Features Contracts UX / UI

Hello IO,

The game has so much content now that “menuing” is becoming a real pain.
I’m personally in the process of redoing Featured Contracts in Hitman 3 that weren’t cary over.


To access the next available Featured Contract that I need to do, I have to:

  1. Click Games Mode
  2. Click Contracts
  3. Click Featured Contracts
  4. Scroll all the way
  5. Click Next
  6. Repeat 4-5 until I find a Contract I didn’t completed yet
  7. Click the Contract
  8. Click Play

So, at my current state, it is an average of 12-14 actions before playing a Contract…

Also, when you finish a Contract, you come back to main menu and have to redo the all process again to find the next Contract

I really think that this is unacceptable in term of UX.


  • Add option to hide completed Contracts (F key) like for challenges, that will at least put the next available Contract in front of the list which will solve the UX hell
  • Add a shortcut Tile in the welcome screen to access Feature Contract screen
  • Add options to come back to last screen and not the main menu when finishing the mission (I’m sure this is a huge task and will definitely not be implemented but I’m still mentioning it)

Why ?

Why spend time refining the Featured Contracts UX/UI ?
I know the game evolved and this was kind of lost in the contracts system but since you can unlock items by doing Featured Contracts track, I think this screen should be considered a feature of the game and should have a little more love.

Hopefully this will be a useful feedback and that you would consider spending time/money on that.

Thanks for this awesome game



Well put, and a realistically simple change to help QoL in Contracts Mode :+1:

Welcome to the forum and just an fyi, but this site isn’t run by IO. If you want someone at IO (most likely the community managers) to see your suggestion you might want to post this in a larger ongoing suggestion thread (or tag the community managers but we try to avoid spamming that)


All great points. I definitely agree that the UI for contracts mode could use a facelift. I get really frustrated having to go back to the main screen after finishing a contract and wanting to do another.


They’ve been addressed HUNDREDS of QoL changes and features, yet nothing really changed in those years :confused:


Hey IOI! Please update contracts mode.

This would be a great idea and should be brought up into the next patch notes discussion even a year on it’s still relevant. Another thing I’d like is the ability to have featured contracts in the locations tab