Fu Luoyang blood bag

What’s the point in syringing him I did this in contract mode and nothing I used lethal syringe on his blood bag and nothing happens to him

If you’re trying to report a bug, head over to a special thread, read the very first post there and compose your report by a template that is given there.
This way the developers will definitely see your report and take it into consideration.
Separate thread will almost definitely go past them, but that special one is monitored closely.

Thread is here:

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Is this Fu Luoyang? I’m not sure if its bugged or if there’s some unknown method to make it happen.
I’ve tried to take out various doctors and technology, nothing changed.

Yeah that’s him the blood bag is interactive by poisoning his bag with a syringe

Same here, i’ve tried lethal, emetic etc. Also noted the poison ‘cloud’ never disappears so either they don’t administer drugs to him or we need to find a trigger for it.

I’ve wracked my brain trying to figure this out since day 1. Still no luck.

Maybe it requires waiting a long time. Or its a reused asset from Miami