Favourite main villain

After almost two months after the lasts game, I feel it’s time for a poll. In the eight Hitman games so far, we had a very colorful and varied cast of bad guys. Now I’m curious to learn who’s everyone’s favorite.

  • Dr. Ort-Meyer (Codename 47)
  • Sergei Zavorotko (Silent Assassin)
  • Albert Fournier (Contracts)
  • Alexander Leland Cayne (Blood Money)
  • Blake Dexter (Absolution)
  • Benjamin Travis (Absolution)
  • Arthur Edwards (WoA)

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Ort-Meyer first, Cayne second, Arthur third and Sergei is fourth. Travis and Dexter are a joke so I don’t count them and who even cares about Fournier anyway? :laughing:


Mark Parchezzi III?

This Pool is not complete.

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constant pain

I honestly can’t choose, I like them all, I might choose Ort-Meyer if I could get past Mr. HOLA MUCHACHO to get to that level, but as of now all I’ve seen is a lot of cinematic playthroughs.
Sergei I thought was a really good villain but when I think about it, he feels kind of empty to some degree, or maybe I’m just tired :joy:

Albert Fournier… we don’t talk about him, there’s nothing to talk about anyway. Cayne is cool and all but he was pretty irrelevant to me, BM as a whole didn’t click with me much so maybe it has to do with that. As for Absolution antagonists, I love them, I mean, they are pretty stupid but they’re so stupid that they’re fucking hilarious.

I’d probably go with Arthur Edwards.


Dexter is such a joke that I just can’t help but love him.

"I don’t always Yeehaw but this! This is a fucking Yeehaw!


same, the absolute stupidity and giddiness is infectious and i cant help but love every single abso villain.


My top 3.

  1. Arthur Edwards
  2. Ort-Meyer
  3. Sergie Zavorotko

Arthur Edwards is one of the best villains the series have seen. He’s also the one with the most time to develop and pull his strings from the shadow. Being an actual threat to 47 without having to rely on raw power, but like most Moriarty’ish villains their own confidence is their downfall.

Overall Hitman have had some rather weak villains, especially when they can go “toe to toe” with 47. Sadly the built up and overall exclusion often falls flat and the “threat” is rather limited inside the levels. Here the biggest let down is The Albino (all versions) and he’s rather easy to trick. The best version of this kind of nemesis we have seen is Mr. 17, with him we had to think about our approach before taking him out and it was easy to be lured into a trap. Also the insane H2SA AI made him troublesome. I hope to see another villain that actually can match 47. Maybe take some inspiration from The Bourn Supremacy book.


I was considering adding him to the list but at the end of the day he’s just Cayne’s henchman. A very memorable one (they even sort of put him into the horrible movie :sweat_smile:) but he’s still not the main villain of Blood Money.

Villains are great and intimidating when you don’t know much about them such as Edwards in H2016, Cayne and Parchezzi in BM but everything falls flat once you confront them.

Sure, though I feel like if Travis and Dexter can be here, Mark can be too.

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Not necessarily, however it comes down how well written the villain is. In Edwards case, he didn’t become less interesting as the the trilogy moved forward.


idk it felt like with hitman 2 he became a caricature of himself tbh. especially that voice, sheesh


Edwards is definitely the most well defined and built up villain of the series in my opinion. Just the sheer level of forethought they put into WoA shows that

But this is “favourite” and not best so you can’t top the pure chaotic energy of Blake Dexter :cowboy_hat_face:


We have Edwards (Lawful Evil), Ort-Meyer (Neutral Evil) and Dexter (Chaotic Evil) :smiley:


Well, I voted for Edwards (for a number of reasons), but I don´t really see him as a villain :man_shrugging:

Parchezzi would´ve been great if he got the attention that had been hinted at in the trailers. Grey would´ve been great if they didn´t turn him into a BFF…


Seems about right.

If someone became a problem for Edwards, he would carefully analysis the situation to figure out the best approach. Could the person be turned into a (willing or unwilling) asset? Could he be blackmailed or bribed? Could you destroy his credibility? Or could you get rid of him by arranging an unfortunate accident.

If someone became a problem for Dexter, he would’ve his goons drag the person out of his home at midnight, drive him to a remote location and then personally beat him up with a baseball bat. Surviving is optional and only if Dexter is in a good enough mood to give you a warning shot.


during which he let’s out the loudest YEE-HAW! imaginable


I’ve…only ever played Abso and the WOA games, so I picked Benjamin Travis just because he had the most personality from what I could remember. Mr. ASMR is just an annoying little snake boi to me

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In my opinion the best is still Ort-Meyer, the evil scientist who created at first and then betrayed 47. He’s pure evil. Then, in the second position there is Arthur Edwards. At third place, Zavorotko. Then Cayne, Travis (he’s so stupid to deserve higher places) and the less characterized Albert Fournier.
I don’t consider Blake Dexter the main antagonist of Absolution. A main antagonist is someone always present in the story (and he is) but also someone the story starts and ends with. In Absolution the story starts with Travis and ends with Travis. We meet Dexter in a second moment. However he is without doubts the second main antagonist, as Mark Parchezzi III in Blood Money


I love Powers Booth and thought he did as well as anyone could have with Travis, but I just couldn’t vote for him bc absolutions story was so out there.

That left Sergei or The Constant. I went with nostalgia since everyone else would be voting for Edwards.