Ghost Mode Mod Release

Ghost Mode has made its long overdue return to HITMAN 3! You and a friend can now enjoy the former game mode via HITMAN 3 for Steam (both the demo and paid version) by using the linked mod below.

Rather than me copying and pasting the same installation instructions, known issues, etc, please just read that over on the Nexus page :slight_smile: . Feel free to leave any questions here however and I’ll try to answer them as promptly as I can.

Also, kudos to @AnthonyFuller for his assistance in converting the necessary data / entities for this to become reality.


Since Ghost Mode is not available directly from IOI, you will need to connect to a community / custom server by downloading the LocalGhost Patcher

whoa, and multiplayer is still intact?! At least unofficially.

This is surreal to see it re-implemented in Hitman 3. Nice work


nice one lads for your cool mods


Just for steam? :pensive:I bought H3 on EGS…

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It works on the Free Steam Demo


Wow, great work! I mean, personally I have no interest in Ghost Mode, but I am happy for all of you! Always love seeing such awesome mods


It’s Steam only (for now?) because EGS has an error when trying to connect via multiplayer or whatever, if this ever gets fixed then there will be GM for EGS and maybe Steam/EGS matchmaking


It works only with direct opponent, right?
I couldn’t play with random opponent?


Correct there is no matchmaking.


I’m not that into Ghost Mode and am busy modding so I won’t, but anyone really into playing it can leave their Steam name here to invite people to play against perhaps :thinking:

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MrMike is too shy to post it, but he’s released Ghost Mode: Hawke’s Bay

I’m keen to give it a shot… but after I’ve actually done some work today :flushed:


i miss this mode so much

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Not so much “shy”, but more-so I keep forgetting to post this type of stuff here :grinning:


you should try the season 1 maps

Just played it with Notex


  • Froze on loading bar first attempt
  • Still bad looking black figures instead of white Ghost Rivals. Plus no emotes available.
  • Some Target spawns are just in the middle of nowhere and you can just shoot them without any thought or planning (that’s IO’s fault for picking those spots lel)
  • Outfit manipulator didn’t work, + in the three sessions we played I never once saw the ghost proximity explosive (which is the best item), just flash and freeze.


  • Adds a few civilian NPCs to Hawke’s Bay (Although with outfit crates around they’re pretty pointless)
  • Cool daytime setting
  • Nice to play GM on new map; functioning targets and Ghost Crates etc. Although like classic Ghost Mode sometimes the crates are buggy.
  • Feels pretty much the same experience as what you get from vanilla Ghost Mode, just less focus on using Ghost Items to ruin your rival, since a lot of the target spawns are in the middle of nowhere and nothing you do could make a difference.

Would definitely play again

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So Ghost Mode Hawke’s Bay was found in the PS4 version? Interesting.

If you plug in a controller, then you can tap left d-pad to bring up the emotes menu. I believe the PC keybind has been completely removed, but the controller one is definitely still around.

I’ll need to see if those are even possible spawn options or not. However, I do want to point out that the proxy flash/freeze are items exclusive to HB, as they were never in Miami or SF :slight_smile:

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