First Thread on HMF

Yea boys and girls, this is the first post of Hitman Forum Mk2.

Can you imagine that? So many years ago, this was a new thing? Empty, without the billions of posts? Wow.
I wonder how future will be like. Did you beat Covid? Do we have a moon base? How is it to play Hitman with your new fancy Neurolinks?

Tell us!



It seems I may have existed in the old forum and now the new.

Where’s the MK2 sticker? Disappointed!

Jk the new forum looks great.


How beautiful :smiley:

Damn, it’s good to be back. And the forum looks good! It’s gonna take some time for me to get used to some changes, but overall it’s a big step up. Nice work!

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Hello, agents. :sunglasses:

Good to be back, let’s fill this new forum again with greatness \O/

So now basically i’ve never been banned here right.

New forum looking nice though.

Merry Xmas <3

Good job with the new design bois.

Did I understand correctly that this new forum replaced the old one and every account were deleted in the process? Because I tried to log in couple of days ago and this notification said that password is wrong etc.

Yes, you’re completely right

But why? IOI took control of this forum or something like that? And no pre-announcement before that happened. Just a little bit annoyed about this…

Previous forum had (seems major) issues with stability.
Let’s hope this new one is devoid of that flaws

It was announced maybe even a week before the move

Ok. Missed that one. I only read HITMAN 3 and HITMAN 2 sections of this forum.

The old forum was unstable and we switched hosts. To run completely smoothly this steep was needed.

IOI has nothing to do with it. :wink:

Changes were announced Dec 12th which are confirmed to be a reset on the 23rd with a global pin and a day later done.

Also the change is a banner here currently, you must have clicked that away blindly to stay clueless. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know where else to find out it - I just haven’t found a topic about H3 Opening Cinematic. I thought about creating it, but to be honest, I don’t know how to correctly insert a video here :sweat_smile:

Well you can copy the link and paste it on a ‘clean’ line without any text in front or behind. (here you press ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ key)

:arrow_heading_up: In your textbox the above line should only reserve for the video link. You can see thumbnail of the video on the right if you use PC version of the forum. And that’s it. :wink:

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Booo, just discovered that there is no 3 minute cool-off to make edits without it showing up as an edit now :frowning:

Hate having the little “Edited” symbol on my posts :sob:

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Just yesterday I was able to edit past 4 minutes and no symbol appeared. Before that it happens about a minute. Wonder if it’s user specific, or it calculates to a set cooldown to how often you edit after posting.

Though I usually don’t take notice of my edit history. I just edit them anyway and move on to the next post.