Gloves on/off mode

A lot of gameplay throughout WoA is stripped of some of its enjoyment for me because it just does not feel right to have 47 take off his gloves while doing his stuff, and while some disguises come with gloves, and many ways of incapacitating NPCs to obtain their disguises have been introduced to maintain the illusion of accidents with no evidence left behind, not all disguises come with a gloved version. And yeah, it can be as simple as just changing into one without gloves and performing whatever kill you want while in the right disguise, but it still gnaws at me, so I still can’t enjoy it as much as I would like; an example of this would be killing the Washington twins in the scripted kills while disguised as Janus and Block, both of which are impossible to do in a gloved disguise.

Therefore, I would like to suggest the option to toggle on and off a gloved mode for the game. When on, any disguise you change into from a gloved starting disguise keeps the gloves you had on, even if it isn’t normally part of the disguise. Suspension of disbelief that’s already in effect for the series would allow NPCs in-universe to not be suspicious of it, thinking the person 47 is disguised as is just trying to warm his hands. So in the case of the Washington Twins example, the Janus corpse disguise and Jeremiah Block disguise would keep, say, the driving gloves from the tuxedo and mask with gloves disguise.

The only exceptions to this would be 1) when changing into a disguise that already comes with gloves that match the disguise, in which case the gloves change, which would probably be achieved by IO just programming the new gloves to overlap the default ones. In the case of fingerless gloves like in Colorado and Colombia, these ones would be in the category of completely replaced by the starting gloves. Exception 2) starting in a suit without gloves, including unlocked starting points where you are already in disguise, would not count; you must start in a gloved disguise for this to work.

With this, I’d be able to attempt any SA method in the game without sacrificing my gloves, and without having to ignore certain methods for the sake of keeping them. And for those who don’t like the idea of black gloves staying on when changing into a non-glove-wearing waiter, that’s why you can toggle it on and off in the options menu.

I know it’s probably way too much work for something so simple that not enough people care about, but you never know. Can you look into it, IO, please?


Yeah, nothing suspicious about a corpse suddenly reanimating and wearing gloves to keep their hands warm. Is normal.

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Well, when they’re alive, obviously. Janus would just have the gloves because they don’t want to leave his decaying body exposed. The rest of him is already covered and he’s got a mask so why not?

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No, I know, it’s just the wording cracked me up! :rofl:

Yes, chuckles a-plenty and all; what are your thoughts on the idea? Is it super ludicrous, or would it be viable if IO had the inclination to do such a thing?

Any argument that uses the premise “but that wouldn’t be realistic!” when it comes to this series makes no sense because Hitman is FULL of unrealistic shit.

Unless you think 47 doing the Harlem Shake over an unconscious/dead person and then magically wearing their clothing WHILE 47’s clothing is neatly tucked away into a little drawstring bag is “realistic”.

So I have no problem with your suggestion. It’s not something I personally want, would use or care about. But since it would be optional, then it wouldn’t matter.


I am a gloves-wearer. In my daily life, I will wear gloves just because I like them. When I ride my motorcycle, I wear gloves. I have found that there are a lot of activities where I have to take them off (so I wear finger-less gloves more often than not to avoid that issue). I wholeheartedly agree with your proposal.

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Maybe if/when we get suit customization. You can pick everything from gloves :gloves: , tie :necktie: , sunglasses :dark_sunglasses: , and a hat :billed_cap: .

Honestly, I had to laugh a bit at the idea… Are you saying to have them toggleable during the mission? Because I’ve suggested similar before.

For an idea like that to be worthwhile I think you’d need potential for some type of penalty. And that would open the door up to the old ‘Blood Money’ newspaper articles regarding your antics.

“…Investigators did find fingerprints that haven’t matched anyone else that was on the guest registry, but they’re hoping the finding will help them solve other recent mysterious events.”

And I just don’t see the game as it currently is getting that much in-depth with details like that, OR having to worry if whichever disguise should actually have gloves or makes you take off your gloves (I think that’s what you were getting at).

Nah man. Don’t worry about it. Gloves or no, change into that disguise if it’ll get the mission completed.

No. What I mean is: you switch it on in the options menu, and if you start in an outfit with gloves, no matter what disguise you change into, those gloves will not come off, unless you change into a disguise that already comes with gloves, in which case the gloves you started with will be replaced with the ones that come with the disguise. If you have it set to off, the game will play exactly as it is now.

Oh my God, it’s like you don’t even know me at all!

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I get the idea, but I don’t like gloves, just from the sheer look of them :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

It would be cool with Freelancer to have the option to choose and combine parts of 47s outfits, not just the outfits itself. We know already that there will be a wardrobe, but it would be nice if we could choose between sunglasses, gloves, jackets/shirts, trousers and shoes. So we can combine them.

Freelancer is like the Sims part of Hitman, so why not giving that option, too? :sweat_smile:

That is true, and I hope we get that chance. But mainly, the purpose of this desired mode is so that there is no disguise to change into where the gloves are removed as a result of the new disguise. You continue wearing them no matter what. There are a lot of opportunities that I either can’t bring myself to do, or just can’t enjoy as much if I do, because there’s not a gloved variant for the disguise required. For example; some of the police and technicians in the Icon mission have gloves and some do not, so when I need to change into either outfit, I pick one who is wearing them, to not break the illusion that 47 is guarding himself against leaving fingerprints or DNA from sweat at his crime scenes, or getting evidence such as blood or gunpowder residue on his hands. But many disguises don’t have a gloved variant like that map does. While it might be unusual, it would not be necessarily suspicious, for example, for a waiter secretly spiking a drink to have on a pair of gloves to protect from contaminating his customer’s drink with his uncovered hands. And there’d be no reason why Janus’s nurse couldn’t be wearing some as well. I would like a mode like this so that I can use any disguise and follow any kill opportunity without breaking the illusion.

The swimwear outfit in Haven would look silly with Gloves, although I can maybe see a “I’m going to workout” reason for it - especially given there is a workout room on the island. I can’t really think of any other disguises or outfits in the game that would makes gloves look out of place.

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gloves on all the way. a true hitman wears gloves.

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