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Even easier than that, just throwing a newspaper near the guard who watches through the window will lure him in (then it’s just a matter of throwing that newspaper at his face from cover). It’s also possible to hide the body in the crate near the two radio guys if you need it.

The silent one works for this challenge as well :wink:

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you can? There is the Druzhina 34 and Druzhina 34 DTI sniper rifle. I think this is the same as the Kashmirian’s sniper rifle in Mumbai. Which one is a silenced sniper rifle?

Every Druzhina works. The Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic is silent – I used this one for the challenge.

The Kashmirian’s rifle in Freelancer is not a Druzhina but the Bartoli Hunting Rifle, which is pretty much the worst sniper rifle you can get (although it’s still useful from time to time to complete Mumbai sniper objectives without having to bring one in the level).


Right. Thanks.

Kashmirian’s rifle is the Bartoli Hunting Rifle in Freelancer, but a Druzhina in the regular Mumbai missions. What does DTI mean?

Don’t Try It, as in there are much better alternatives than using one of the DTI guns.

It seems like the most popular explanation is it’s meant to be referencing Del-Ton, Inc., a real-life gun manufacturer but obviously they can’t say their brand specifically.


The DAK DTI is pretty good though. Easy to hide, easy to replace, probably the best SMG overall in Freelancer as long as you don’t need an epic one.


Honestly forgot about that one, was mainly referring to the Druzhina 34 DTI and the ICA DTI Stealth. Also, the DAK DTI has a fatal flaw which makes it literally unbearable to use: It’s a silenced weapon but its model doesn’t have a suppressor! I’m team DAK X2 Covert all the way, the preferred weapon of Noel Crest and that one guard in Mendoza

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Had a very strange and frustrating bug. Showdown in Berlin.
There’s a safe in the Biker lounge on the ground floor. Something occurs that causes it to pop open and alert the lookout nearby. Nothing I did, I was walking two floors upstairs from that.
The target which I already had identified is stuck in limbo somewhere in the white truck right next to the pizza moped. This is according to the map, but can’t see him.
Had no choice but to exit the mission because I couldn’t reach him.

All of this also wouldn’t have happened if you can also spill oil near walls and corners. That way he would have burned smoking his cigarette but no.

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Berlin has a tendency for the target to get stuck in an out-of-bounds “prison”. If you throw some sort of distraction as close as you can to them, they’ll hear it and teleport out to investigate it. They’ll start their route as normal from there.


I 100%'d Freelancer.

I amassed all the Freelancer tools in Hardcore mode without cheating. (took me ~2.7 campaigns).



It appears that usually all but one propane flask is removed from all maps in Freelancer.
Three questions:

Are there any Freelancer maps which lack a propane flask?

Do the number of propane flasks on the map decrease in hardcore mode compared to regular mode?

Do the number of propane flasks change if it is an Alerted Territory?

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Dartmoor has no propane at all (AFAIK all the other levels have at least one). HC mode by itself does not remove anything that’s not already removed in alerted levels (I don’t remember if some of them actually have less propane than regular levels, like I think the propane in the Paris basement is no longer there when the level’s alerted, but I might be remembering wrong).


I think that the propane flask in the small shed in the back of Paris where Helmut Kruger roams is always there in Freelancer.

I don’t remember where the propane flask is in Colorado, since they removed the ones near the barn that Sean Rose travels to in Freelancer across from the car lift.

Is there a propane flask on the right side and back of the house in Colorado?

I don’t remember if they’re still here in alerted mode, but there are two easy to get propane flasks in the area with the explosives specialists, one in the shed with the two mechanics and one near the radio and the hay bale machine.


Unrelated - I was playing Mumbai, Hardcore and went to the Chawls to put on the Rangan tower blue security guard disguise. Someone above me saw me through the ceiling. Went upstairs to kill them since fortunately they were a civilian, but between this and the New York cocaine bathroom, the collision really needs to be fixed.


More and more I have NPC’s randomly dying, seemingly falling in a black void.
Moost recently was in Dubai with a guard (white clothes variant), and it’s not the first time it happened there.
Glad I’ve already done hardcore mode, because failing a prestige SA objective because of that would be quite infuriating.


I only play Hardcore now - the AI is a bit jank but because of it, I was able to figure out exactly why you end up with panic spreading. You also have to plan your kills around the fact that if an NPC spots it and you (at separate times), they’re automatically going to blame you.

I’m not sure how many Hardcore campaigns I’ve successfully completed (hey @Combatglue why can’t we view our Freelancer statistics?) but my best streak is ~3.5 campaigns.


For an electrocution kill you can pour water from a can or turn on a tap in a bathroom to then electrocute a target with a remote/proximity taser.

Guards will pick up a remote taser so that you can electrocute them without water.

How do you get regular non-guard PCs to pick up a remote taser?

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