February 23 (2021) Patch Notes - HITMAN 3

I can confirm this. On PS4 new contracts work normal, old contracts are unplayable :heart_eyes:

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Well I’ve had an emotional rollercoaster over the past 24 hours. I just learned about this “feature” yesterday elsewhere, and I was excited to try it out. I still haven’t unlocked the rifle due to the insane grind required to get it. But I thought, “the Druzhina 34 has Shockwave and Wall-piercing ammo in normal levels? Oh that’s a neat feature that would make the grind worth it!”

Nope! Why bother unlocking it now? Seriously, IOI, after requiring players to grind and repeat the exact same playthrough hundreds of times to get this rifle, the least you could do is leave in an extra perk like that. :sob:


Was about to suggest the same :+1: Remind them to fix the Golden Dragon while at it @CHAOS_AGENT_45 (and good job spotting it as well)

100% with you on that one :cry:

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Welcome to 2020s, where everything has to be designed for the dumbest common user. God forbid a user has to figure out why he just switched camera perspective. Such a dumb decision. Just give an option to enable the normal shoulder swap, and disable it on standard settings. Case closed.

But no, removing is easier than figuring out a solution right. Like the Berlin manhole.

There is still slight hope that they will add the useful shoulder swap in as an option, as they at least cared enough to talk about it.


Yeah I’d like it in the options menu. I’d keep it turned off personally as I found myself shoulder swapping out of habit while walking and I annoyed myself that I made that a habit.

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Same problem on my PS5… (Also tried it on the PS4 version on PS4 bcs trophies are CrossGen but the same result: Nothing happens)

The only trophies that were fixed in the patch were the “Reach Mastery Level 20” ones - which is stated in the patch notes. Everything else is still broken, which the Known Issues thread only labels as “partially fixed”.

Reading - it’s not that hard.


There were a couple contracts in the Fan made Contracts of Hitman 3 thread that utilized this base jumping feature. They had you kill 2 targets, one while wearing a disguise and one while wearing a suit, with no disguise changes. This was possible because 47 could base jump off a ledge to the skydiving suit start point, then crawl through the tunnels and switch to the Ashen suit which didn’t count as changing disguises. IOI could’ve at least left in the base jumping feature at that point, since now these contracts are impossible to complete.

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the ICA19 Classic is now called the ICA19 Classicballer for some bizarre reason


For direct comparison. Here is the before and after.


Something is off with the LOD for the boats. You don’t see as much detail as in the H2 version. Actually scratch that, most objects show less detail in the H3 version…

Couldn’t they capture a shot with everything on max for a simple screenshot?!


i wished ioi wouldve fixed or added a frame rate setting to allow 60 fps for xbox one players. it was like this in hitman 2 and ps4 has access to this setting, so i dont see a reason why they cant add it or at least acknowledge it.



Now just make it so that if you disable the minimap, the Silent Assassin status icon and the Difficulty icon both move to the far left side of the screen. It’s just distracting to have them that far out on the screen when the minimap is not there. :slight_smile:


Good idea.

This could probably be visualised by having the Yellow SA-icon fade to a yellow crosshair target icon instead of the yellow camera icon. :smiley:

“After” is clearly much better.
But does it reflected on the location itself?
I mean not some particular areas or angles, but the whole location.
Last time I visited it (long before patch) it was awful in some places, especially in the mansion, in the main hall. Lighting is… :nauseated_face:

Still happening, it’s one of my favorite pistols and I was really hoping it would be gone with this patch.

Oh well another month.


Incredibly disappointing decision with little elaboration on why. What made it have issues compared to the ones in Miami and Whittleton Creek? Of what others have mentioned, pretty silly to remove it on the basis on issues relating to retaining an SA rating on speedruns etc.


Hi, Appreciate the update!

The patch has somewhat fixed the trophy issue on Playstation, I am still not receiving the Dune Raider trophy despite having revealed all undiscovered areas and got the achievement in-game

Patch is live on Xbox.

Selecting a Mendoza contract still causes the game to crash and go offline. How does this even happen? It wasnt mentioned in patch notes, so I thought they fixed it quietly, but no.