Fuzk's featured contract batch

well,had to say this one is most ez featured contract batch


I appreciate the tutorial on how to eliminate someone with a banana as well as showing the Maelstrom’s different routes depending on the player’s starting location.
But this batch sure has a bunch of really quick, 30 second-ish, contracts. What’s up with that?


Well, the theme of the contracts is “Fuzk’s Fastest”, so I think the objective is to speedrun them since they can be quick


Each curator picks contracts that fit their type the most, I picked route contracts because I prefer routing contracts and I know they fit every player style of play, Fuzk prefers “grind for the sec less” contracts so he picked those.

But yeah, run and gun down 1 target contracts are too easy and it’s obvious these don’t appeal to the general community, most players play once and move on so it’s pretty much a skip for most of the community.


I finished all of them but I didn’t really enjoy them. Most people around here know I don’t like cheesy contracts and these just aren’t my style. I’m sure they’re quite good for those that do play like that, but not for me. I got 1 or 2 stars on most of them and that’s fine.


I get what you are saying and if Fuzk likes this type of contracts that’s fine.

I mainly wanted to say, that those contracts are not for me. Take the Santa Fortuna one for example. You start at the bus stop, shoot everybody in sight and then leave via the bus stop. I managed to do that within 15 seconds in a few tries. Of course I could grind the hell out of it to get down to 10 seconds like the current record on Steam, but I don’t see the appeal. I much rather prefer longer contracts (~ 2 minutes) where you need to think about elimination methods, disguises and routing.


I enjoyed this batch because of this tbh.

It doesn’t always have to be a stupidly large complex puzzle to be fun. It can be something that is quite simple but the fun comes from going back and trying to constantly “one up” people on the leaderboards. Which is the case here.


But you freely could have done this contract in 15 minutes.
Of course if there is no time limit set.
I haven’t played them myself yet, so I don’t know.
But if I see a contact like this, I won’t do open shooting in the face in front of everybody unless it’s a really stupid contract which is set to be done in 10 secs or you fail straight away.
I would have spent good 5 minutes to isolate targets and kill/hide them quietly unless it requires a specific loud kill


Of course I could set additional complications for myself that are not in the contract and spend more time on it. But honestly, if I can easily get SA within 15 seconds, I’m not going to isolate targets and hide their bodies.


Finished all 10 within 30 minutes.
Bit disappointed because we’ve had nearly no content since Christmas, and the first batch of Featured Contracts can be done in less than half-an-hour.
Also with there being no content again from the 29th March til 25th April it would have been better to have a more complicated batch first that could have seen us through a bit longer and then have this batch at the end of the roadmap leading into the next one.
No problem having an easy batch, just the placement of it that’s the problem.

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For anyone that didn’t played this batch yet and fails to understand how bad is the oversimplicity issue we discuss here, I’d like you to read this:

I usually take about 2 good days of my weekend to SA complete a batch, it’s a long process, game isn’t forgiving with saves in contracts mode so it does take a lot of time.
I had about 3 free hours inbetween the 2 jobs I worked today, and inbetween getting other stuff done I managed to SA the entire batch easily, the simplicity issue is heavily present here.

There is nothing bad with contracts that can be completed that fast, I had 2 contracts in my own batch that had a 15sec top time (Preventative Measures & A Big Bang Bethink) but these 2 took alot more effort to speed up to those time, unlike the contracts in this batch which 15secs is the easiest thing ever.

Aside from the HH contract by K Kaneta which was a little more complicated but except that this batch was probably the worst Player Curated Batch of H3 and that sucks.

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I don’t know I personally prefer shorter contracts than a 5 target contract that I spend 20+ minutes on figuring out the objectives only for me to lose Silent Assassin for one reason or another so I say “screw it” and go guns/ducks blazing for the remainder.

I’d also take a one-target contract in Dubai that teaches about banana kills over a fucking 15-target one in Berlin any day of the week.

For like a year I’ve had two different ideas for my own Featured Contracts batch, but seeing people’s reaction to this batch makes me want to choose the second idea over the first (if I would ever be chosen to have one, please IO!)


I got 2 things to say about it:

  1. When you search about food kills in Hitman google is actually giving the answer from the forums so that’s cool.
  2. “Stop Talking, Focus on The Job” was a great contract, quite long, but really fun, having 15 targets forces you to heavily consider your route.

I’d say go for the first idea.

This batch stands out because its goes against a rather long trend of FCs that are either stupidly long or overly complicated. All the other recent ones blur together because they were all generally the same thing, making those other batches extremely forgettable because it was just more of the same.

There’s nothing wrong with going against the grain and deciding to do something that is going to appeal to a different group of players instead of appeasing the same group consistently.

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Those alongside with objects kills are the worst contracts ever created.
Not everyone knows and can figure out, not even speaking about performing those kills.
I hope such contracts won’t have their way into Featured.
They could be fun, but exclusively in the case if you know how and can perform the kill. Otherwise they just annoying.
But man, even knowing how, I just can’t kill anyone with a throwable coin.
And I think I’m not the only one.
Those contracts suck.
Most of food kill contracts suck as well


I’m not a fan of food kills either, but at least the directions were there in the briefing which was handy. Normally these contracts do make you search online for the answer. It’s also up to the player to choose to follow that or deviate… and funnily enough, when I did try to dump the guard over the railing to eliminate him, another guard kept seeing me through the very edge of his peripheral (!!?) so the safer/easier option turned out to be death by banana.

These contracts are simple but fun. Another way to look at it is that they can also be useful towards unlocking the “complete X number of featured contracts in X locations” achievements. And in that regard, it’s more entertaining to play than that trending contract in 2016 where you would shoot the guard in the Final Test then run to press the button to get more XP.

*I drew the pictures for these featured contracts, so I might be biased. Still, it doesn’t seem fair to say that these are like the worst contracts ever - which seems to be the theme of this thread, unfortunately


I didn’t said that these were the worst fcs ever, I said that this was the Worst Player Curated Batch of Hitman 3, at least it’s not sufferable, but still too simple for my taste, way too simple for my taste, I mean kill the Mealstrom? Broooo, sorry I pass.

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I watched munga play the batch last night (most of it at least) and I it does contain a few gems:

  • I really like this batch brings the yacht level with loadout to every platform.
  • The Holiday Hoarders contract is nice, not too simple and routing is seemed fun
  • The Dubai Helipad contract is indeed fun if you are willing to try to do it fast, I can only encourage that

However it is true some of them only are fun for speedrunners shaving for seconds and not anyone else because there is no way to fail SA for a bunch of them:

  • The China one with 5 block guard targets
  • The Dubai one with 47s to the exit (that in no scenario makes you sweat if you know where the stairs are)
  • The Mendoza cave contract
  • The Santa Fortuna bus stop contract

I think they would have value for other players too with occasional “No Bodies Found” complications in them. Speedrunners might have to do some distraction shots extra then, but other users have an obstacle to play with.


Wait wat

Looool I just looked it up, he featured my remade contract

Respecc :sunglasses:


I thought it was okay. I’ve definitely played worse.

@Urben pretty much said my exact thoughts about this batch.