Escalation - The Baskerville Barney (4 Feb)



Seeing as this launches today I thought I might as well :man_shrugging: First post-launch content of H3!

I just finished the escalation and can say that its a nice start to the roadmap :+1:

Unfortunately, it was one of those escalations where my 2nd and 3rd run was the same, but I guess I had fun both times :smiley:


A pretty fun escalation (I expected something featuring those five as targets to appear at some point, might as well be now), even though the first two levels are just “contracts”, and the third level did not need a change of strategy for me (even though I did happen to find a better strategy that was more than a minute faster than level 2 :smiley: ).

Maybe they could have added more complications for level 3 like no knockouts, which isn’t too hard (and indeed done in my own run) but increases the chance that you need to switch up your plans.

As a fun extra challenge, one could try to do level 3 without any falling object accidents and without knockouts (I would think that you would need a very specific loadout to do this, and have not tested it myself, but I think it can be done with correct timing)

I enjoyed it but it felt a little basic. Like that PS4 exclusive escalation it’s like a tutorial on how they work. I think itd be better if Alex was a target also on level 3 but it’s preparing us for crazier shit I’d hope. Those deluxe escalations are definitely pretty crazy already so more of that craziness will be coming this month.

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Eh, I understand them doing this. But for those of us playing this game for 5 years now it feels a bit of a let down. I’ve played almost this exact escalation in contracts mode already :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Edit: But when you can’t be bothered running around on a timer


Jesus, this feels tough to me. The level 2 complication is kicking my ass, level 3 is going to punish me!

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Same thing for me, it’s really annoying when it happens. Especially since my strat was unreliable because of panic behaviour.

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I used the photographer opportunity to do it.


This escalation was way too easy for SA - especially the second and third levels. Back of mansion fast forward start, climb a pipe, wait for the meeting to start but keep distracting the wife, drop both chandeliers, done.

This one made me feel like a speedrunner! I didn’t do the meeting, I did a different route and used an emetic shot on the sister. Kept moving the entire time, felt good.

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Why call target conditions “any disguise” when essentially it is suit only, at least from stage 2.

Also uuurgh, rapid elimination.

But I’m not a fan of escalations anyways.

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exactly my reaction, I was actually enjoying the escalation then I got to stage 3 and just backed out without even trying

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This was fun and tense to get to them within a minute but I enjoyed it

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There’s no timer if you use the family meeting to your advantage. :wink:

I spent lot of time on the 2nd level…:

…and now they want me to do (Edit. each target) in 60 seconds?!

No way I’m even going to try this, I’m not a speedrunner, far from it :joy:, so thanks but no thanks. :flushed:

I know, but it still dosen’t help, not for me at least .


I could clean up a bit first, by subduing a lot of NPC’s, but nevertheless I find timed Escalations levels like this very stressful :sweat:.

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I’m pretty sure it resets to 60 with each kill.

But why did you play them?

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It’s not in 60 seconds tho, it’s 60 seconds every target

it’s tiresome tho, i don’t like timed runs

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I said “screw it” to the 60 second time limit, knocked out the family members one-by-one, and dragged their bodies into a big pile where I then set off an exploding propane tank.


At least it is a solution :joy:, but I want SA, so it would take me forever to pull it off. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah,okay, then it wasn’t that bad timewise. :+1: :grinning: