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If you would/could exist within the Star Wars Universe, what Race would you belong to?

I’d go with Trandoshan.

If I had to pick a race outside Humans, I would go with Zabraks or a protocol droid in the colour scheme gold.

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Are the Vader comics good? I just recently learned of their existence, apparently there are two series of them with one ongoing.

Yes they very good, especially those that takes place right after Episode 3.

Apparently theres a new “story driven, open world” Game in works at Ubisoft.
I’d love to see something like that, some RPG Elements and hopefully a Character Editor.

I wonder what this means for the EA license, a year ago I would have said revoke it. Now I want Fallen Order 2, I hope that they keep it long enough to make this a reality.


From my understanding EA didnt lose the License to make Games, but they arent the only ones who are allowed to make Star Wars Games. Which is a good thing.

What a strange way to say Jedi Academy Remake, but okay. Fallen Order was really cool tho.

Edit: Maybe we’ll see 1313 after all??

Jedi Academy doesn’t need a remake, the gameplay is still tight. There is a reason I still play it online to this day. I want to see them continue the Fallen Order Franchise, but this time from the perspective of an Inquisitor/Darksider.

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I’m kinda bored by those Jedi/Sith Stuff. Back when i played Star Wars Galaxies, i always did some Bounty hunting and hang out in Jabbas Palace.
There are so much more interesting things in Star Wars than the Jedi.

If I recall what basically messed up the idea of Galaxy’s was everyone wanted to be a Jedi and what happened was it was so rare that when they “overhauled” the game everyone was a Jedi.

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true dat. but i loved the idea that jedi are super rare. the game was set after Order 66 after all.
Fucking Jedis ruin everything, i just wanna spike my blue milk with spice and inject (?) some Deathsticks without some old asshole cutting my friends arm off, just because i told this Young Guy that we are sentenced to death in multiple systems, jeez.

Epic gives away STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II: Celebration Edition for free until 21st of January, 17:00 CET

EA BF2 have come a long way since it’s release, now actually managing to become a good game in it’s very own right. I’m glad that from the Ashes of Lucas Arts, Lucas Games are born. There was a time when Lucas Arts and Star Wars games where among the giants of the industry, I hope for a return to form.

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