Elusive Target Arcade

i think youse would be amazing at writing fanfiction


I’m trying!

Anyway, sorry everyone, I got us way off track, once again. Back to Arcade mode.

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Don’t worry about it, my friend.

When do you think we’ll get the next group of arcade contracts? And most importantly, will we get one more crack at that revolutionary?


Stop undermining the other side. You’re so bothered by speed runners but you insult by basically saying speed runners are not real players.

I love doing speedruns. I also love to play a contract completely blind and play it out without a restart (which is how I’ll play freelancer and will love that aspect completely). But No matter how I play, I still consider myself a “real player”. So is everyone else, Even if they want to SA it or John Wick it.


Best ending to a debate I’ve seen on here! :joy:


I’m not saying speedrunners are not real players; I’m saying my experience with them is that they act as though they are the only ones who are, or that their concerns over their speedrun options are the top priority. This not exclusive to Hitman either. Again, this is my experience with them, I know it’s not universal, but a man’s patience can only go so far.


I think there will probably be more ET Arcade stuff in May, I predict May 20. We’ll definitely get at least one more shot at the Revolutionary when he’s ran as a normal ET, and given how there’s only 5 H2 ETs to choose from it’s very likely we’ll be seeing him many more times. Also as much as people love to hate on Vicente Murillo, I’m glad he’s the ET and Blair Reddington is the Special Assignment and it’s not the other way around.


I want the serial killer to come back


Travis has already confirmed that all H2 non-Miami ETs will go live in Year 2. I’m also guessing he’ll show up soonish in an Arcade Contract since its the only one we haven’t got yet and they’ve undoubtably seen the feedback about using the same ones from H2 over and over.


alright thanks man for replying

Fantastic. The Serial Killer, as well as The Pharmacist and The Fixer from H1, are the ETs that I most desire to introduce to the concealed knife.


your the best man and the fixer oh god that et gives me nerve problems


I agree. Even if I tend to be more of the role playing type, I see why Hitman is kind of perfect for speedrunning. The huge deathtrap filled maps allow for so much creativity, and it’s very entertaining to watch. I recommend Atrioc’s channel on YT/Twitch. What he is doing with the Hitman speedrunning community is great.

What frustrates me a little sometimes is that literally every big YouTuber that plays Hitman either speedruns it or tries to break the game. There is some amazing spy-thriller gameplay in this game as well, if you take the game just a bit more seriously.

You don’t have to dress like a flamingo at the Sanguine Fall Fashion Show and kill Dahlia by exploiting game breaking bugs every time. It’s cool that the game is so open and people can play it just the way they want. I also think the humorous side of things is part of Hitman’s DNA. But it just sucks that most people never get to experience the cool side of Hitman.


I’m quite surprised we didn’t get any et arcades this month tbh I really enjoy playing them back I just wish they’d allow it to go to our actual player level bc I only play et now lmao

I also don’t understand why they never just brought out the serial killer with the rest we could’ve had all of them within two months

The Stowaway
The Revolutionary
The Appraiser

And then could’ve had another contract being

The Politician
The Serial Killer
The Revolutionary (for the memes😉)

Obviously Mark Faba will never come to arcade so this would’ve worked amazingly

But I’m just waiting for one who haven’t been added to hitman 3 yet bc I want to make a video on every target and my personal elimination for them and the ones I’m missing are:

The Chef
The Sensation
The Pharmacist
The Badboy
The Fixer
The Ex-dictator
The Gold Digger
The Warlord
The Serial Killer

I have some of them in a hitman 2 and 1 file but I really want them in arcade mode so we have them all :slight_smile:


IOI have mentioned that some of the Elusive Targets had issues or bugs that they needed to fix. I don’t know if the Serial Killer is part of that, but I assume that’s why it hasn’t been included.

From others on the forum I also know that the currently released code for the game includes all of the Elusive Target Arcade contracts that have already been released. Any additional contracts would need to be published as part of an update. Until IOI does this, we won’t get new Elusive Target Arcade content. Fingers crossed it’ll be soon though!


Ya. The pharmacist had really bad bugs in its REactivation that they had to almost cancel that target. But it did eventually come back.


There’s a chance our wait for a new arcade hasn’t even begun?

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This Elusive Arcade Mode is bringing way too much complications than pleasure of playing in my opinion.

All most of the players wanted is simply the ability to replay all the elusive targets with scoring, nothing more, nothing less.

Adding more complications and restrictions is just dividing the playerbase and removing the freedom of approach to special missions that are already hard enough without all this stuff, if not a spit to the face on the fans of this game mode who expected this since a long time ago :confused:

Let’s hope that in a close future it will be tweaked to make all those useless complications optional, so anybody who wants this can enable them without forcing the others to do so, especially when the original missions didn’t had them :+1:


When I played her after meeting Dalia all she did was walk between a room and the outdoor bar on the top floor was that bugged or just her route?

That was her route after the Dalia meeting.

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