Future Hitman III unlocks wishlist

Feeling a little disappointed H3 levels Mastery didn’t have a lot of innovative unlocks? This thread is for you!

We still have escalations, challenge packs and DLC missions with unlockable item rewards coming. It’s not too late to wish for something you wanted in the game, possibly, since 2016.

Be realistic, though. Wish only for unlocks that can exist in the current game mechanics :stuck_out_tongue:
For example, items from the levels that are not unlockable at the moment, like fan-requested Nitroglycerin/Kronstadt octane booster or Screwdriver. Or, maybe, some Emetic Phone or ICA Proximity Flash Micro Device… Whatever you can come up with! Maybe IOI will take notes from your ideas :face_with_monocle:


The other hackl rifle for sure, and dual ballers and yes, i don’t care that them don’t want to put them but we want them.

Everything on this list:


Well… I want the electrocution phone back, but that’s not gonna happen. Other than that, I’m pretty happy overall, but I’d really love an ICA screwdriver. Maybe some of the other notable “one-offs” from each level too, like the nitroglycerine you mentioned. Also, I totally agree with bringing back all of the “lost”, removed, and import-exclusive items. I imported and had most of the import-exclusive items, so I’m not fussed personally, but I feel terrible that I would have access to anything that is impossible for many others to have.

EDIT: I’m fine with things like the Deluxe Edition items, because anyone can purchase that upgrade if they want, and I’m fine with the pre-order stuff so long as that pack is eventually sold to anyone who didn’t pre-order, but having items that are locked exclusively to people who played the previous game, with no way to unlock them for new players, is a no go for me.

EDIT: Oh, and variants of all of the “enemy weapons” would be cool too.


My little idea - a gun, disguised as an umbrella or a cane. (We have both in the game already). Can be carried without suspicion. Might sound OP but I nerfed it to hell too, watch it.

Not concealable. Cannot be stashed in the briefcase - you only take it out once and that’s all. Has only one or two rounds, without a chance to replenish ammo from any other gun. You can carry it in any suit without suspicion, but aiming with it immediately compromises you - basically, that’s how any gun works with any guard disguise. Not silenced.

Not so OP now, huh? Maybe I’m too harsh and some of those nerfs can be… nerfed. Maybe, give it the capabilities of a melee weapon, or the ability to throw it. Anyway, this is pretty much about balancing it out, but the main idea is the “legal-to-carry-around” gun that I’m sure can be implemented in the current game.


I kind of water a water bottle that you can pour on the ground.

Years ago I wanted this for electricity kills but now I can imagine it working like the wet floors (when you take the signs) from New York and H3.


Hackl 9S Covert
Fusil G1-4
Fusil G2

A remote sedative gas device (like the emetic one from Haven mastery). It will allow to KO NPC located in a middle of a crowd to obtain an object or something else and you can’t use a sedative syringe or Kalmer gun.


I want a KO granade, nothing that explodes like the concussion ones. Something like the clorophoan flask on Hwakes Bay, that KOs people nearby. We already have the emetic granade. Would be awesome for sure.

Definitely a unique gun. We basically have, handgun wise, the blackballer-base, silverballer base, the ICA 19, bertoli, krugermeyer, and hackl throughout the entire game, while all of them are from season 1. Even striker and matador are just versions of it. I really, really want to see a totally new handgun. Doesnt have to be a revolver, but just give it to me! :smiley:


A few more unlockables from the main missions would be nice. It would be cool to have a player functional version of the motion detectors the ICA uses in Berlin.

I’m growing fond of the Sieger assault rifle, I would definitely like to unlock that.

Bananas would be great to take back to older locations, but they might be too powerful an unlock.

Some more fire starting gadgets would be great. I think right now the only tool to light a fire, aside from a gun, is the “big one” firecracker. Something more low-key like a lighter would be nice. Maybe even a remotely triggered thermite charge.


Mini taser will do this just fine


For oil pools? I’ll have to give that a try, I don’t remember it working that way.

We already have Shaman Powder :slight_smile: Unfortunately, the difference is it can not be placed, only thrown.

In fact the situation is similar to the Nitroglycerin: Explosive Golf Ball / Baseball basically work the same, but they cannot be placed on the ground.

Agreed :slight_smile: Fire kills currently are the rarest

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Either a sedative or emetic trip dart.

Works like the trip mine but is silent & the npc that triggers it becomes unconscious or sick giving the impression they’ve been hit by a poison dart.

Electrocution rfid chip

Works the same as the other rfid stuff but electrocution.

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You could even use the electric phone in H2, the fire kill counts before the electric kill! Looked amazing, would have loved to see it with H3 anims.


Probably not realistic, but I’d love a suit that gives extra health/armor, to accommodate players who want to play more action-oriented from time to time.

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Not that unrealistic, we already have a disguise in-game that makes 47 more durable to damage (Knight Armour in Sgail). Plus from a balance point of view it shouldn’t matter because if you’re getting shot you’re not getting SA anyways :man_shrugging:


In Hitman 2, I remembered the powder to explode, alerting nearby guards.

Just checked, yes, it does a loud explosion, like the concussion granade/duck.

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Banana would be fun. I know H3 has a more serious tone but sometime I just want to smile.