February 23 (2021) Patch Notes - HITMAN 3

A couple of people have mentioned that contracts created in Mendoza after the patch will work, but ones created before still don’t.

RIP. So, what about them leaderboards with top entries dominated by now impossible SA-Wallbang strategies?

As I understand, this change was made to handhold some players who accidentally swapped shoulders constantly. With this in mind, why not make this an opt-in setting like the SA tracker?


This removal really bothers me as the manhole would be the ideal exit for SASO No KO runs


Since IO have seemingly fixed the bug with the Featured Contracts challenges (that counted each run of an already completed mission towards achieving the challenges), I wonder what they’re going to do for players that completed all the Track 2 challenges by playing several contracts over and over to get better times/scores.

Hopefully we don’t miss out on the unlocks once they’re added to the Tier 3 and Tier 5 challenges in a future patch.

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I’d imagine any future reward will be automatically unlocked if you’d already completed that particular challenge.

I’m hoping they change the reward for tier 4 as well it’s a duplicated deluxe escalation reward and should be changed.

Anyone think they’ll drop a mid month patch? Or we thinking it’ll be another months wait.

Unless it’s a critical update for a game-breaking bug, I wouldn’t expect a mid-month update just because of costs that need to paid to Sony and Microsoft to release a patch for their platforms. Back in the PS3/X360-era, Sony and Microsoft charged about $40,000 per patch.


I don’t be too negative, but my impression of how IO deals with problems from this patch is that they have a mentality of “delete everything” rather than “fix the small part of the item that made it problematic”.

Instead of just nerfing the wallbang property of the Druzhina Arctic, they removed every perk it had, including the Marksman feature (which is just slow mo while aiming, which the Sieger 300’s etc have also).

Instead of just making the manhole exit work properly (actually leave the mission when triggered), they just deleted the exit altogether.

Looking at past patches, the troubling trend continues.

Instead of fixing whatever small inconsistencies were created by manual shoulder view toggle, they simply removed the option.

Instead of nerfing the electric phone to just work in puddles, they just deleted it. Similarly, they didn’t nerf the tasers to only kill in puddles, so tasers are still like ephone in contracts mode with guard targets.

So yeah, I really hope IO takes a more nuanced look at balancing going forwards. None of these issues are game breaking per se, but I don’t like the trend to the balancing they are taking. What’s next, removal of tranquilizer to get rid of tranq glitch, or removal of all breakable objects to stop out of bounds tricks?

Sorry if this comes off as rant-y btw, just expressing my overall first impression reading the patch notes.


Wait so it supposed to be unlockable or not?

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The escalation wasn’t even meant to be live.

Good to see the wallbang w/ the Siberia Sniper has been fixed, my question is, will the leaderboards be reset? Or will those crazy times be there to stay for good? Doesn’t seem fair. (I say this as someone who took advantage of the wallbang to get those kind of scores)


I wonder if they fixed getting frisked by both guards when in a guard outfit at the lvl 1 ICA checkpoint in Chongqing, and Royce’s guards seeing through the fogged breakroom glass downstairs?

Unlikely, except for hotfixes for critical issues that crop up.

During Hitman 2’s post-launch support, IOI developed a pipeline of releasing one major patch near the end of every month. I’m pretty sure this was to maintain overall stability as fewer patches meant fewer issues caused by previous patches. (The next month’s patch usually included fixes for bugs introduced by the previous month’s patch.)


No, they haven´t. Just tried it :roll_eyes:

:triumph: Oy vey. Good to know, thanks.

Hopefully they´ll add that next month. Didn´t know about the fogged breakroom glass issue though, will check that out later.

I’d say very unlikely. Can’t recall them ever being reset in H2016 & 2 despite the those cheated runs on PC still staying on top.

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The leaderboards were reset twice that I definitely remember during H1. I feel like there might have been a third one that I’m forgetting about.

The first reset was mid-2016 when IO nerfed the Lancer.


Yeah and they even reset the ICA facility, which you could never take the Lancer into.

When I saw this, I thought the same things. I never used the rifle outside of sniper assassin. I think I would of had too much fun using it everywhere. Plus, I do understand its perks removal as it diminishes the challenge of every map. The suit is a plus because I would love to using on many missions.

Sapi changes