Getting Out of Bounds

I am curious, has anyone been able to get out of bounds in the Hitman 3 maps? Does the muffin trick still work?

sprint and mash the drop down key/button at the middle of the small stone bridge in front of the mansion in dartmoor, and you can clip into the river. not the mention the very easy oob glitch in romania.

Has anyone got into the train station in Chongqing?

Muffin boost still works, train station is one of the only spots you can’t get into AFAIK.

I guess we can use this thread for cool OOB discoveries now, I wanted to make a thread on that. I’ll post an image of something cool I found under Chongqing later.

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Idk what happened here to me


Had the same thing happen to me a few times in my playthrough the other day (same bit of the train as well)


Could you expand on “the muffin boost/thing”?

There’s a railing in Dubai that sends you off the building. It’s right by the ladder up to the helipad and it’s all the way to the left against the building if you face the helipad ladder


Muffin boosting is a technique for getting over a short barrier or blasting through a roof.

  • You place a briefcase flat down in front of the barrier/under the roof.

  • You throw ideally at least two muffins on the briefcase, making sure they break.

  • You place down a breaching charge a little bit behind the briefcase.

  • You stand on the briefcase, and therefore the broken muffins, detonate the charge and done. You can move forward to get over a barrier or just hope you get blasted through the roof.

Muffins can be swapped out for other breakable items, like wine and bricks. The broken bits have collision, the briefcase is so you can easily stand on them, the charge is so the muffins get towards your destination, with you on them. You can use a normal explosive but place it far away. I could explain all this and even more techniques better but I’m not on PC right now.


Insert “But Why?”-gif

Whats the point of this?


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I did with a noclip mod if that counts lmao.

Do you have screenshots? :blush:

I died after detonating the concussion device.

Sadly I didn’t take any ;(

I posted this in another thread, and I think there can be more such places, where you’re able to perform out of bounds without muffin trick


You have to place it far away enough that you won’t die.

F*uck Yes! I finally managed to get down to Out of Bonds Areas in Chongqing.


Sorry for the cell phone pic but I got out of bounds in Whittleton Creek

The out of bounds house is inaccessible but you can glitch through the garage


Before the forum changeover I spent some time trying to do the muffin breaching charge trick to get to the overpass between villa Caruso and the art gallery. I never was able to do it. Now that I know about the muffin jump I’m trying that. Still no luck. Can anyone confirm the muffin jump will get you high enough for this wall?

Edit* oh and @Clemens_IOI, can you please just put a door there by the barrel? Lock it from the outside as if it’s keeping people out of villa Caruso, but then we can go to the coolest off limits place in the game (=