Explosives don't cause a chain reaction with propane tanks in the latest update

This glitch happens with all explosives, the propane tanks just won’t blow up.


I just tested it and a breaking charge would work but the other stuff I tested (duck, cx demo block, golf ball, frag grenade) didn’t work

Seems like something to report to the bug thread


Breaching charges don’t work

Work consistently for me :man_shrugging:

Ah, i see the problem, the glitch isn’t the combo, its the fact that the explosion prioritises breaking the wine bottles over comboing with the tank (listen to the soda noise)

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I did my tests in an empty corridor in Berin though. So nothing should have been getting ‘prioritised’ over the propane flasks.

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how can IOI every time fix one thing and fuck 10 others? I really can’t explain that.


Thanks for finding this, very useful to know before the upcoming The Deceivers ET: even if a propane explosion doesn’t feature in my plan, it’s usually in my mind as a backup plan at least!

By the time the Steam version gets released, IO will find a way to make NPCs use only trash bins to puke in and ignore toilets. :laughing:


This has nothing to do with the patch, and everything to do with bugged surfaces in Bangkok. I noticed it even back in Hitman 2: https://youtu.be/oNhHYBOYkPg

I also tested concussion duck + propane in paris just now and it worked fine, showing it is just based on bugged floor surfaces in Bangkok.


And why aren’t they fixing it, huh solder?

Because H2 backlog issues might have lower priority compared to H3 reported bugs. Go make a Bug Report so they know this is still an issue


This wasn’t broken in this patch, it was already like this. I noticed it a couple of days ago when doing the contract tutorial and you have to kill the three guys on the lower deck of the training boat with an explosive accident, I surrounded them with propane flasks but only one goes off at a time.

  • Fire extinguishers (and propane flasks) do not explode when an explosive is detonated on them
    Status : This issue is situationally dependent on certain factors – including how many items there are in the room and the radius of the potential explosion.

HITMAN 2 – November Update - IO Interactive

As Urben said, go make a Bug Report so they know this is still an issue.

This game is highly systemic.

It was always the same thing with Hitman 2016, Hitman 2 even more, and the third one with 3 games in 1, will have even more of these regressions patch after patch. Use the bug report thread when you notice something.


Wouldn’t be the only thing IO hasn’t fixed lmao. Just check the “Known Issues” on all the patch notes.

All in all, I’d say this particular bug is less annoying than loss of shoulder toggle for instance.

The simple workaround is to leak the propane by throwing, then use an EMP charge or micro taser, that always works.