Guess the Hitman mission, Emoji edition

i remember this on the old forum.

“Describe” a mission with emojis, and then make others guess it, if they guess correctly they take over and describe another mission.

I’ll start

:sailboat: :cake: :seven:


Club 27?

20 characters


20 characters minimum

I believe this is already a thread

But I would guess

Death on the Mississippi

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and oops, didn’t see the other thread (but it’s inactive, and the other guy didn’t post a new mission to guess)

I shall pass my turn onto anyone that wants it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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well guess i’ll do it again then

:man_dancing: :smiling_imp:

A Dance With The Devil


Wait, is it my turn?
I guessed already on the other thread but there has been no response.


yes, your turn

i guess not cause it’s a new thread


Ok, here we go:
:partying_face: :poultry_leg: :muscle:t3:

The meat king’s party?

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meat king party from contracts

yo we replied at the same time lol

Yup, that’s the one

Sorry @Lord_szechenyi you were pipped to the post by seconds

@Lord_szechenyi can take my turn

oh thanks

anyway, only 1 emoji but this should be easy

Slaying a dragon?
Because dragon

actually no, but almost

Lee Hong Assassination?