Freelancer - Pre-Release Discussion

I saw on FB and post from IO-Interactive about a 24-year anniversary. Perhaps Freelancer will be released for this occasion. :crossed_fingers:

Edit: I’m not going to post a topic for this. Anybody else is welcome to. Edit: I’ve felt compelled to make a new topic. :smiling_face:

Edit: I have no access to leaks, but I can’t help but think this will be on the opening before the title screen after we get the update! :smiley:


Wikipedia tells me that IOI was founded on 16 September 1998. They seem to be a bit late :wink:


24 years wow congrats ioi for the hard work over the years


I highly doubt they’d release freelancer – a month, mind you – after their 24th anniversary. It’s just a silly coincidence It’s happened so soon.

Anyway, it’s no a 25th Silver anniversary. That’s usually a solid number people love and where you’d expect big, timely things to come out or be celebrated. But of course they aren’t delaying it that long just for that.
It’ll be out within 3 months from now at the very latest

I do have to wonder why the graphic was made. They didn’t make a (thing) for their 23rd year, or 22nd, etc. And I agree 25th is more of a landmark event.

Either way, I guess we’ll see after we get this upcoming update. And yeah… that doesn’t mean we’ll be getting Freelancer with it just because it’s a “big update”.

you never know maybe freelancer or GOTY for hitman

The intern had free time maybe?

People read too much into this. :smiley:


Or just the marketing department in general, not even an intern.

They don’t have much to market/tweet right now. More gearing up for what’s to come.


Surely there’s got to be some sort of tie in to their anniversary :wink::wink:

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Eh, yeah… I just don’t see what the big deal is about a ‘24th Anniversary’ unless there is an actual “Big Deal” coming along with it. I mean, great! 24 years. Woohoo. :+1:

It’s like the lights have been lowered and you hear a drum roll, and you wonder what’s about to happen.

Or it just could be IO trying to whip up some hollow hype. But I guess I’m the type of person to think there’s a logical reason for things. If I’m looking into things too much, well, jokes on me I suppose. :face_exhaling:

Edit: So… I suppose there’s nothing to prove this has anything to do with Freelancer, so it’s probably getting off topic and is purely speculation. Then again, I’m not privy to any leaked data. Kinda regretting I posted the image, or that it’s got this much attention -if it is indeed off topic. :confused:

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Everyone is so thirsty for Freelancer that any movement from IOI is being watched like a hawk.


yep we have to wait patience


you know i would love if ioi add a hitman target like 47 killed 17 why not another one


It will come out of nowhere when we least expect it.

At the minute, like you say, we’re waiting for any bit of news like hawks :joy::joy:


What do you guys think the odds are on being able to unlock items in the course of Freelancer that will retroactively be usable in the main game?


I’d say 99.99999999% given how every other thing added to Hitman 3 has had some sort of unlock tied to it: Deluxe Escalations, 7DS Escalations, Seasonal Events, Featured Contracts, ETs (albeit the same unlocks as Hitman 2), the ET Arcade, and Ambrose Island


How about the difficulty level? Will it be beholden to the difficulty you have the main missions set to, or solely to the difficulty of the chosen contract, represented by the number of skulls on the dossier, as shown in images?

I would think that it would be at a consistent difficulty level (either professional or hopefully even master, as it is technically a post game experience), but you have additional optional objectives that make it tougher (represented by the skulls).

Even though I play almost exclusively on professional difficulty, I would hope that freelancer is on master mode only because it fits the tone and mechanics of freelancer much better (and professional mode can be a bit too easy when it comes to physically sneaking around).

I hope not, that would really go against the current (good) trend of increasing accessibility in games.


It should have the same difficulty options as the normal levels do. Let the players decide rather than forcing everyone to use the same difficulty.