We need an overhaul to contracts mode in Hitman 3

Contracts mode has been barebones ever since 2016. I haven’t payed much attention to it until hitman 3, where I realized its potential. But a few weeks into creating and playing contracts, it still feels like something is missing. We lack the basic ability to delete contracts, which can be pretty frustrating, as when fixing your prior contracts, the first version becomes obsolete. A simple contract user rating system will also be very much appreciated. This can show the creators if their contract was well received by the players, and give other players stumbling upon the contract what to expect from it. On top of that, a neat new addition would be creating out own thumbnails with the new camera tool, making it a bit more than useless. Some other additions I would like to be made: A SA clear rate percentage and more complications, like those found in escalations such as more cameras, pre set loadout, etc.


Yeah, the stagnation of contracts mode has been a noted issue for many players/creators for a long while now

We already have some threads about it

And even the UI relating to contracts

As much as it’s requested I don’t think IO letting people upload photos (even in-game ones) is a smart choice. Both for content reasons and because that’s a lot more data to store on their end and doesn’t tangibly improve the contracts


yeah good point. I’ll check out the other forum post

I agree. It is disappointing that there is no changes in Contracts Mode. :confused:

I occasionally wonder whether there would be demand for some kind of paid DLC relating to Contracts Mode, allowing those with the know-how to construct very different stories on existing maps.

What I find inspiring about Contracts Mode, as I have said before, is that it encourages player creativity, allows users to create their own alternate campaigns or perspectives on a mission, and (to an extent) allows you to have a sandbox free of the context of the main story.

However, even if players attempt to create independent narratives, they often appear restricted by the emphasis placed upon the original targets in most maps. Say, for example, you wanted to write a fan-fiction in which 47 was hired by Ken Morgan to take out Jordan Cross in Bangkok: a thoroughly out-of-universe take on the original mission. Would it be plausible (or even desirable) for tech-savvy content creators to be able to make their story more immersive by removing Morgan’s bodyguard and target behaviours (evacuations etc.), and even the ability to assign such things to a preferred secondary target?