Ghost bullets bug in kill everyone contracts

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Dear people over at IO Interactive,

I’ve been playing Hitman 3 (now Hitman World Of Assassination) on PC for quite a while now.

I love everything and especially the new Freelancer mode.

My question is about the fanmade contracts section.

At the moment there is a popular contract “The Show Stopped” which takes place in Paris.

You have to kill a lot of people and somehow the game has trouble to maintain the level of targets.

These so called “kill everyone” contracts makes the game crashing or when you shoot someone nothing happens. This is quite annoying because every once and a while i like to go loose on contracts like that.

I hope you guys can fix the so called ghost bullet bugs in these contracts or make improvement so that the game doesn’t crash when a lot of targets are moving around because now i can’t complete them. Somehow the game can’t register a lot of targets so when you shoot them the bullets don’t hit the target. After that the game freezes and ultimately crashes. I really hope that you can sort this out in the next patches or fixes update.

Besides of that all the other modes in Hitman work fine.


David Roest

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The interesting part is the Hitman 2 doesn’t have these sort of problems

I haven’t played those kill everyone contracts because I’m kinda afraid about the crashes, so I’m not speaking from experience but AFAIK there’s a way to get around the ghost bullets bug. Kill the first few targets with melee or accidents, and once the number of targets has been reduced (dunno by how many, I’d say a third or something) you can start shooting them normally without bullets going throught them.

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Some of these contracts have instafail for killing non-targets and ghost bullets do kill crowd NPCs. Obviously this was deliberate.