfect score, but it’s what the client wants. Ergo, that’s what I’m gonna do. The real challenge in this one lies in whether it can be pulled off Suit Only. Done it before, will likely succeed again.


I played it today.

Best to Start as Surgeon. Don’t skip as you spawn in as enforcer right next to you. Wait for your first target to move then you move.

When she stops emetic her with pen or syringe. Then get special lethal in morgue. Head up she should be in bathroom puking. Lethal her with door closed.

Head outside where that sliding pole is by Gardner. Hit last target as he is on phone. Make sure other gardeners don’t see you. Usually they start looking towards end of target phone call. Director also enforcer

If in restaurant wait for him to loop back outside or have remote emetic gas gernade stored in morgue. Then lethal in bathroom.

I exit cable car.

Easy SA

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You can also prick him when he’s in the little booth thingy after he has a conversation about… “steroids”… with a guard as well. Usually no one sees it happen and it’s a pretty big window to do so.

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That’s usually where I get him, and if he’s outside I lure him over to that spot where you can climb down to the next level, and stick him while he’s in that area.

And done, precisely as predicted. Smooth, silent, perfect.


I already silent assassin complete this contract

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Oh hey, my ET review series finally came in handy!:

In short, this is easily the best Dual target ET in 2016, possibly even throughout WoA. The objectives do not overwhelm the player, movement is not restricted, and the targets are not annoying to get to or to isolate (plus they eat and drink!).

There’s a reason I placed it on the S-tier of my tier list.


If I didn’t have to kill them with the syringes to get 5 stars I would have slapped them both with a fish and thrown into the pool near the helicopter, as befitting ETs named “the sturgeons”.


This had way more rng in it than I thought.

Also I got the 4* bug.

SA/SO/NKO/0 shots/with cams:
Started with the emetic briefcase, fiberwire and a gun (decorative) in the default location.
Took the scissors from the bathroom (optional) and made my way to the sauna to get to the snowmobile exit and access the hospital from the bathroom in the first floor (you just keep going straight while avoiding the npc’s until you have take a left turn and go on until you see a ledge with a pipe you can slide down from with an open window below) and baited the female target into a bathroom by throwing objects + using the briefcase to make her go quickly into a stall so I can get the piano man achievement.
After that it’s all a matter of backtracking (while being EXTRA careful about the roaming guards and especially the camera on a pole, that thing seems to have an insane view range), going into the sushi area, using the trap briefcase to “advise” the male target to go into the bathroom below (you might be also able to poison his drink instead, but it just seemed like a pain to try to do) and disposing of him into the nearby closet.
For the exit I went with the safest one (the gondola) but feel free to go for whichever you like.

Man the bathroom RNG was a pain, sometimes I had plenty of time to lure the female target in and other times I had literally 0 opportunities to do so (not to mention I also had to be extra careful on the way back, especially with that 50 km range camera).
But at the end of the day it was enjoyable challenging myself like this, especially since I’ve got rid of them waaaay too many times with the optional objective so I wanted to do something different (and I hadn’t unlocked the piano man challenge yet so it all worked out).


That wasn’t a bug though, it’s just that you didn’t follow the optional objective of killing both of them with lethal syringes. It’s the same case like completing The Collector without retrieving the optional painting.


Oh so that’s why, I thought it just was a thing that sometimes happens since it’s not the first time I got it in ETs (even without optional objectives).
Also this is the first time I didn’t do optional objectives while playing so I didn’t know it acted like this.

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Just kill them by injection on SASO


All right, here we go. I haven’t even started practicing or routing this one yet. Gaming time has been consumed by Starfield this week. Back to work tomorrow. Rainy day in New York, let’s hope I can figure out how to SONKO this one today. As usual I haven’t watched others’ videos to steal any ideas. Wish me luck!

Edit: Recall friends, not just SONKO, but No Loadout too! “The Dyads” in the Arcade is great for practice.

Edit Edit: Okay is this one impossible? You can’t get to the syringes without a disguise or inventory items. And yeah, future patch wishlist please, blowing up sliding doors should permanently open them!

Edit^3: Argh my gawd, there’s a way to do it but it’s going to be such a major pain in the ass…