What kind of changes(if any) should there be to Contracts mode?

As other people on this forum have noted, Contracts has stayed the same over the course of the entire WOA trilogy.

What options could IO add to improve Contracts?

I personally think the ability to restrict starting load out would be an interesting change.


I believe complications were added in 2017 GOTY update

  • Mandatory Starting Location
  • Complication: No Loadout
  • Kill Method: Specific Gun, Unsilenced Gun, Specific Melee Weapon (General)
  • Mandatory Kill Methods
  • Contracts on Freeform Training
  • Remove “Top Of Class” achievement that incentivizes everyone to make their own shitty Luca Wood contract and play it so Trending section is full of Luca Wood contracts
  • Make Skydiving suit it’s own suit in contracts mode lel

Oh that reminds me, outside of creation:

  • Give contracts a rating after you’ve played them (Out of 5, or thumb up vs thumb down)
  • Subscribe to Author Function
  • And yeah cross-platform contracts like TheBored said below
  • Oh yeah misterkiller reminds me, ability to edit briefing and title, and delete contracts :sweat_smile:

The biggest thing I’d like at this point, beyond changes to what you can create, is cross-platform play. I really love contracts mode and the community on this forum for it, but playing on Xbox means I’m in the smallest of three silos for it.


I think they can do it, all different platform contracts would show up as Author: Anonymous to you though. They must think it looks too unprofessional to bother, or something

Everything @Kevin_Rudd already mentioned. And I would add:

  • Ability to delete own contract (only if no other player played it before)
  • Option to make the weapon mandatory but not the method (e.g. it doesn’t matter if you use «Pistol» or «Pistol elimination», «Melee» or «Thrown Weapon»)
  • Bonus: Use a custom screenshot as a cover image

That’s all I can think of at the moment.


Tough to think of any that I might consider “realistic”, but if we ignore that:

  • Ability to add/adjust NPC routes, names
  • Add in and remove some objects (place cars, take out trash cans, etc.)
  • Complications similar to the ones we see in escalations (Kotti Paradigm, Lee Hong Derivation)
  • Custom screenshot cover as @djsojus recommended (those grey NPC backgrounds are painful, especially when there’s 15 Luca Woods staring back at you in the menu)

Really anything that could breathe a little character/life into contracts. Hit home the “World of Assassination”!


What if you could mark items as objectives, like how the deluxe escalation for Dartmoor has waypoints leading you to the weapons you’re supposed to use, instead of making you spend 20 minutes scouring the whole map for a particular type of razor before you can begin.

Also: some way to string contracts together into a story or escalation. Doesn’t have to be fancy! Just a folder or a playlist or something would do.

Also also: this might be a niche request (& kinda generally not the point of contracts mode!) but private/unlisted contracts would be nice so I can test stuff, grind challenges, etc. without spamming it up for everyone else.


Don’t bother. We had a thread with hundreds of entries about possible Contracts improvements pending since H2016. Almost nothing has changed since.

It seems that Contracts mode sadly does not have the same importance or priority for the developers as it has for many players.
Maybe we will get some improvements post launch, but I doubt it . Most requested features are changes to mechanics, nothing that can just be patched inro existing modes like an item unlock.


I understand this. But I also think IO might be willing to make a few changes in Contracts to maintain the WOA trilogy. Hitman 3 has been a great success, and what better way to have people play an already successful game than to add more variation to a popular mode?

I don’t know, we should at least try. These aren’t giant changes anyway, but their implementation could definitely be fun.

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NO. At least a Like version would be appreciate, but no Dislike, other games like Mario Maker 2 doesn’t use a “Dislike” and that work great.
Everything else would be an awesome feature.

My points to add are:

  • Don’t drop a specific item in Hand (like a briefcase) for X amount of seconds or Mission will fail.
  • Make a photo/s of the target/s body when eliminated.
  • Get “specific Item” from “specific location” (like stealing)
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You can dislike (or “boo”) levels in MM2 & it does various things behind the scenes, while sparing the feelings of the creator by not showing a counter anywhere


I get what you mean about a dislike button perhaps being a negative thing to have (I dislike any social media things that have them generally) but I think in a system specifically designed to assess the ‘quality’ of a thing that being able to meaningfully say “I think this is bad” is important

Yeah, this is important too. No one wants to (or should have to) see their contract they maybe spent hours making having like a “- 40” score next to it

I would advocate for the 5 stars system but I find people are less consistent with their scores on those. One person’s 1 stars might be another person’s 3 stars (not because of how they see the quality of the contract but because of how they define the meaning of each star). A like/dislike style is just much more intuitive and less subjective

I was thinking like Steam’s thumb up thumb down system. It doesn’t tell you how many people liked or disliked, it’s just used mathematically to work out an average rating which is expressed out of five stars.


A dedicated topic already exists in the Old Forum: Focused Feedback: Contracts Mode - Hitman (2016) - Hitman Forum

So they’re pretty aware of our concerns and if nothing changed, that’s because they decided to do so (for technical or managing reasons).

Maybe they will improve the Contracts Mode in future updates? Wait & see…

Allow users to create playlists for contracts


Hey IOI, please update contracts mode.