Games that should be Remastered or Remade

Hello everybody. I wanted to start a discussion on what games members of the forum here think should be remastered or remade and also a reason behind it. I know remasters and remakes aren’t everybody’s cup of tea but I’m willing to bet everybody has at least 1 game they hold close to their heart that would be cool to see with a new coat of paint.

Remakes Games remade from the ground up and not just upscaled or upsized textures

Remasters Games with better resolutions and textures and/or modified to run better on new hardware

I’ll start off with a few games I’ve been thinking about for a while.

A remake of the first 3 Pac Man World games similar to the Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Crash N Sane Trilogy.
Reason: Pure Nostalgia

A remake of Croc 1 & 2
Reason : Nostalgia

A remake of Gex 1,2 & 3
Reason: Turn Gex 1 into a 3D platformer like the 2nd and 3rd entry.

A remake of Codename 47
Reason: Very outdated while still being fantastic it has no console port and is not a good performer on new PCs. Also Glacier 2 ftw.

A remake of MGS
Reason: Very Outdated. No facial animations exist In the original and twin snakes is not balanced with all the features from Mgs2 it is too easy. Also Fox Engine is gorgeous.

A remake of the Jak and Daxter games. Preferably 1, 2 and 3.
Reason: My favorite game series in existence and a Crash and Spyro style remake will probably up the chances of it getting the proper sequel it deserves.

A Remaster of GTA IV
Reason: online mode is dead, therefore the trophies are so hard to get. And the graphics suck royally.


You’re going to make an enemy with that statement. @MrOchoa

For me, as a Sonic fan, my thing would be a massive Sonic compilation. Lot of Sonic titles have never been ported from their original release and are still only available on their original hardware. Knuckles Chaotix has never been ported from the Sega Mega Drive 32X, and those cost hundreds of dollars. 2D Sonic was basically handheld exclusive titles for the 2000s such as Sonic Pocket Adventure, the Advance trilogy, Rush duology, Colours DS, Generations 3DS, Lost World 3DS, both Boom 3DS games. Capcom has been making these high quality Mega Man compilations and I’d love to see something like that happen to Sonic’s back catalog. But for some reason Sega has no interest in it, aside from constantly making new ports of the original trilogy of Mega Drive games.


I’ve lurked here a while I believe Ochoa actually isn’t far away from that sentiment. The game is fantastic fun and very playable but last time I tried to play on my more modern PC it was running to fast and the words were too small to read. Also it is outdated and I thought he wanted a remake as well.

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Simpsons Hit n Run
Metal Gear Solid


I dont think its outdated and I don’t think that a Remake is needed. I think a HD Remaster and a Console Port, some Bugfixes and maybe a Safe System for the Casuals would be great.
If they want to do a full remake I’d be happy if they include the original as a Pre Order Bonus or as a unlockable Reward.

I just fear that some of its magic could be lost by changing too much. The only Remake i can think of that really improved on the original is Resident Evil 1 for the Gamecube/ newer Systems.

Jade Empire
Kotor 1 and 2.
Jade empire and kotor 1 could do with a remaster, kotor 2 would need a remake to put the original ending and extra planets that were cut due to time back in.

I used to joke that all these dark souls loving gamers should get a remaster of ghost and ghouls to show them what a real hard game is, but that appears to be happening next year.

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Freedom Fighters
Star Wars Jedi Outkast
Driver 1-2 from PS1
Vice City


Definitely remaster of MIrrors Edge and Mirrors Edge Catalyst with modern tech like Raytracing. Reason: Next to Hitman my favorite franchise, and that would look incredible with modern tech. Just look at the RT shader mods.


Codename 47 of course.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines should be remastered, together with Men of Courage.

Dino Crisis would be neat too and I’d love to see a Remake or Sequel to Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and of course Jedi Academy.


How about all GTA games starting from the cult GTA 3?


I’d rather play GTA2 in HD instead of all other GTA Games to be honest.


Already is

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Thats Commandos 2, i was talking about the Add on/Mission Pack to the first game. I haven’t played Commandos 2 since its original release and i remember that i didn’t liked it as much as the first.
Maybe I’ll give it a shot any time soon.

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To Remaster:
Gensou Suikoden & Gensou Suikoden 2 & Gensou Suikogaiden vol. 1 & Gensou Suikogaiden vol. 2

A JRPG Series with great story, different gameplay mechanics, Minigames and more. The Suikogaiden games are graphical novels which gives another look to the lore (World building, character stories). It also supports the latest save game from the former Game (Suikoden - Suikoden 2 - Suikogaiden vol. 1 - Suikogaiden vol. 2 - Suikoden 3)

Reason: They need to be polished, the graphics could get a small upgrade (better textures), Bugfixes (specially Suikoden 2 crashs a lot), translation’s and maybe the implementation of the never finished things like the end dungeon and a new game+.

To Remake:
Suikoden 3, the story of the previous game come to an end and if you use a save game you will even to be able to see extra scenes and small changes.

Reason: The graphics are a little bit better as a very good looking Nintendo 64 game. Suikoden 3 was one of these very early 3D-Games on Playstation 2. The Removal of an Overworld Map, the more linear world sections wasn’t that great. The battle and war systems should also need a rework specially the battle system… 2 characters to do one action was unique but it didn’t played well at all. The other thing was the compatibility issue for Europe Suikoden Player’s, because there save games didn’t work neither. The story was awesome so they don’t need to change it.

If they would put all games on one installment for 50-70€ it will sell very well specially since Suikoden 2 is mostly by many people one of the best rpg’s.


And I haven’t played the first, but I love this one.
I’ve been playing it hours and hours in a row days and days in a row back then


I hope gta 6 will be vice city again and we can play remake without remake


Hitman 2 Christmas Game
Hitman: Vegas
Hitman: Sniper

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Just had to fix your post a bit no biggy.


Remakes of Vice City and Freedom Fighters.
Also the somewhat niche Myst games, and super niche Eidos’s Project Eden (3d puzzler) and Anachronox (Cyberpunk RPG).
A remaster of Curse of Monkey Island would be nice as well. (Upscaling algorithms are quite impressive nowadays, but a lot of by-hand adjustments would need to be made. The game’s look is essentially classic Disney with hand painted backgrounds and hand drawn characters with thousands of cels :flushed:.The “flash animation” look of the DOTT or Full Throttle remasters won’t work for this one.)

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I’d love a remake of Dead Rising 1. Something that makes it look stunning, but cuts all the loadtimes and outdated shooting mechanics. While keeping the unique mechanics they cut in later entries.