Guess the Hitman mission, Emoji edition

yes, your turn

20 char

:face_vomiting: :pill:

20 char

no offense, but i think that’s impossible to guess, since basically anyone can be poisoned in any mission

Anyway, Flatline because Smith is sick but 47 “cures” him

Nope, and it’s a mission name not what happens inside the mission itself :wink:

oh special assignments count?

Yes, your turn


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i’m not saying you can’t do that, but maybe that’ll get boring after a while, maybe we should try things in the mission, or targets, not the name of a mission

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:shower: :drop_of_blood:

shower of blood :smiley:

no seriously, traditions of the trade

no? damn i have no idea.

Hawkes bay?

so not hawkes bay, is it sapienza? they have showers and i guess it can be bloody

A Personal Contract from Absolution?


You’re god damn right!

I’m not supposed to be online 24/7. I might not be here for several hours and that’s something usual for any user.


you were answering quite quickly, as we did too, and then you went silent so i didn’t know you went off the forum just as someone guessed it


20 char

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i can’t think of a mission with both a Bath and Ice.

Carpathian Mountains?

You Better Watch Out?

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Yep, you got it


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who got it, me or him?

Ingvar got it, thought I hit the reply button to him but guess not

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