Flickering Lights

Hello. I’ve been playing Hitman 1 through Hitman 3 for the last 3 days. The game started off flickering these lights. Updated my gpu, then it dissapeared. Now its back, and i’ve tried everything. Nothing works. Anyone else that has had the same problem?

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I advise you to put this message in a special thread dedicated to bugs which is monitored by developers.
This will rise chances your bug will be noticed, because developers do not read the whole forum and might not see this particular thread at all.
Bug Report Thread is here:

Also to double chances of the bug is noticed, submit a ticket to HITMAN 3 Player Support Hub at this link:

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im having this same problem and i hate it. i tried adjusting my graphic settings and it did not help. i play on steam. does IO interactive still support hitman 3 and fix these bug issues?

hello can somebody please answer my question when they have a minute? thank you

hello? does anybody have any answers to this issue?

IOI still supports Hitman 3 and rolls out periodic bug fixes.

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