Everything Star Wars v2

Its alright, but it’s nothing I’d say left a real impression.

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My fav was a strategy game called Rebellion. I first played it when I was like 9 but I loved it. I wish there was a modern version of a game like that.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is my favorite Star Wars game, especially multiplayer. Closely followed by Fallen Order and Survivor. Also not to forget Star Wars Episode I Racer.




Context not PlayStation exclusive

And new content. (Not counting Xbox DLC)


The Final Season of The Bad Batch started today premiering with 3 Episodes.

With it being the final season all bets are off and that’s evident with the ending of Season 2. It’s been leaning into darker theme’s and it’s something I can respect especially for these CGI Projects.

Honestly after this season and Tales Of The Jedi Season 2 I wouldn’t be surprised if they retire everything pertaining to The Clone Wars Animated Series. Bad Batch has always felt like the epilogue to it and as someone who grew up with The Clone Wars it’s bitter sweet.