February 23 (2021) Patch Notes - HITMAN 3

Consensus seemed to be that it worked on the first play through of The Farewell for a lot of people, but not after. I wonder if it worked because it essentially considers each stage of the escalation a “fresh” play though. Especially since another user reported it still being broken.

@scat1620 when you tried to do the challenge after the patch were you playing the main mission?

Yep, playing The Farewell rather than the guru escalation.

EDIT - Tested and picked up two different bottles of wine (Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon) during my level 2 playthrough of The Gauchito Antiquity, and I didn’t get anything pop up saying “Estate Wines 1/3” or “Estate Wines 2/3”, so challenge still appears to be broken overall for the people who experienced the original bug.

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Wasn’t it a 1000 or 2000 xp challenge?

They fixed the mendoza contracts finally😼

(The old contracts of mendoza doesnt work retro,Just the new when the game updated)


Nope I just tried, I wonder how they would overlook the biggest problem

Nah it wasn’t. There’s still 65 challenges.

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Hm, I was sure it was a challenge and that was the only reason why I tried exit that way, but I couldn’t find anything about this challenge when using Google search, so maybe I remember wrong.

Berlin was with 84 challanges
And 1 escalation

After 10 minutes they updated again and it been deleted … i think they plan to put this next month or something

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65 location challenges + 17 global escalation challenges + 2 challenges for beating and playing the escalation = 84 right? So it never had a manhole challenge.

What platform are you on?

Kinda confuses me too that they could not replicate what seemingly everybody is encountering. :thinking:

Oh? That is weird, I’m gonna try that today.


Mine is untouched, but then having completed all the challenges is probably what made mine “safe”.

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I know it’s minor and there are bigger problems but I wish they had fixed that weird body bump animation that enforces do after a frisk.


Shoulder Camera
Removing the option to change which of Agent 47’s shoulders that the game camera is located behind was intentional and it’s still possible to do this when in combat. We’re aware of player feedback on this choice and we’ll share any updates here.

Damn. This one is a shame. I wonder what their justification for it was? I used that all the time both inside and outside of combat.


They said some players were accidentally changing the perspective and likely couldn’t figure out on how to revert it. Whatever it is, it was an unwanted and unneccesary change.


Update. I told you today that on PS5 doesn’t work. I have a PC copy too and it worked. I’ve tested like 2 mins ago. I am able to reach the loadout menu now.

Maybe IOI fixed during the server issues?

Edit. I saw that someone told you already. Nvm.

Can’t those people just… check the control options? :expressionless:


Has anyone on Xbox been able to download the 3.11 patch?

Apparently, no. And this is pretty bad of a change for how useful it was to check around corners. Now you gotta aim with a gund if you want to toggle between perspectives.

@Canucklehead not yet andIO has said they opened thewindow of maintenance a bit more. Hopefully it will end soon.


White Shadow can’t give the invite in Mendoza.