Future Hitman III unlocks wishlist

This is my new favourite idea maybe something like this


Or they could make the red and green plumber outfits from sapienza unlocks :wrench:
image another dumb idea is versions of the 7DS suits with animal masks so a frog for greed peacock for pride etc mainly thought of this because it would give people motivation to play 7DS again or maybe just add them as challenge unlocks for already existing 7DS challenges


I still miss some kind of new tactical/military outfit. And I think the best, we can get is High Tech Suit from Hitman: Absolution

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A variation of the lucky ducky suit with a cap
Maybe recolour the hoodie to be red and the duck black


I just found these from hitman sniper and now I want them


In addition to what I have commented before from my wishlist for Hitman 3/World of Assassination, some more content for Ambrose Island would be nice additions to the game.

Such as:

  1. Achievements/trophies for Ambrose Island (even if the only achievement added is reaching Mastery Level 20 and MAYBE one additional achievement for finding and opening the shortcut)

  2. In-game challenge(s) (maybe with an unlock) for Ambrose Island

  3. An Elusive Target (and by extension, adding it to Elusive Target Arcade) for Ambrose Island

  4. An Escalation for Ambrose Island


They should probably relock all the shortcuts and add special keys needed to unlock said shortcuts. Oh and these keys should be hidden in a 100% random location to negate walkthrough videos.

@Patrick_McColloch having ideas on playing Hitman:



To be fair this most recent one was not a bad idea. Something randomized just to spice things up a bit.

I want some revolvers. Or some antique weapons liks muskets or hand cannons. I think those would be good unlockables for a museum map. I would also like a gun that resembles a 1911 (If that isnt already in the game). I don’t even care that much about new weapons, I just need weapon customization and dual weilding

  • Remote sedative rubber duck
    When activated, releases a small sedative cloud that knocks out the person holding it with basucally no risk of catching bystanders. Could also do a quack that lures nearby NPCs when it pops so kalmer/banana/gum is still better if you want the NPC to stay down for an extended period.
    Ideally comes with a reskin since often targets have 2 personal bodyguards and I’d like to drop them one after another.
  • Micro remote breaching charge
    Combines small radius of the breaching charge with undetectability of the micro explosives. I mostly want this one for ability to put those on a chandelier winch and have the option to drop it remotely without worrying about the explosive being seen or some random NPC getting caught in the blast radius. It could have less capabilities than regular breaching charge, be illegal to place (unlike other micro devices) or be a different tool completely as long as it can be used to safely rig winches for remote breaking.
  • Antique sedative syringe
    Looks neat, is already present in the game files and already has an unlockable reskin. Pretty much the easiest unlocks from this list to add. Pen syringe would also be neat, but I’m assuming it doesn’t have a proper model ready for use.

vss vintorez

hear me out

traditions of the trade underwear fit


I know Black Winter Suit and Aluminum Briefcase is a Hitman 2 Carryover thing
But cmon IO. Make them as challenges unlocks. Its been 4 years. No point keeping them away.


Serial killer suit ailto Fitzpatrick bank coin and non lethal shot gun

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I know we have a red suit, through the Trinity Pack and another through 7 Deadly Sins.
But I would love a classic burgundy suit with a black shirt and his signature tie with a tie clip! :pray:

A black suit with pink shirt would be killer as well.


Either that, or a pink tie. Or maybe combine my and your suggestions and have something like a black suit with a light pink shirt and a bright pink tie.

I was originally going to post this in the Challenge Ideas thread, but I believe these two suggestions fit better here.

Sniper Assassin Suit (very similar to the Absolution suit, just without the tie clip)

(A picture from the Hitman Wiki)


(A better quality picture from the interface in game website)

Unlock requirement: Reach Mastery Level 20 on The Last Yardbird - Himmelstein.

Druzhina 34 ICA Sniper Rifle

Unlock Requirement: Reach Mastery Level 20 on The Pen and the Sword - Hantu Port.

Um. I would really like the torch as an unlock in the main game. The lighting tech is cool. I want to be able to bring the torch with me into Paris, into the Sapienza sewers, into Chongqing and Hawke’s Bay and Sgail and A House Built On Sand…


It’s bit of a niche idea - but I always wanted a noose fibre wire thing to trap/strangle from above. There is a scene in Leon The Professional that uses this method, and if memory serves me right, there was this exact tool in the old Tenchu games (can’t recall the name of the tool though)

I guess we had something similar in Blood Money, specifically the House of Cards mission with the elevator stealth kill from above. So perhaps not a new tool needed, but just fibre wire from above?