Elusive Target #25: THE BADBOY (Year 3: 13-23 October 2023)

Bartholomew Argus is back in night-time Sapienza for 10 days.
This Elusive Target is free for all players, including owners of the Free Starter Pack, from the 30th of December 2022 to the 2nd of January 2023.

Activation History

The antepenultimate Elusive Target of Hitman 2016, he was first activated from the 5th to the 16th of May, 2017. He was later reactivated from the 1st to the 11th of October, 2018, then appeared as a Legacy Elusive Target in Hitman 2 from the 19th to the 29th of July, 2019. His first appearance in Hitman 3 was part of The Bombastic trial in ETA on the 16th of September, 2022, and later The Malefactors on the 3rd of November.


If you own HITMAN III, you can practise this Elusive Target in the Arcade:

  • The Bombastic Level 1 (With Explosions Only optional complication)
  • The Malefactors Level 2 (With Targets Only optional complication)

Good afternoon, 47. Your target is media personality Bartholomew Argus. The charismatic musician-turned-film-star is at the epicentre of a drugs and weapons investigation in the UK, and the subject of an Interpol arrest order.
The target has gone underground, leaving his former business partner and infamous London gangster, Tommy “The Hammer” Stoakes to take the blame.
We have learned that the target is lying low in Sapienza as a guest of Dino Bosco, and this represents an ideal window of opportunity to engage.
The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.


Bartholomew Argus, The Badboy

Bartholomew Argus is a celebrity in hiding. Six months ago he was stopped by the London Metropolitan Police in a routine investigation, together with infamous London gangster Tommy “The Hammer” Stoakes. The police discovered weapons and controlled substances in the vehicle and took Argus and Stoakes into custody. Argus successfully argued, and subsequently testified that, he knew nothing of this, and Tommy Stoakes was sentenced to ten years in prison. The client indicates that the weapons and narcotics belonged to Argus, an infamous gangster poseur, and that he successfully shifted the blame to his childhood friend Stoakes to avoid a prison sentence.

Good luck, agents!


thank you sir good luck everyone


The clue to the approach I plan to take can be found in these lyrics from the classic song “Stand By Me”, by Ben E. King:

If the sky, that we look upon,
Should tumble and fall,
Or the mountains should crumble
To the sea…


I’d say the Badboy is my favorite of the updated ET images they added last patch. I wonder if in the future they’ll update more of the legacy ET images, I think the Twin could really use a better image.


Im actually surprised they didnt update all the 2016 et images, as i think most look spectacularly bad


I think this is the Elusive Target I’ve spent the least amount of effort and planning on. I have no idea what the route is, no idea how to get him off that couch, no idea of anything other than he’s playing that game and I can shoot him in the head and get away. I think I’ll see about doing something else this time and see what happens.


the only way to get him off the couch is to blow up his car


Emetic dart/grenade will also move him.


You can blow the car, you can shoot/tamper with the sound/lighting system box thing on set that pauses filming (my go to for the ETAs), you can shoot the gaming tv (to make him start smoking for an accident set up), you can send him into lock down, you can use the emetic devices.

That’s kind of it. Not a fan of this guy.


how did i not know that thanks lads

I better get him in time cause my xbox broke down had over 7 years

The fixer disagrees.


You can shoot his TV or Console and he’ll move, but idk where, does anyone know?

I’m thinking of doing a Lynch revenge theme with this one, but i want to try and kill him via explosion (accident or not) or a AR


Mr. Haverfoek is exempt anyway due to him being half-dutch


You are in luck then
If you shoot TV, he will move around shop. With good timing, you can blow him up with red gas canister that is for some reason inside (and not killing anyone).


The fixer,I am one of the least favorite targets I do not know what Everyone think


The Fixer isn’t a bad target, he’s just the victim of bad players that don’t bother to pay attention to the briefing details.

As for The Bad Boy, playing him in the ET Arcade… I usually try something different and not too easy. I’m thinking I’ll get a cop disguise, place a BC on the T.V. set, walk away and detonate it rather than shoot it - since his guards seem to be extra sensitive to bullet impacts. Then I’ll try to get Bosco to do the interview… Gotta remember which bottle to poison. :thinking: Because I don’t think I’ve ever done it that way.

Or maybe bring an emetic device (might as well be the dart gun :face_exhaling: ), sedative syringe, and fiber wire… Maybe even try it suit only. :hushed:


Back in hitman 2016 before they nerfed the noise capacity of the sound distraction items (aka the phone distracting NPCs up a level), I was able to blow up the targets car to get him to walk outside and I would be upstairs in the lawyers room but in the room closer to the stairway and the door he exited from where I was able to shoot some of the glass so I could place the explosive phone on the ledge. The placement of the phone had to be so precise otherwise it wouldn’t have worked, but placing it more on the outside of the ledge and letting it ring as he walked outside would have him distracted and walk in the building again but on the side where the guards block the door and as he walks up the stairs, I was able to shoot the chandelier and drop it on him.

But since h2 and the nerfing of audio distractions, this strat can never work again.


Ho-Ho-Ho, you’ve been a bad boy :santa: :blossom:
I am preparing a Year 2 Edition compilation.


Thanks mate, expect a good video shortly

Edit: does anyone know a good angle to shoot his TV/Console?

Edit 2: fuck the chef and the red shirted woman, all they do is spot me shooting the canister or they go and investigate my shot at it, i can’t time is crap right, I’ll try again later but come on NPCs

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