Future Hitman III unlocks wishlist

Seeing as we now have an item that causes combustion on impact with the Molotov cocktail, I’ve thought of another fun way we could maybe use this mechanic for an item

The remote activated Pyrotechnics case

I would first of all suggest that this item works like and replaces the briefcase as it would be a rather large item you would need to carry around like a briefcase, and as a briefcase it would also have the movement restrictions that comes with it (ie you’ll drop it if you try to climb up walls with it, and it will be inspected during frisks). To balance it a bit, perhaps make this item legal to carry around but illegal if detected in a frisk (unless you happen to be wearing a technician’s outfit). I suppose you could also make it a small item carried in your pocket like most of the explosives, depends on how you want to balance the item. You would only be able to activate this item by manually placing it down gently and it can not be thrown, and once placed you get a detonator to manually trigger it at your leisure.

This is an item that not only would have a very unique usage and encouraging of a slightly different way to set up a kill, but would also add some much welcome stage magic to it.


I love this idea. I’d use this thing for so. many. photos. :joy:


ICA Remote Nanomachine Syringe

  • Illegal item, not detected in a frisk, illegal action if seen injecting.
  • After injecting, activate with remote detonator.
  • Untraceable Electrocution kill.
    The big problem with the ICA Electric Phone was that it was too easy to get a silent assassin kill with. Just legally placing a suspicious item that NPC’s pick up presents practically no risk, and it is therefore much more suited to non SA explosive kills. This item has the same amount of risk and reward as the Lethal Syringe, only with the situational benefit of the remote trigger and also a different kill type (because it’s a believable thing nanomachines could do and because it’s fun).

SHC Trigger Compound Syringe

  • This is a two item setup like the RFID Trigger Explosive
  • Syringe is illegal item, not detected in a frisk, illegal action if seen injecting.
  • After injecting, gain chemical trigger item “Coated Cigarette Pack” (RFID coin)
  • Upon contact the target will be set on fire for an Untraceable immolation kill

What if somewhere in the world, some brilliant scientist of questionable morals actually came up with the exact chemical mix needed to make the human body create a fiery reaction within itself, and he sold his work to the highest bidder? Turns out that not only are Spontaneous Human Combustion not spontaneous at all but a very deliberate assassination, and the cigarettes commonly thought to be the cause were indeed so but not because of their addictive qualities.

The SHC Trigger Compound Syringe is a syringe of the uniquely concoct mix found to be the catalysing component in infamous cases of Spontanious Human Combustion, all but one specific chemical. On its own the compound is harmless and nearly untraceable inside the human body, but when in contact with the triggering chemical the reaction is quite volatile. This triggering chemical has been coated on an otherwise harmless diversion, a pack of cigarettes.

I think the RFID explosive item is a very cool item in theory, but people very seldom use it because it’s just a more situational version of the proximity or remote triggered explosive and does not award SA. I think a RFID triggered item that awards you with SA would be a much more rewarding for your effort. Originally I imagined this as a variation of the Nanomachine syringe, with an electric kill and a RFID coin.

However I thought “What if it was an immolation kill instead of electrocution”, and two things suddenly came to mind.
The famous case of Gloria Ramirez
The woman whose blood became a toxic gas after a complex chemical reaction occurred within her body from a small unlikely event triggering it.
Spontaneous Human Combustion
People in real life who have famously caught on fire from the inside without apparent cause.


I also want a Plunger

You could make it a joke item that only knocks out enemies but doesn’t pacify them. Like the cupcakes, except it doesn’t break. You could probably give it the pipe attack animation.

Would be a hilarious unlock to use alongside the Banana and Clown suit.


These are the things I want for year 3. At this point, I think it’s safe to assume that there won’t be any more major expansions (besides freelancer updates of course). Considering all this stuff is already in the game’s files, making them unlocks for year 3 probably wouldn’t be difficult at all. And it would make a lot of people that have been asking for this stuff, including myself, pretty satisfied.

  • Druzhina 34 ICA (currently available on level 3 of the Berlin egg hunt so would be nice to finally have it as an unlock)
  • Allow us to unlock all weapons and gear that’s currently exclusive to freelancer in the base game (Assassin’s HWK21, antique sedative syringe, impact explosive, oil & water canisters, Eiffel Tower knife, etc.)
  • Allow us to unlock all location specific suits (Italian suit without gloves, Tactical gear without hat, etc.), this would also include suits that are completely exclusive to certain locations (Tropical islander from Haven, Skydiving suit from Dubai, and Subject 47 from Romania). Doing this would also allow us to use these suits for freelancer
  • Himmelstein/Hantu Port suit (basically 47’s signature suit with driving gloves, it’s also the same suit that 47 wears in all the key art for Hitman 2)

Edit: I guess items/suits hidden in the game files can’t be mentioned outside of the leaks category


I have decided on a reduced, updated list of things I REALLY want as unlocks for the main game of Hitman 3/World of Assassination.

Before, I had a bunch of unlocks I wanted, now I reduced it to just 8 unlocks.

Some of these (especially the Suits), I would LOVE to also have in Freelancer in the Wardrobe after unlocking them in the main game.

  1. Bronson M1928 SMG (with at least a 50 Round Drum Magazine, preferably 100 Rounds if you want the gun to be as accurate to real life as possible)

  1. Antique Sedative Syringe

  2. Fusil X2000 Stealth Assault Rifle

  3. Black Ninja Suit

  1. Swimwear Suit


  1. Druzhina 34 ICA Sniper Rifle (The Sniper Rifle from the Single Player Sniper Assassin map Hantu Port, and I believe it was also in Berlin - it’s just not an unlock for the main game)

  1. Contracts Suit (from the Beldingford Manor loading screen in Hitman Contracts - it is the same as the Blood Money suit, but instead, the tie has black and gold stripes)

  1. Sniper Assassin Suit (from Himmelstein and Hantu Port in the Sniper Assassin game mode - it’s the same as the Absolution Suit, just without the tie clip)

Some other miscellaneous fixes/changes I want to make the game better:

Make the ENTIRE game playable offline: the main game, Elusive Target Arcade, Sniper Assassin, Escalations, and even Freelancer. You are completely unable to even start the game at all without at least starting the game with an internet connection (at least on the Xbox platforms, not sure about the others).

Make the Trinity Pack purchasable for everyone. I own the Trinity Pack, and think everyone should be able to have access to it.

Get rid of the forced suit requirement for the Paris Auction starting location.

Bring The Susumu Obsession Escalation from Hitman (2016) back into Hitman 3/World of Assassination.

Reduce the XP required for Mastery Level 20 in the Sniper Assassin game mode maps.

In addition to reducing the Mastery XP required in Sniper Assassin, add some unlocks for the main game to justify putting in the work for getting Master levels in Himmelstein and Hantu Port (like Siberia did with the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic Sniper Rifle).

Some major updates I would want, but know the odds of getting them are either near zero, or absolute zero:

A brand new Snow Map added to both the main game and Freelancer. I would prefer it to be at least a somewhat large map.

A new Bonus Mission for Berlin. If the new, large snow map is out of the question, I would like the Berlin Bonus Mission to be the snow map.

At least ONE new Elusive Target for Ambrose Island, the new Snow Map, the Berlin Bonus Mission, and possibly Miami (as there is currently no Elusive Target in Miami that is playable). The main reason I want these Elusive Targets is to be able to expand the Elusive Target Arcade at least one more time before the live service ends (and possibly get some unlocks tied to them).

One last new Sniper Assassin game mode map set in Khandanyang so we can finally take down the Po regime (one of the only few remaining “loose ends” in the entire Series).


I made a few spelling and grammar mistakes in the post, so I corrected those mistakes. I also added two pictures to the post, the Black Ninja Suit, and the Druzhina 34 ICA Sniper Rifle.


Yup, the Berlin Egg hunt Escalation


These aren’t entirely necessary, but it kinda bugs how these variants of existing suits aren’t unlocks yet. I didn’t include these in my previous comment because they’re more “pet peeves” of mine rather than things I think really need to be added to the game.

Here’s the three suits:

  1. Italian Suit with Gloves (no sunglasses)

  2. Florida Fit with Gloves (no sunglasses)

  3. Tactical Turtleneck with Gloves

The Italian Suit with Gloves especially bugs me because we have two night time variations of Sapienza (The Author and The Icon), and sunglasses make no sense at night time.


Screw it, I want a “Cap-tivating Suit”, that gives you one of many different random baseball caps every time you load into a level, in honor of the great cap man at IOI :wink:


With a custom Clemens Baseball bat from the Wrath roadmap trailer


The torture room in the Delgado mansion basement should definitely be added as a main mission starting point just like in the escalation mission “The Delgado Larceny”. The description could be 47 being taken prisoner by Rico Delgado.


Agreed. But if you get caught, can you still get silent assassin?

Well considering you can still get Silent Assassin in “The Delgado Larceny” provided you aren’t “caught again” I think so. Of course very tricky if you’re going for SASO.


I’d love to see the Black Winter Suit available as a challenge unlock. This suit isn’t currently available in the game to those of us who are newer players and we’d love to be able to access it! I believe there are also some coins that are set up in the same way to where they’re unavailable to new players. It would be nice to increase the accessibility of those too!


https://youtube.com/RewardsHunter (40K+ subscribers!!) :grinning::medal_sports:


Those coins are permanently locked away, per IOI. Travis, at least, has stated on this forum that the coins are never going to be made available again.

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So, I have gotten into Freelancer recently.

I have come to a conclusion that this type of game mode can benefit from “inferior” versions of items and weapons, and it already does with the items such as Rusty crowbar. They could come at smaller prices or appear more frequently in the lootboxes than their superior counterparts as a trade-off.

For example - let there be a Single-shot silenced handgun that is good enough for sneaky headshots, shooting cameras, gas canisters, propane flasks, car batteries etc, but not so much for combat. A nice niche gun that could be cheaper or take less gear slots than conventional silenced handguns like Ballers.

A pic of B&T VP9 as a possible reference and/or inspiration for this type of weapon.


Or the Welrod, which is used commonly in Sniper Elite and the forerunner of the VP9/Station Six.


If they do add all the streak suits to all platforms I hope they make a cyan / red one for the switch this is a very bad made in like 2 minutes mock-up of what I would like it to look like

As a special unlock, if you get all of the platform specific suits, they should enable a rainbow version that includes all of them.