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Definitely. They want to be the institution, they can pay their share.

It’s almost like he should be in jail or something…


I’m pretty sure he was… arguably an even worse situation.

Two weeks ago the European Parliament surprised everyone.
They voted for an unexpected support of the phase out of fossil fuel car, and rejected the text on changes proposed on the Carbon Tax.

Well a new vote was made, and the carbon tax reforms are now approved.

In much more sobering news :

The toll is growing, quickly. From a 200-300 estimate to 1000 in just a few hours. And it is expected to grow even more as rescue arrives, assessments are made, and information arrives.

This is already the deadliest earthquake in decades.


Make no mistake, Mo Brooks is an absolutely corrupt, lying piece of whatever is lower than shit. However, I take a small amount of pleasure from this announcement, and wish him a small amount of luck if he is actually being serious. It’s nice to see someone fully turn Trump’s whole schtick back onto him; he didn’t get the help he asked for and so he’s gonna go fire and brimstone on the offender. Let’s see what happens.

The US Supreme Court Goes Insane, Episode 2.

They’ve also added tomorrow as another day to issue rulings.


Roe v Wade ?

The court has a dozen other cases currently.
One of them is expected soon, according to the Hill, and is on Alabama new congressional map.

The high court is also anticipated to weigh in on Alabama’s newly drawn congressional map, which the plaintiffs in the case argue is discriminatory. Black voters make up 27 percent of the population in the state but are a majority in just one of the seven newly drawn districts.


That would be my guess.

Though part of me wonders if maybe they try to use the Jan 6 Committee hearing as a bit of cover and release it in a couple of hours.

I feel bad for Biden, if the Supreme Court continues going fucking insane they might make him actually do something to help save his country.

Also the Miranda rights thing is a Simpsons gag, straight from the “Miranda Rights Prompter” bit from the episode where Bart totals Wiggum’s cruiser joyriding.

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It’s now official.

Both Ukraine and Moldova are candidate to the European Union.


It’s official. The Supreme Court has overturned Roe.


This is an act of pure evil to be honest.


Purely unacceptable.

It will be fought, there might be an executive order for the present. I doubt that it will ever be consider normal.

And I hope so. Anti abortion flared up in the US after the defeat of the opposition to the civil rights. So if it ever becomes normal, then the whole machine currently in place might fully move on to the next goal. And it’s unfortunately a mighty political machine.

Which currently means doubling on anti-transgender sentiments. And the list of suffering will grow.


Clarence Thomas wrote in his concurring opinion that, under the same line of reasoning, the Court should also reconsider Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell.

Those are rulings that protect access to contraception, same sex relationships and same sex marriage.

This is only the beginning of the bullshit.


At this point, US women may as well take advantage of the gun laws - Arm themselves en masse, protect abortion clinics and their reproductive rights violently if necessary.

Pretty sure that’d get some form of gun control implemented almost immediately.


Speaking from a right and wrong perspective this is just absolutely terrible. From a legal perspective R v W was pretty shaky. The US Congress should have just passed a law that protected abortion rights a long time ago. Under both Clinton’s and Obama’s first term the democrats had the votes for it.

While this is currently very painful I hope it reinvigorates liberal voters to get to the poles.

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Prepare for war, because there’s gonna be one. Of what variety, I don’t know, but it’s gonna come.

Here’s where people are immediately losing access to legal, safe abortion. Many more states will certainly follow.


Michigan (the one that looks like a glove :gloves: next to Wisconsin) also has a law from 1931 that bans abortions. It is currently suspended by a judges order (this happened in May 2022) and I’m sure there will be legal challenges to that suspension.