Featured Contract Completed Bug?

After carrying over my progress from Hitman 2 I decided to do some featured contracts. I looked at the challenges and this is what I saw. Tiers 2-4 are completed with Tier 1 uncompleted for some reason.
The only problem I have is the 33/25 that tier 5 has which I think means it can’t be completed?
I’ve completed a contract and it still hasn’t popped. I’m kinda worried about this.

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I haven’t seen this issue before, so perhaps you may want to post this on the official bug report thread. IOI is more likely to acknowledge bugs there.

I have the exact same issue! Same number… 33/25… really weird…

Has this ever been fixed? I did 11 contracts in Hitman 2 and they carried over. However I only had tier 2 unlocked and not tier 1. I did a few more and now tier 4 says 18/20, tier 5 says 18/25. However tier 6 only says 5/30 (It only counts the contracts I did in Hitman 3). Every tier after that one is bugged aswell and only shows 5 contracts completed instead of 18.

These featured contracts have to be done again in order to progress in H3. You’ve completed one challenge previously in H2 (completing 5 FCs) and it was carried over, replacing the tier 2 challenge.

Although, I am not sure what caused the issue of different count in challenges. But there’s plenty of them, so you can complete more. Make sure to check the completion every time you finish one.