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Can anyone tell me what happened to Dash Rendar? I did some poking around online only to find that maybe his ship is in Rise of Skywalker but I couldn’t find a photo that convinced me.

I’d love to see his story line explored or if he’s dead I’m sure there is a good story behind why.

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His or rather a ship of the same type is in the climax of the film. But the same type of ship is also seen in Rebels. But with a different crew. There is currently nothing to suggest it’s him.

But he’s is canon. He was mentioned in the Solo companion book.


His ship is also in the special edition of a new Hope. Dash Rendar is s fucking Badass and Shadows of the Empire is a good book and I’d buy a Remaster or Remake of the video-game in an instant.

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I always thought of him as an even more “Don Johnsonised” version of Han Solo. I just don’t see how he could still be alive and helping the good guys since he’s been no where since Shadows.

I’d love a mini series that explains what happened to him though. Maybe he opened a bar somewhere and is living the quiet life… but I doubt it.

You need to remember that Shadows of the Empire isn’t canon. That said there is a good chance that they already have a new line of events that fits him into the larger narrative. It might be similar to what we know, Lucasfilm have reused parts of the expanded universe multiple times.

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Yes I know. They brought Thrawn from Legends to cannon so a guy can dream.