H2 sniper assassin multiplayer trophy

Looking for someone to play sniper assassin to get trophies.

the servers for multiplayer sniper assassin were taken down awhile ago. some admin should close this thread.

I was under the impression they were still up in Hitman 2, at least as recently as a couple of weeks ago when another user was looking for the coop trophies.

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pretty sure they’re not up lul

I’m well aware of the announcement, but while they took down Ghost Mode, as far as I know, they never actually took the Sniper Assassin servers offline.

They announced pre-launch of H3 that they would be taken down before January 20th 2021. However this never happened and they’re still running.


Yeah I can help shoot me a msg

PSN ID: nakayuri7

Yeah the server is still up. I’ve kept my H2 installed just incase someone needs help with these trophies :joy:


amazing. truly useful information.

Just got this trophy with another player. The sniper assassin multiplayer is still up and running.

I am currently trying to get these trophies on PS4.

Username: DevStarr_intL

Please add me and help me out, this is my last trophy and it would be much appreciated!

Did you get someone to play with you? I don’t have these trophies either.

I’d like to get someone to play with me for sniper achievements.
I’m on PC/Steam.

I hope I’m not too late… As i just completed the hitman 2 with sniper assissin…

Looking for someone to help with the multiplayer co-op trophies completion…

I’m usually online over the weekends…

Platform: PS4
Username: UnKn0wn_Iess

hey, are you still looking for someone to play with you for the sniper achievements on steam, i’m trying to get them myself

Sorry, I’m already done and reinstaling the game would take too long for me.

Try to ask on Steam forum though. That’s how I got help from someone else.

agh I think I’m too late for the recent posts, but if anyone is willing to play a round on Hantu Port multiplayer ps4 with me i’d be grateful :pray:

I’m also looking for someone who wants to help me with the multiplayer trophies and certain challenges.
@alvcard If you still need help, maybe we can team up?

PSN: Nespy8va

I still need these trophies, as well.

If anyone is still looking to get these message me. PSN: isawyer_1997

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I’m also looking for help. PSN: KacchanLoveless

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