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I switched to Hardcore just to finally try it!

30 minutes into Miami, 3 targets, final target. Lured them into the underpass and stabbed them with a kitchen knife. As I was doing this, they turned and saw me stab them. This ruined Silent Assassin, which failed the campaign…

My final target, after 30 minutes, saw me killing them and failed the campaign…

Silent Assassin in a story mission is fun! Story Targets have so much “life” put into them, and the game’s “eat the rich” attitude oozes irony and “justice” for their inevitable demise. Hell, even in Master Mode, you can save once.

Freelancer Hardcore Silent Assassin takes all the frustrating elements of Hitman and amplifies them. It doesn’t make it unplayable, it just forces you to play in a very specific way. The safest way.


Yeah, this is why I avoid SA Prestige Obj. nearly every mission unless I’m absolutely sure its doable.

Even then, I’ve mostly failed it on the slightest mess-up.

I’ve only finished 6/10 SA objectives required for the challenge trophy, and its been many months since launch :joy:


Marvellous for you, I suppose.


Seems they fixed/changed/whatever-you-want-to-call-it the timer when you select Time Trial on a Showdown. Done a few of those today and the timer always started at ten minutes compared to the previous 90-120 seconds.


So it doesn’t scale with the number of targets anymore? This is kind of a weird change though, 10 minutes is plenty enough to eliminate 4 targets so it’s probably the easiest timed objective now :x

A key word in my post was “Showdown”. :wink:


Well done for doing Hardcore mode again @TheChicken :clap:t2: Don’t think I plan on making the visit again anytime soon :joy::joy:

The Black Bruiser suit looks awesome! I’m so glad I’ve unlocked it as well :grin:


Just noticed I’ve still got the collectors coin & lockpick post-prestige. Seems like a bug but I’ll take it!


I’m happy they fixed the fridge in the Safehouse.

Throwing at Camera is a great addition too. Something I have wanted for a while.


Haven’t got to playing the Prestige levels yet, but how do you “advance” a prestige level exactly?

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FYI (unless it was changed): While the Kalmer sedative DOES override the lethal poison, it DOES NOT eliminate it. That target WILL die once a guard revives them.

Basically if you would’ve just left and waited by an exit, a guard would’ve eventually revived the target and then once awake, the target would’ve went right into the OVERLY DRAMATIC (lolz) poison/death animation.

Not much help now… but for future reference for delayed kills. :joy:


There’s a laptop on the table that can be activated when your weapon wall is full. All your gear & merces vanish in exchange for +1 prestige level. It basically resets the game so you can build up again, only your XP/merces grow faster with each level so it doesn’t take as long. The current level is shown on a trophy shelf somewhere in the basement.


For those that own one (or both) of the weapon pack DLCs, does it also require them to have those too, or just the base game items?


So it was all for nothing. RAAAAGE.

…Actually though, scraping a win from the jaws of defeat did make the conclusion to the campaign that much sweeter :cursed_grin:

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How do I turn off the camera HUD for the Showdowns in the new patch? I don’t see it in settings or anywhere.

This is for the camera, not the assassin, alert lookout etc.

Am I being blind?

It’s not a global setting. When you take a picture, there’s a "Toggle Viewfinder prompt in the lower left-hand corner that’ll let you turn it on and off while you’re examining that picture. (On PlayStation, it’s the triangle button.)


Was looking for that. Thanks.

On the note of the camera : the detection of the suspects (so the ability to actually take the photos, and to toggle them as prime or non-suspect) as been much improved.

I remember having to fiddle around a lot to be able to do that before, when it even worked at all. It was a bit infuriating then to be honest. Having the suspect dead center, and still having to follow them around in first person because I couldn’t even take the photo and needed those to see for tattoos and hearings. Made me walk into lookouts multiple time.

Or I got lucky on my campaign tonight.

Still haven’t prestige. Will do tomorrow. I just wanted to start again calmly after two month of leaving the game. Strangely enough, it feels easier now. Or at least with more breathing room. But I think it’s not the game, but me well rested.

(I also wanted to check if the coin was anywhere. No, like starting to be insultingly so, no)


Some how managed to get a supplier be a witness. Usually they’re blind.


Currently doing prestige. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it doesn’t really feel like prestige is doing much. I’m getting 350M base pay for my missions now but I forgot what the default is. The rewards from objectives are unaffected and if the awards from vaults and couriers are changed I can’t tell. If I’m just making 50-100M extra per mission then prestige is just going to be way too grindy for my taste.


In one playthrough, some random civilian that spotted me doing something illegal was endlessly trying to report me to a supplier because he happened to be a guard.