[Fan Review & More]Dear Hitman™ Developers...[CLOSED]

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Hello guys!!
It’s been so good to meet 47 back in the game for our own pleasure :slight_smile:

After months of testing, having fun, and reading it is time for me to release my Hitman™ review!!

This is a review made after over 250 hours of gameplay and from different versions of the game (from beta and first release to latest GOTY/Definitive Edition update).


  • Introduction

I was so stressed to meet 47 back after the Absolution episode (i consider it as a spin-off - more details here: https://www.hitmanforum.com/t/fan-review-dear-hitman-absolution-developers-closed/1404)

I remember watching the first trailers of the Hitman™ game…

I was so hyped and thrilled!

47 going on different places, taking different targets, we’re finally back to the roots of the game!

I was thrilled but stressed at the same time, afraid that Hitman™ would take the same route as Absolution…

But hopefully that sequel has went beyond my expectations :slight_smile:

We have FINALLY the feeling that 47 is ready for the modern era of Hitman franchise :heart:

Improved graphics, huge sandbox levels, exotic locations, tweaked menus, everything looks better and the freedom of approach is felt instantly.

However, some bugs left and right make the experience less better than expected, but in overall it looks very promising for the future of the franchise :+1:

Now please grab a coffee, sit back and take few minutes to enjoy my (very long) and detailed review of Hitman™ :slight_smile:


  • I) Back To The Roots

Playing Hitman™ was love at first sight after the emotional disaster that brought Hitman: Absolution.

Freedom of approach, social stealth, multiple killing possibilities, exotic and amazing locations, all ingredients were set up to bring the ultimate Hitman gaming experience.

Hitman™ is getting back to his roots and it’s good!

Too bad it’s still missing some great from previous games like The Briefcase, Human Shields, Plate Carrying or Metal Detectors :frowning:

But the game has at least the basis of a good Hitman game: freedom of approach, sandbox levels, fun

We can finally say that we have a LEGIT SEQUEL to Hitman: Blood Money :slight_smile:


  • II) A thrilling story

We follow 47 through his early years learning with Diana and the ICA, we discover that everything was linked from the start, 47 unveils his past through the mysterious Shadow Client, a concurrent Organisation offers his help…the story is really entertaining and a big part of the game :slight_smile:

After constantly using the concept of flashbacks in previous games, we’re finally having a story that continues through multiple levels (and games)!


  • III) A new era of Music

Even if i miss Jesper Kyd’s touch by moments, the new Hitman music brings a new and interesting atmosphere to the game. It’s sometimes a little Bondish maybe, but definitely fits with the game and is a good add-on to the modern era of Hitman™ :+1:

I wish we had more ambient music however while walking through the level and not only on dynamic events…


  • IV) A Modern Hitman

Improved graphics, improved 47, HUGE levels and crowds, amazing lights, modern designs, smartphones, computers…Hitman™ is getting in the modern era and it feels good!

Modern weapons, modern clothing, modern IA, new interesting items (stun sticks, explosive phones, breaching charges) which makes the gameplay even better!


  • V) A World Of Assassination

Agent 47 travelling around the world, on different places, different ambiances, different targets and ways of approach…i can’t wait to see how it will look like when completed :slight_smile:


  • VI) A Promising but Unfinished and Buggy Concept :confused:

Even if we feel like playing an unfinished game, currently being built, with lots of tweaks and features of previous games not (yet?) incorporated and some bugs that really need to be fixed, Hitman™ is closer of what core Hitman fans are expecting from this game compared to Absolution which was way too linear and restrictive to be appreciated despite all his other qualities and his more expensive production.

We are really feeling like a big step forward has been achieved and we’re going closer to a real next-gen Hitman, maybe evolving into the best Hitman game ever created. To be continued…

  • Conclusion:

Hitman™ has been a refreshing and closer approach of what fans expected from a legitimate modern sequel to Blood Money and Hitman franchise in general: freedom of approach, beautiful and huge sandbox levels, multiple possibilities to kill the target.

2016 version of Hitman shown 47 is finally ready for the modern era of the franchise and possibilities are endless regarding of how can the game and it’s environment be improved and upgraded.

Like you said previously, and it was a brilliant idea, your idea was to make Hitman™ a platform for upcoming seasons.

I think that ALL upcoming Hitman™ seasons features should retroactively be put into season one (and compatible).

I think that the game then should be seen as a whole pack, a World Of Assassination where can you can play any level on any season and then, items and features (past and present) would remain active :+1:

Anyway, my rating for Hitman™ is: 16/20

Good Points:

  • A World Of Assassination: Different places, different locations, different ambiances and maps, huge and beautiful sandbox levels…this is what we were waiting for <3

  • Multiple Ways Of Approach: guns, items, phones…so much possibilities and so much fun :slight_smile:

  • New Explosive Devices (phone, remote breaching, ducks) and ability to stick them anywhere (on an object, on a door, etc)

  • Amazing levels :heart: : each place is big and different, it’s a real pleasure to explore each meter of the levels, even discovering new things today :smiley:

  • Very impressive level of details: graphics, dialogs, scripts, all this makes each map a different and living place amazingly working!!

  • Amazing graphics: even if it’s not the latest generation of graphics, it stills looks amazing and is good optimized in general (30 to 60 fps in high settings)

  • A great tandem: Diana and 47 linked to each other from the beginning until the last level, for the best and the worst, and it works greatly!!

  • A thrilling story: 47 is back to his roots and the story from his past looks interesting :+1:

  • An evolving game: the Escalation Modes, the Bonus Episodes who completely revamp a map or switch it to night, Elusive Targets who makes us rethink the way we play the level, a game constantly updated with fans feedback, all these things makes the game replayable and still interesting 2 years after its releasing!!

  • Great targets: they all have a background, sometimes linked to the main and previous stories, always high and interesting profiles to eliminate.

  • Mastery is a good idea that gives levels much replayability. But maybe it is a bit too restrictive since we have to complete some chellenges we don’t want to just to unlock weapons or items: an XP/money system would make more sense.

  • Enforcer system: a good compromise between Absolution system where everybody finds you suspect at first sight.

  • New QTE/CQC system is a good compromise with what you did with Absolution. Not too much, not empty, just the good dose :+1:

  • 47 Blends In Like Never Before: A Social Stealth system greatly improved and incorporated to the next-gen Hitman™

  • The best disguise system on any Hitman game ever coupled to the Enforcer system!
    → Also renews the gameplay

  • Hitman Becoming A Platform: i think that is the future of the franchise.

  • Interactions: blending in, sit on a bench, highlighted NPCs so it’s clear for us who we’re aiming at, speaking directly to targets or through another NPC that will guide us to him…

  • Doors: ability to lockpick or break through with a crowbar, or even a bomb

—> Also doors remaining opened or closing automatically depending the situation

  • Improved accidents: ability to put an accident on lots of places on a map, or make one happen right away through a fire extinguisher, a propane, or simply some (baril percé avec un tournevis)

  • Dynamic Gameplay: attacking a guard with fists, taking his gun, shooting other guard, running at guard and punch, killing the other guard while breaking the neck of npc on your foot…this is really fun to sometimes combine shooting and CQC during missions, a little Jason Bourne or Bond feeling :slight_smile:

  • Poisons Improved: making targets sick, or dying with a syringe, lots of situations and opportunities that are a good add-on to the game (and a good improvement to the previous poisoning system)

  • Animations: even if Hitman definitely needs more animations, the actual one are pretty great compared to previous games. Walking, fighting, stealth…even idling is sometimes fun to watch (47 being a guard, a waiter on duty, etc…)

  • 47 posture and animation: compared to absolution where the ambience and style of 47 was darker, his face was angry and stuff…here it feels like he’s mastering it, full of control and ready. i like hos he poses and holds his guns. even when changing disguises he takes some postures that are blending and amazing.

  • Incredible level of details: beautiful levels, nice graphics, but also lots of details that makes the game even greater :+1:

  • Smarter NPCs: looking through windows/glass, investigating multiple areas, enforcer system, …

  • A Better And Organized IA than on previous games: the way npcs react to alerts, how they react to each other, how they react on ground zero (where a crime happened) and how they scan the whole perimeter looking at you…even if it’s not perfect yet, it looks very promising for the future of the franchise!!

  • Tweakable UI (displaying/informations/etc. - each player can put his own set up)

  • Extra Challenges (Find a code/Break a safe/etc…)

  • One of the best Hitman tutorials ever made! At the center of the story and a really interesting way to introduce the game. Also, bringing a demo of the first level was a good idea :slight_smile:

  • Music: Even if i liked Jesper Kyd’s touch on previous games, the actual composer surprisingly did a pretty good job with the music!!

  • The new menu: simple, intuitive, divided in categories, different tweaks and options so most of players can find their way…

  • How restricted areas are handled : we get a warning instead of being attacking right away which is better

Bad Points:

  • NPCs seeing through doors and walls :warning:
    → Ruined a lots of good runs :confounded:

  • Lack of weapons compared to previous games:


→ New hitman weapons are great, especially the special items like ica phone, breaching charges. but compared to the previous games we’re missing something here (+ pics).
also, ability to take npc’s weapons back with us at end of mission so we keep them…

  • Always online feature:

→ I understand that you wanted to change things, reduce hacks and maybe keep some money by using cloud servers. however for much reasons it shouldn’t be mandatory to be connected to be able to fully experience the game.

We know it helped you a lot to improve the game, but i think we should be able to have an offline version at least to be able to play on our own and anytime we want without requiring a constant internet connection

Also many people don’t have permanent access to internet and getting disconnected while playing the game is very annoying :confused:

  • Lack of custom ratings: i (and lots of other players) really miss the good old rating system (Agent, Butcherer, Serial Killer, etc…)

  • Superpowered NPCs: they can aimbot you from a mile away, they see through walls, they turn their head randomly with a wide vision of 300°…all these things definitely should be fixed, and improved :slight_smile:

  • Lack of usable disguises:

I know it makes sense for the new mechanics, but i’d be great to keep some NPC disguises and weapons while we exit the level…it’s still compatible with DLCs and stuff!

  • Scripted Opportunities: Even if it’s a good idea the fact that we have to trigger events to make them activate is less immersive and breaking the gameplay. Most of them should be activated automatically just like on previous games.

  • Being “forced” to XP mastery and unlocks through some specific challenges


Here’s my level rating (overall) of Hitman™ levels:

1. Bangkok - Such a great and beautiful hotel level in an amazing exotic location <3
2. Paris - One of the greatest, maybe the biggest level with incredible details!!
3. Sapienza - Great Map In Italy!
4. Hokkaido - Amazing modern level! No guns was a great challenge :slight_smile:
5. Colorado - The toughest mission in a middle of nowhere :open_mouth:
6. Marrakech - Last but not least, had a great atmosphere :+1:

Top Hitman Games:

  1. Hitman: Blood Money
  2. Hitman™
  3. Hitman: Contracts
  4. Hitman: Silent Assassin
  5. Hitman: Absolution
  6. Hitman: Codename 47


  • VII) Improving Hitman™

Now let’s have a closer look at what can be done or brought to make Hitman™ and its upcoming sequels the best Hitman gaming experience ever.


Bugs/Game Fixes:


  • fix npcs coming to far shooting location right away…

  • fix guards knowing where silent sniper shots came from…

  • fix the npcs seeing a crime through walls/different levels!!

  • any victim (even if hidden) count towards spotted while no witnesses = no spotted (unless they have video record or guards who noticed crime)

  • Alert indication is sometimes confusing (gunshot heard = spotted?) and should be made simpler (you are spotted/you are not spotted)

–> more clear information regarding suspicion and never spotted: if suspicious makes us lose ranking, like silent assassin ranking, make it appear clearly on screen (like “You got spotted” or “Cover Blown”)

  • fix npcs actually going through security doors/places even if they don’t have the right to do so.

  • npcs having to do keycard animation while entering a room (also a good opportunity to stun/kill them)

  • kill a subdued npc on ground with syringes (lethal) or any other weapon (knife, screwdriver, axe, …)

  • Subdue/ fibre wire/kill seated NPCs

  • while 47 assassinates someone from the back with a gun, it always sounds like it’s a silenced pistol, while sometimes it’s not…

  • random headturning and angle: a good idea that should be tweaked though, we feel like npc have too much sight and situations become sometimes too random :confused:

—> not removing random headturning/wide npc view but make it more balanced and fair

  • finding asleep npc makes it “body found” while in previous games it wasn’t counted as suspect since he was alive…

  • making “suspicious” status not a penalty for ranking but a simple alert like in previous games

  • actual walk/sprint commands are great, but maybe add a “walk button” so we have an alternate way of moving

  • npcs dont notice blood pools, which feels weird for a stealth game!

  • fix “crime noticed” or “heard” by the NPC himself while shot or killed from the back ><

  • little fix: male sound on any bullettime sniper shot


Animations Improvements:

  • 47 able to disarm guards from behind and point gun at them

  • bring human shields back!! surrending has became obsolete

  • add an option to abort illegal operations (lockpicking, keycard access, subduing, etc…)

  • improve the syringes animations!! the new ones are ankward…

  • make syringe animations much better, something closer of previous games

  • while on blending mode, highlight different options regarding closest npc (fist attack, shoot, take as hostage, …)

  • new featured animation: remove/add silencer ingame

  • briefcase animations: smuggle an item in/hide/unfold weapon/hide weapon/etc…

  • bring back concealing items in crates

  • first person view (the actual camera is good anyway!)

  • prone position?



  • red menu for pro/grey for normal

  • keep the death screen as it is, but maybe longer

  • deployable menu (menu expanses in sub menus while clicking a map and we are able to browse through the world map and click locations, etc…)

  • dynamic live map (actual background): we can click, navigate through different locations and explore (missions, contracts, etc)…

–> make the background map actually usable so we can retrace all missions 47 did, and more…

–> when completing a mission on a country we can highlight it again and see if new missions are avaiable (ioi) or contracts (players)

–> we can go through the whole map and choose our next mission, implying we would have multiple choices at the beginning

—> we can also see on that map our friends and where they’re actually playing, and choose to do the same mission

  • a slightly bigger minimap (closer of something like GTA V) and increase size of alerts coupled with minimap (like trespassing)

  • ability to see more stats in “career” (how much times replayed, best rating, leaderboards, etc) and in pause menu (times replayed/people killed/best finished time/etc.)

  • contracts mode improvements: please check that topic Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode - Hitman (2016) - Hitman Forum

  • contracts retrocompatible on pc, ps4 and xbox one (so no remaking needed)

  • a deeper briefing: previous Hitman games briefings were pretty cool! We had video footages, texts, documents, a text recap with Diana speaking…

  • bring back live map with a single button (contracts/bm feature)

  • new feature: a “next mission” button when completed a mission so we can complete all game without scrolling through menus

  • weapons in details: while we click on a weapon we are able to see his different variations (custom/silenced/non-silenced, etc.)

  • add a quick briefing resume when pausing (next to map, opportunities, etc.) like in previous games (B button) so we always have it if needed



  • Improving the fibrewire and make it a permanent item: it’s been here since the beginning, not using space, small, like a swissknife, should not be considered as a plain item even if efficient and powerful.

  • new feature: different ammo (fire, explosive, electric) depending of what we choose)

  • bring back painkillers/add medikits through the level or to buy on loadout

  • hiding big guns in the back is cool, but not stealth enough…

–> bring back the briefcase, but not only to smuggle snipers, but to hide anything we want (guns, explosives, item found during mission…)

  • briefcase interaction: npcs can open suitcase and check inside before taking it away if found

  • explosive briefcase (when opened)

  • make fibrewire and coins a default item on inventory: whatever the loadout we choose, these two items will remain in inventory by default

  • bring back goggles!!

  • picking more random items (statues, wires, etc) like in Absolution

  • double guns: make it possible to choose to have two same guns but only if the player decides to

  • turn some smuggling points into clever and different hiding spots (inside an object/inside a wall/a locker, etc…)

  • bring back plate/box carrying!! a must-have on a game like that!!

  • plate carrying and ability to smuggle items

  • Mark4 Semi Auto Silenced

  • HX MP-10 (closer of an mp5)

  • bring back weapon customization!

Cut content of the Hitman Alpha - Hitman (2016) - Hitman Forum

  • REAL weapons customization. ok skins are beautiful and stuff but we want real gun customization back!!

  • taser gun

  • electric coin/remote electric device

  • laser mines/laser stun gas

  • knockout mine/gas mine

  • bring back quick shortcuts for items (1,2,3…)

  • bring back body armor (purchasable or unlockable with mastery)

  • new item: signal jammer (when holding makes cameras not working)

  • more guns avaiable on loadout (previous games and more), even those we take away from enemies during missions…

  • game customization related to steam workshop could be fun (custom disguises/weapons/faces/etc.)


New Game Features:

  • new feature: making a viable economic system

—> replacing current scoring by real money
—> ability to buy, customize weapons and items
—> ability to buy some more special services (additional intel, closer spawning, disguises, custom bombs (like golf ball or phone) or syringes, etc…

  • different IA skills and reactions to guns: civilians or low-trained soldiers will hesitate or badly shoot 47 while CICADA are fully trained…

  • shoot from containers/closets

  • when hiding on a container, ability to drag npc inside with us

  • ability to trade stuff and things with other players

  • paying some fees before and after a mission depending of some parameters (travel, witnesses, wounds, etc.)

  • prefer multiple contracts in one map instead of one target only: huge maps, enough space to fill

  • bring back quick inventory access (1,2,3)

  • sleeping npcs (sedative or ko) waking up after few minutes if not hidden

  • make the huge crowd more useful: to hide, to lure guards, etc…

  • bring back npcs fighting back and/or using guns on the ground

  • ability to throw away npc from a balcony while climbing (like in assassin’s creed)

  • ability to not only drag, but also carry some bodies on shoulders

  • blend dead/unconscious npcs into chairs or desks so people won’t notice it right away (but will after some time)

  • more multiple body sizes (thin, fat, tall, small) so we can’t use any npc for disguises…

  • auto-trigerred events: scripted opportunities automatically launching by themselves so the map is really living

  • when game is on alert and target evacuates and is being escorted, make some routes blocked by authorities or enforcers so it will be harder to reach him…

  • having main mission and side missions into each level (more targets, using the huge levels, etc…)

  • evolving disguise: while in moment, 47 will be able to take off his jacket, or put on / off a cap or a hat so it makes his disguise slightly different (not another disguise, less suspicious)

  • evolving disguises (add/remove cap, open/close jacket, sunglasses on/off) so we can lower the wanted level or blend in

  • make 47 able to “whistle” on corners, so enemy will come and get silently neutralized…

  • changing rating system back to something closer of blood money: silent assassin rating still possible if no witnesses, innocent accident kills doesn’t affect ranking unless we get spotted, being spotted by someone we kill cancels the spotting, killing/knocking down someone who found a body will abort a potential alert, etc…

  • on alert mode some guards will actually go secure exits so it’ll be harder for 47 to escape while on danger…(for professional mode maybe?)

  • forgetting deleting evidence will make 47’s face displayed everywhere on the next level (pro mode maybe?)

  • more cutscenes like in previous games (during mission)

  • npcs bleeding from gunshots

  • npcs reacting to blood pools

  • bring back a hideout or at least room situations before a mission (47 in a hotel, in a plane, we can move around and start a mission like in hitman 2 sa)

  • bring back looking through keyholes/add feature to put a camera under doors/windows etc.

  • ability to bribe some npcs so they give us intel, or a useful item (key, escape vehicle, etc.)

  • bring disguises with you during mission (hidden somewhere - just like the new smuggling feature), so we could play according to this

  • new escalation mode: kill maximum ppl on level (even all) and exit without being spotted


  • make npc aware of blood pools and make blood evolving (traces, trainees, etc) - 47 is also able to clean/remove these

  • new multiplayer mode: 8/16 player deathmatch (Assassin’s Creed Style): everybody on the same map, we have to find each other in the crowd and kill them. Only one guy remains alive and have to make it to the exit…

–> whoever alerts guards will attract attention and will be chased by guards
—> making something suspicious (running or shooting) will make your icon spotted on radar so others can locate you easily
—> all players can be killed just like any npc (accident, shoot, brutal kill, etc…)
–> last one alive/most kills wins the game

  • survival mode: one player against others

–> one player on map has to complete objectives (kill npcs) while others are disguised as npcs (guards, servants, etc) has to find and eliminate him before he completes objectives and exits game
–> if he gets killed, the one who killed him becomes the one being chased on next round
–> if npc targets are alerted or escape it makes the player visible on map to all others until alert is gone or player is hidden
—> all these modes balanced depending xp and mastery so players experience is balanced

  • new escalation mode: kill everybody challenge

–> the objective is to kill as much npcs as possible and exit the game without being spotted or recorded (or evidence deleted).
–> to save our score we have to exit the game without being spotted too.
–> if someone is suspicious and game goes on “search mode”, we have few minutes to leave and “register” our score (spotted but not confirmed)
–> if an alert is raised (suspicion confirmed, or witnesses), game over.

  • way to improve leaderboards:

-> split leaderboards into two categories: speedrunners and “regular” runs so timing won’t matter (and prevent some cheaters who finish the level within seconds)

–> set a “minimal time” so first 100 leaderboards won’t be full of players ending the level in less than one minute.

  • throwing an npc off a balcony can knock out/kill npc’s (just like we throw Dahlia over Novikov on Paris)

  • more npc interactions like in previous games (talk to barman, hotel manager, some random npcs through map that can give intel or an item if we convince them enough (new feature): access to private room, getting/stealing a keycard, or just make the npc move so we can do something on his spot

  • new feature (inspired from payday 2): knocking a guard with radio may raise suspicion few minutes after if he doesn’t respond to his radio (if no bodies found, or if 47 answers the radio, alert ended)

  • new feature: ability to hide bodies behind desks/boxes/something else than containers or closets

  • evolving escape routes: the escape in tuktuk in bangkok was amazing!! there should be more escape routes like that to use (repair a vehicle and go, steal a car or a plane right away and go, steal a sportscar disguised as a doorman, open a gate or jump away through the bushes…)

  • improving accidents with some limitations to avoid abuse

  • ability to replay Elusive Targets completed with Silent Assassin rating

  • multiple exits opportunities: make some exits in the level avaiable only in a certain context (disguised as ambulance/cop - faking death - stealing someone’s key…)

  • make possible to hide bodies elsewhere than containers and lockers (holes, corners, behind furniture, etc…)

  • crime in front of camera is noticed no matter what difficulty

  • npcs sometimes fight against 47 and some targets are trained to shoot and fight (depending profile)

  • game rewards: a suit, a disguise or a rifle that we could steal during mission :confused:
    (tribute to ica phone, breaching charges, et keycard jammer)

  • bring npc disguises back!!

  • use any disguise on the level after unlocking chameleon challenge?

  • jump/hang from different heights while climbing

  • bring back dogs!!
    –> and multiple animals like tigers, horses, etc…

- bring back metal detectors!

- bring back elevators!

and why not - escalators? :3


  • concept: locked cell within the mission.
    —> on certain circumstances 47 can be escorted by 3-4 guards into a cell put into the level (maybe close of security) and has few minutes to escape/kill a npc before games over.

  • concept: handcuffed 47

–> on certain conditions 47 can be handcuffed and escorted. has few seconds to react

  • new feature: mission bonus

–> when completing killing a target an optional secondary objective appears saying that we can steal the target’s money or valuable item (jewelry, vehicle, tech, etc…) - doesn’t affect ranking but slightly increases the money we will earn from mission (already happened in some previous games missions)

  • cutscenes between missions where 47 chooses his next contract and loadout

  • expanding social stealth (disguise as cameraman, psychologist, model, doctor, batterie, masseur…)
    really awesome and immersive!!

  • bloody wearable disguises: if we take down npc brutally bullet holes and or blood wounds remains on disguises so other npcs can notice it and become suspicious

  • random events appearing on professional mode while on mission: more reinforcements on some place, target moved elsewhere, the intel we had is obsolete so we have to get new information, etc…

  • on professional mode half of avaiable exits on a level will be guarded or mined (escalation mode) and others closed or compromised so we have to act in consequence…

  • (if notoriety system is back): if we’ve reached the maximum level on notoriety some npc enforcers will go through the next map seeking for 47 (basically always on search mode). also, there will be guards and/or metal detectors to frisk people on entrance…

  • interrogate some npcs for intel, or to intimidate witnesses or enforcers that would spot us (50% chance of success)

  • on pro mode npcs will also check containers and closets if on alert and if we’re inside one of these and look at them we get immediately spotted

  • i totally get that you wanted to attract more players with the opportunity and instinct features. but please be careful to not fall too much into casualness, or hitman may lose its prime essence in the process :confused:

  • new weapons unlock system.
    instead of having the actual unlock system (where sometimes some players don’t unlock items or don’t even know they can unlock them through challenges)

  • bring back the money system and make 47 able to buy weapons RIGHT AT THE START OF THE GAME. i’m explaining:

-> 47 is able to visit a store where all the unlockable guns are avaiable. the player decides what guns he wants to buy and unlock and customize according to the money he has.
–> and all the other items (like explosive phone and else) remain unlockable through challenges and level mastery. simple as that.

  • guards investigating areas with flashlights

  • bring back ability to turn on/off lights (for lots of reasons)

  • foldable small guns like the fmg

  • special rewards for elusive targets (silent assassin rating): their clothing, special weapon or equipment, replayable target…

  • make possible to switch to silenced/non-silenced mode weapons like in Hitman: Absolution

  • different footsteps sound following disguise (silent, noisy, etc)

  • bring back custom ratings (butcherer, psychopath, rambo…)

  • Improved Rating System:

—> At the moment “Silent Assassin” is the only unique title you can claim.

Just look at how many were avaiable in previous games:

Silent Assassin/Shadow/Professional/Mugger/Messy Murderer/Exhibitionist/Hitman/Specialist/Veteran/Contract Killer/Gangster/Perpetrator/Fierce Offender/Clumsy Killer/Stalker/The Ghost/Hoodlum/The Cleaner/Thug/Violent Thug/Assailant/Shadow Killer/Phantom Killer/The Eraser/Killer/Lunatic/Madman/Maniac/Invisible Killer/The Undertaker/Lean Killer/Killer/Loose Cannon/Mad Butcher/Berserker/Serial Killer/Deranged Slayer/Terrorist/Armed Madman/Psychopath/Sociopath/Mass Murderer/Ninja Extraordinaire/Hired Killer

I think that Custom Rankings are part of Hitman legacy and should come back, plus adds replayability :slight_smile:

  • Also, look closer at leaderboards:

Even if challenging, time bonus is not so great because some players (like me) play mostly for the experience of the game and not for finishing it as fast as possible :confused:

The best run isn’t about being the fastest but also making a clean and unspotted run.
I have much respect for speedrunners but i don’t think it should be a factor to points.

There are so many other things that can matter and count within scoring without using time.

  • remove timer from scoring: having a time information is good, but making it count for scoring makes players rushing the game while it deserves more time to explore.

  • more blending spots:

Blending in is great in Hitman™. Maybe add more spots to blend-in (chairs, benches, anywhere)?..

  • add more places where 47 is able to sit, stand (balcony, bench, chair, sit on a car, etc) or blend (barman, mechanic, driver, etc.)

  • bring back split-up scenes like in previous games (24 style) so we can see what’s happening live when we’re not close of the scene

  • bring back point shooting feature, at least when we’re dying (like in Absolution and Hitman™ Beta)

  • health/status bar. (or as option at least)

  • increase slightly 47’s health for more gunfights and fun with NPCs

  • crowd blending (less vision for guards while in crowd like in Assassin’s Creed)

  • make guns throwable (just like cans or screwdrivers)

  • cameras: any suspect activity on any level = spotted

  • make strangle sometimes fail on “big npcs” (or depending the difficulty) - the npc reacts and tries to fight 47 / run and alert guards

  • maximum alert level: tactical intervention.

–> when 47 is fully wanted by guards and everybody panics and screams, make a tactical unit (like swat) take care of the situation: a countdown saying they coming appears on screen and we can wait or escape before they come

  • making 47 able to not only destroy camera evidence, but also can move some of the cameras so they won’t notice him on the move…

  • ability to hide an item (gun, bomb) inside a dead body so it can be a way to smuggle inside a secured facility without being noticed, or just to eliminate a target that will come and see the dead bodybag…

  • ability to restrain/handcuff npcs/targets and we can drag/take them elsewhere

  • less help and indications and more ways to explore a level

  • middle mouse bouton = look back (like in GTA V)

  • bring back full offline mode support for those who bought a disk and wants to play offline

  • if a time comes someday and you actually want or get the budget to dub it in French version, please AT LEAST BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL VOICES OF DIANA & 47: Philippe Dumond & Virginie Ledieu.

(Mr Bateson stills awesome of course)

- Please, make at least few voices speak the native language of the country we’re visiting: makes immersion deeper.

–> i remember the guards in contracts asking for a card or to frisk us in their language, it actually felt way more realistic than hearing some english guy saying “cmon, i need to check it out”. i admit you did a great job tho on all those english dialogues…


Before finishing the thread here’s some Map and Story Ideas for the upcoming seasons:


  • A black site facility underground/in a mountain/in the desert (Hidden Valley style)
  • An airport (inside)
  • A flying plane (silent assassin objective)
  • A theme park (actually working unlike in BM)
  • A casino (like in BM or something like Casino Royale)
  • A luxury cruiser boat (like suggested before)
  • Infiltrated inside a Cult, or a Cult Village (Church of Ascendants?)
  • An over-the-top secured facility with servers or a “virtual safebox” like in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
  • A train on the move (fast train like TGV) and a limited time to kill target (we must quit the train on next stop at all cost because lots of reasons)
  • A mission involving Agent Smith saving you (yeah you heard me) and actually becoming a useful agent :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Stealing a most valuable jet prototype/usb key from a military boat
  • A mission in Irak or a similar country involving saving a prisoner in a city surrounded by battlefields and terrorists
  • A mission involving killing a crew few minutes before they attack a building (terrorists, robbers, etc.) and without anyone noticing the incident (like nothing happened)
  • A mission involving killing two targets at two very opposite different places…in the same big mission place (most Hitman open world mission)

Real Location Ideas:

  • Germany (any topic is welcome but the Nazi case is obviously a good start)
  • Russia (St Petersburg style or something related to the Kremlin?)
  • China (lots of ideas)
  • Brasil (Favelas like in Fast 5 & Max Payne 3)
  • Emirates (Dubai and all the luxury)
  • UK (anywhere, not just london, get the british vibe)
  • Mexico (and other south-american countries, maybe something related to cartels)


  • 47 in the Pentagon
  • 47 in Area 51
  • 47 in Space: taking someone’s seat right before launch to space station. 47 has to infiltrate the Space Station and avoid a terrible incoming cataclysm.

Expanded levels:

  • Paris: An open wide art & museum or something related to cinema maybe full of artists, photographers and stuff but without any model (maybe actors instead?) with a premiere going on the outside (helicopter place)…
  • Sapienza: A mafia meeting is happening in the villa. 4-5 targets to eliminate. Place surrounded by guards and enforcers…
  • Marrakesh: A school is taken in hostage by a military force OR
    A consulate is taken in hostage by a military force…
  • Bangkok: The whole third level floor is replaced by private security who came to protect some Cheik…this is your target.
  • Colorado: A drone/missile is about to be launched by an unknown faction. Abort that event…
  • Hokkaido: Killing a Yakuza traitor on the resort for having fun and healthcare and his crew. We might find some ninja enemies through the way…

Story hints:

47 and The Shadow Client have ties, it’s not a secret anymore. So it seems like 47 is going to find more about his past and what happened in Romania…

_The Shadow Client guides 47 to unveil his past:

  • 47 meets another clone/his brother
  • 47 has to come back to Romania Asylum (HD revamped for Hitman™)

_Someone tried to revive the project:

  • 47 has to battle against other clones
  • Another Mark Parchezzi lookalike is actually a leader of a concurrent killing organisation (like The Franchise or IAGO)
  • The Shadow Client is here to stop them

Disguises Ideas:

Guns Ideas:

A gif made from CSI Miami’s Episode “Sunblock”.

Vehicles Ideas:

General Inspiration Ideas:

That’s some hints for you guys. But feel free to make what you think :wink:


About Anti-Piracy System:

We know that to avoid your game being hacked you made the permanent online connection mandatory. But DENUVO or other DRMs like always online are not a good solutions. Neither for customers, their computers, or you developers.

There are clever ways to protect your game without punishing fair customers.

Take a look at this:

Wouldn’t it be better if you put something like this instead of having an always online drm or else?

What if:

  • 47 wouldn’t be able to disguise on any mission
  • all guards and npcs are enforcers
  • a gun (just the gun in the air) is chasing 47 and regularly shooting at him
  • everytime 47 walks or takes a cover a weird sound starts (duck?) and makes him spotted by nearby NPCs
  • when hiding in a container or a closet a nearby npc will always come and spot him (instant alert mode)
  • loading a cracked savegame will turn the game all flashy and weird
  • 47 always in duck mode (cant get up)
    –> so much ideas that are fun and as efficient as a DRM!!


About Episodic Model:

If there’s a game that could fit with the Episodic Model that would probably be Hitman™

However i’m not a fan of episodic model for most of games because much developers are abusing it.

But for a game like Hitman, it makes sense since he travels all around the world and so we’re able to select what we want to do.

Hopefully you will keep improving and updating the game so it has the potential to last for a while without being boring or obsolete. A game that keeps expanding like you well said in the trailers :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for caring about the fans opinion and i can feel we’re really close of the ultimate (and best) Hitman game experience we’ve all ever had!!

It looks really promising and we are all looking forward and excited to see what the future will bring us :slight_smile:

If you’re planning to do another beta, i’m all in guys :wink:

I’d be honored to be part of your next alpha/beta session. Feel free to contact me anytime :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading me guys, cheers and cya soon :wink:

HITMAN™ 2 Review available here: [Final Review & More!]Dear HITMAN™ 2 Developers