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This is really sweet to read


This IP is dead.


RE4 Remake has been getting numerous 10/10s and high praise from review outlets and independents.

Apparently it manages to recreate the original’s iconic scenes, action, and cheesy dialogue, while adding in modern controls and a refined version of the story, to make it the best version of the title, according to many.




The original is a piece of shit that ruined one of my favorite series for years.

I’ll buy and play it still tho


local old man was angry at change. but still wants to play the remake, which i respect


If only they had an AI that could make good decisions.


To be honest an AI that generates thousands of “omph” “huh” “oh?” sounds, maybe with subtitles, is a big money and time saver. I think generating assets like that or textures is a big win for game dev.

But I know this is mainly about scripts.

Sony Santa Monica writer Alanah Pearce wrote: “As a writer, having to edit AI-generated scripts/dialogue sounds far more time consuming than just writing my own temp lines. I would far prefer AAA studios use whatever budget it costs to make tools like this to instead hire more writers.”

What kinds of scripts are meant here? Why are they hard to edit? Is this based on experience on a certain AI that might be different?

I wish the criticism of others went more into detail than posting reaction images/one liners. I surely must miss something here.


What if it’s not just grunts and such, but actual phrases? I doubt someone developed an AI just for “omph” “huh” “oh?”'s.

While these sounds and phrases are central to immersing players in its game worlds

How long will it take before Ubi decides they don’t need some of the scriptwriters and voice actors for generic NPCs?

It’s all about Ubi’s pockets, not to make the developer’s life easier


I guess this is more a philosophical querstion if it is wrong to use a good-enough AI instead of humans. I wont dive into that here, also because I have not very high sympathy for Ubisoft.

What I want to point out, with such a tech being not behind locked doors, Ubisoft surely has more competition as smaller devs can create more immersive games with AI assets. In that case they’d need to invest saved money into other aspects where the human touch is even more important.

I don’t expect Ubisoft’s AI to be accessible for the outside though.


I was actually wondering about that. Can an indie dev sell a game that most of it’s writing / voice acting / art etc. is done by an AI? :thinking:

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Sure. Did Notch make the worlds in Minecraft you explore?

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Well that’s procedural generation and there are plenty of games that use that since it has been use since the early days of video games such as Daggerfall and Spore. I meant AI like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, voice AI etc.

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I know you did not mean that, but you should not see these as completely different things when the question is “How high has the invested work to be compared to the scale of the game to be considered human creation?”.

Let’s say I am good at making maps and models and want to make a racing game, but am too poor for voice actors or to rent luxury cars to record engine sounds? If I make that game and generate the audio aspect with AI, should it be wrong that I can compete with professional racing games?

If you had said “compete with small / indie racing games that were developed by similar small teams with small budget” then it would have been understandable but competing with a developer that goes far and beyond to spend millions of dollars on everything that involves recording those sounds and then expecting same sales / revenue from sales as that game is wishful thinking.

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So you draw your line that AI should not be too good or else it is wrong to use it?

I said that if you use AI in a game, a racing game, don’t expect it to surpass or even come close to a racing game made by a developer that had the necessary funds to make everything without the help of an AI.

It doesn’t have to be small developers either. If one of these big developers like Ubi decides to make a game entirely with the help of an AI and another company decides to make a similar game but with no AI involved, most people will go with the game that was made with no AI since they believe the developer put more work in it and didn’t cheap out.

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Initially you asked this:

This implied it is hypothetically possible to do that.

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