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We’re all still waiting patiently for it! 2024 has got to be the year this is finally resolved :wink:

Who’s being patient? I’m being very impatient, personally.

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I’m also still waiting for the new escalation that was promised for last year too.


I’m still waiting for the Tactical Turtleneck with gloves!


I was just thinking about this and I was thinking of an idea for a tactical turtleneck with gloves unlock:

For example I love the TT vanilla suit except for the pants and shoes. I would love the top half to be the tactical turtleneck with gloves seen here:

then the pants to be something a bit more stylish like the pants and shoes from the B&W tux set:

…the midnight black suit:

or the lucky ducky suit (pic taken from mod that removes the glasses ignore that):

because ive always loved how the turtleneck looked except for the pants and boots! theyre ugly as shit!

I’m sorry, but I must disagree. The whole point of the Tactical Turtleneck suit is the tactical part. For the outfit as it’s meant to be, the cargo pants and combat boots exactly match what’s needed.


Yes, I think what he was looking for was the Tacticool Turtleneck


Hopefully we still it included as part of Year 4 content :crossed_fingers:t2:

I’m still patiently waiting for those Seasonal Safehouse decorations as well :wink:

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So, the Cozy Christmas Suit?
Or at least, a reskin of it? Because that’s exactly what you described.

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Got this a few times already so started to avoid the disguise there. Unfortunately the woman just outside is a target sometimes…

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The biggest problem I see here is that they want the pants to be stylish… but the sweater itself is anything but that :x

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yes! exactly. the cozy jumper’s bottoms except with the tactical turtleneck’s top: i like the rolled up sleeves and all black better. tho maybe a nice blue or dark purple could be nice?

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Hear me out: a Dartmoor challenge for a white, slightly damaged jumper.


Fire extinguishers finally have a purpose in Hitman, where they serve as concussive explosives for blowing up safes and fulfilling “concussive explosions of 3 guards” objective.

– Finished 12 campaigns so far, and at level 96/100 –

It is all good.

Dartmoor is a great map in Freelancer. Hokkaido has too many tight corridors and is way too congested for Freelancer.

Colorado Alerted Territory is hell – There are eyes watching you everywhere – with 20 guards on top of you as soon as you do anything.


I started to use them today to KO Vidal’s bodyguards and get SA. Also use one to open the lab door access instead they keycard in Sapienza.


I had a collateral kill explosion objective. Trespassed in one target’s area, then slipped into a building through the window. The target came after me to escort me out, but then soon became suspicious of me. I could see other guards outside had a ? over their heads, so I didn’t want to do anything to make them come running in. The guy never had a white dot over his head… Not that it mattered (like for consistency’s sake). I got into the room with 2 guards (one of them is always napping on a couch). Then the target became suspicious of me… I had to make my move. So I start KOing… I melee’d the other guy (not on the couch), the target, but I was gunned down by ol’ Couchy.

Makes me want to reenable that simple health bar mod. :unamused:

I was kinda surprised I didn’t get blown up since I was holding a propane tank. :laughing:

Upon returning, regardless of the ‘Only kill targets’ objective, Mr. Couch got a screwdriver to the face. :smirk:

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I have died a few times with the Arms Trafficking Syndicate, because going loud doesn’t work to well, especially with alerted territories.

I am working on the awards for Freelancer and have completed Fiberwire kills of Syndicate Leader and Drazhina sniper kills of targets.

I have lost my sniper rifle a few times in not remembering to bring it back with me.

I am working on Burning Man, which involves 25 kills of suspects by oil spill accidents.

I completely ignored that item after H1 but since Freelancer and that particular objective it’s become one of my favorite items in the game :smiley: They’re also pretty handy for setting up explosion chains when you can’t shoot propane directly without being seen.


I find the concussive objective to be more effort than it’s worth. Fire extinguishers are great for popping open a safe though.


Using concussive tools for it is usually a waste of a slot since you have to bring multiple ones to reach the 3 targets count. But extinguishers are generally plentiful and it’s pretty easy to corner-shoot them near a duo of guards. I love doing that in Bangkok :smiley: