February 23 (2021) Patch Notes - HITMAN 3

I want to think it was removed temporary while they are finding the solution.
Remember Priceless in Whitleton Creek?
Might be same - it will be returned once they find a solid fix


Don’t tempt IOI like that. The month after that: “We’ve decided to just remove Hokkaido from the game, as it was causing problems.”

I don’t really understand IOI’s decisions to completely remove things that have small glitches instead of just fixing the glitch itself. Is it really that hard to change a script in the game? Maybe I’d understand if I knew anything about video game programming.

From what I do know about computer programming, is it not as simple as patching the game with a script like:
if “47 Outfit” = “The White Shadow”;
then “NPC reaction to 47” = “Default Suit”;


i’m no expert, but i reckon it’s such a delicate art that when you fix one thing you invariably end up breaking fifty others.

i assume they take stuff out with the intention of it being temporary until they can find the solution that breaks the least stuff :smile:

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Yeah, I have some limited programming experience from college and grad school, so I know how it goes that fixing one bug can break 50 others. But still, there are some bugs that I truly don’t understand why fixing them would cause such a problem.

Like the persistent “NPCs puke in trash cans when there’s a toilet right next them” bug. I don’t understand what it would break in the game if NPCs prioritized toilets. I wish IOI would be a little more transparent, like “we tried to get NPCs to walk an extra five feet to the toilet but the NPC toilet detection script is tied up in 50 other detection scripts”. At least then I could understand IOI’s decisions.


i didn’t even know that was a bug :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It happens all the time, especially in the Hitman (2016) levels. It’s a little better in the Hitman 2 and Hitman 3 levels, because it seems like IOI just removed most trash cans entirely from the game.

sorry, i meant i thought it was intentional :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s individual. There are some places where it’s more convenient to have them puke into the trash can. My guess is that it needs to be re-done manually for all NPC’s and can break their routine.

On the sad note: they have fixed the washing machines, but the dancing boats (and Club 27 psychedelic textures) are still there.

Fair point sir.



When I watched the ‘Devs react to Hitman 3 Speedrun’, they were surprised that Frote7 (I believe was the runner), opened the manhole, shot the pizza man and escaped pizza moped SA… which shocked them that he had SA… I don’t know if that was related to the manhole.


The manhole is… was one of the exits. It was bugged and didn’t actually finish the mission, but the score - rating, time, witnesses etc, was set the moment you use this exit. To actually finish the mission, you had to use any other exit - the fastest way to do it was to kill the delivery guy and use the scooter exit; the kill didn’t void SA as the score was already set when the manhole exit was used.

I just hope they understand all of this and are fixing this problem, and not just reacting “This exit allows you to kill everyone and keep SA! Delete it”


Me too. I’m still missing “full house” trophy in Dartmoor.

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Not sure if this has been noted, or if it’s even from this patch, but some sounds are messed up. When the game launched, pistols had all new drawing, reloading, and holstering sound effects, which I thought was a significant improvement. But in the current version of the game, drawing a pistol has reverted to the old sound, and holstering is now pure silence. Additionally, the sound of the sniper scope being moved doesn’t play anymore, either, so it leads me to believe something recent has overwritten what they had at launch, and I think it’s for the worse.


Just realized they changed the post-mission music a bit. It now plays the level outro until you hit the cutscene, then after the cutscene it plays the Hitman 2 menu music. Before the patch it returned to the level outro music.

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The manhole in Berlin was “simply” missing an exit cutscene.
And because this was missing, you could exit by manhole at 1:00 SA and have to use any other exit to come out of the game.

Everything you did after 1:00 SA Exit didn’t count for your rating. Even if you were running around killing the whole map in 1 hour: The rating at the end counted 1:00 SA and not 1:01:00 with no sa + 200 non targets.

I dislike the decision of removing it, because the whole game lacks of start and exit points in general. Now for every NO KO you have to use the bicycle or basement exit.

I think this is one of the reason why they removed it completly. They didn’t understand what is going on. For them it looked like a “trick” that speedrunners discoverd instead of discovering they forget to add an exit cutscene.


I am a programmer, and have been doing it long enough that I can remember when object oriented programming wasn’t a thing that anyone took seriously. There are so many potential reasons for bugs to crop up in code that it’s not worth even guessing what’s behind any single bug without knowing the code that generated it.

It could be something really simple like a misplaced colon or a period that should have been a comma. Could be something really intricate that is wrapped up in 50 or more other routines and changing one breaks 49 others. It could be that the way that a particular routine was implemented was the quick and dirty way and making it right now would take too long, be too expensive, or would impact too much other stuff.

Maybe NPCs were generally programmed to take the shortest possible time to get to a puke spot and another NPC walking in the path to the toilet ruined the calculation. Maybe the toilet that should be closest isn’t because of something else that makes the path longer than it otherwise would have been. Maybe there’s an extra zero in the trash can’s priority object. Who knows.

It’s not justifiable for bugs to be in code or in the game generally, but I can totally understand how they get there, why they aren’t always fixed, and why IOI doesn’t necessarily want to announce progress on them.

I do not fully understand removing something that was already in the game unless, as others have conjectured, it’s too hard to fix, too expensive to fix, or fixing would break something else. That Berlin manhole is a mystery to me.


IOI has a working list of bugs to fixes.

They prioritize game breaking bugs obviously, and then they work through their list of bug fixes in order of priority, some of which are just incredibly difficult or too difficult to fix.

IOI are well aware of the backlash that they would receive from removing content / item / feature that was initially present.

It may be because the bug was too difficult to fix or an issue of game balancing and removing things that are OP.

IOI removes content / item / feature with thought and care, and done as a last resort, when things are unfixable.


You should also post this in the bug report thread.


We’ve been having trouble tweaking Sapienza’s lighting so we just removed lighting from the level altogether. It’s just a dark void now, enjoy!


“We thought people wanted to explore the mansion at night time, this isn’t what you wanted?”