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Which Objective do you find yourself forgetting the most?

  • Headshot kills only
  • Only one disguise
  • Suit Only
  • Perfect Shooter (only hit NPCs, but cameras and recorders okay)
  • No Firearms
  • No Combat
  • Other (comment below)

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That’s all that I could think of. I did leave an option for “Other”. Is ‘No KOs’ still a thing? :thinking:

For me, it’s the Only one disguise I find that I mess up on the most. I will reflexively change into another disguise that isn’t as restricted. Or I’ll change back into my suit for the silly idea of leaving with your suit. Or I try to move disguises… Where you change a disguise, move away a little, and change again because the prompt can still be reached.

Next, would be headshot kills only.


Actually it did. It was one of things I reported that really had made straight up hate showdowns. When there’s so many suspects and I clearly know it isn’t one of them, after making them not a suspect, they return to being blue if I get away from them. So then when you keep looking for suspects in blue, you end up seeing the same ones you already unmarked.

This is why I hate showdowns. I find that it’s better since after the patch tho so I’m thinking you got a residual bug.

It’s not so much “forget” as it is “intentionally ignore” though.

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“Do not Pacify”
I’ve ruined that several times :joy:


Voted “Other”.

For me, it’s the persistent timer ones (Hide & Seek, Get Disguises, Silent Takedowns, etc.) Because I don’t pay enough attention to them. Too focused on playing and then I wonder why the music is getting so tense! FAIL! And then I’m like “oh yeah.” :joy:


Mission accomplished.


My trophy’s better because it says “1”. Like #1. :rofl:


Aren’t showdown targets supposed to have the exact 4 clues and nothing additional? For the first time I saw a target with 5 different clues instead of 4.

The 4 clues were these.

But he also has a tattoo on his hands. (The earrings are unfortunately not visible on this screenshot, they were on the other ear.)

I actually had unmarked this guy because I saw the tattoos and then came back and realized what’s happening.


No. I don’t know who spread this but it’s not true at all. They can have additional visual things, a tattoo has been the most common in my experience.

The only disqualifying criteria are tells and meeting (stuff on the left side of your camera) - if someone does anything that is a mismatch, you can unmark them.


Damn, that’s weird. I’m level 100 and legit seeing this the first time.

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Every time I go to Haven, I bring along a keycard hacker and some sedative poison in case I get a Target in the lab. They’re hardly ever in the lab.

The ONE time I don’t bring that stuff along, the target is in the lab.

Just my luck.


For me it’s mostly perfect shooter, but “Doors stay locked” has tripped me up a whole lot of times.


coughyou can advance prestige levels without losing anything if you say yes to the laptop then time correctly the start of the mission. it usually works by going out when the the light shutting down is the ancestral/ornamental onecough cough cough cough

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WOW!! :hushed:

That is some graft put in right there! :clap:t2:


Good job! I’ll follow you up to 10 eventually :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a surprise today. I threw a non-lethal melee which caused a target to fall in the water and it counted for the Melee Weapon Kill objective!



How much extra Merces/XP do you get after Prestiging 10 times?

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Fascinating. I wonder if that’s across the board or if particular conditions have to be met.

Honestly, I always wanted to use a similar method on the Bad Boy ET. When you blow up his car and he goes to take a piss over the cliff, I always wanted to throw a hammer (the client’s nickname) at the back of his head and have him fall off the cliff as a result, but it’s so complicated to get right I’d keep running out of patience and just kick him off.


It caps out at level 5. So 500+450+350+300=1600 extra merces per prestige objective.


Actually it ends up being a total of an additional 2,000 Merces on top of the standard amounts.