H3-Giveaway: Explain the Story to me

Don’t know if this is the right category. Anyway: I never really payed attention to the story of Hitman. I even skipped lengthy cutscenes. All I was interested was knowing the target and then trying to find a strategy.
As I’ll get H3 in exactly two weeks, I decided to learn the story so far (according to the WOA-Trilogy, I guess there are a few other stories in the comics, movies, …).
Whoever can explain the story in the shortest, best – but still comprehensive – way, will get H3 from me. That means: I pay for your game. Just hope that’s possible on every platform. We’ll find a way. If you already pre-ordered H3, I’ll pay you another game of your choice for the same price. I’m talking «Deluxe Edition» which is 105 Swiss Francs here for me.
The contest runs for one week. After that I’ll collect all the entries and create a poll. So actually you guys and girls decide who’s the worthy winner.

Good luck! :kissing_heart:


Nice little contest @djsojus, good luck everyone! :smiley:


stoic and follicly challenged cleaner travels the globe with his work wife, fulfilling contracts as an unwitting pawn in a dispute between secret bureaucrats and a loquacious, long-lost relative with better hair.



Home and back again

Once upon a time there was an generic evil scientist who more then anything wanted to create a nazi’s wet dream. He and 4 other men came together and made a series of perfect human clones/love babies. A series to test tube babies where “born”, one of babies showed more promise then the others. His name was 640509-040147 (we will call him 47 for short).

One day at the age of 36, 47 managed to escape from his evil dad and soon began working for a clearing service. 47 was very good at taking the trash out. Soon he received house calls all over the world, where he meet his other fathers. After a nice trip around the world 47 got a job that would lead him home. Here he confronted his father.

After that 47 moved to Italy and moved in with a priest in a monastery, one day the the priest was kidnapped by an evil gangster, 47 set out on another journey that soon would lead him around the world by taking up his old job as a cleaner. It turned out that it was 47 uncle who kidnapped his friend the priest, 47 confronted him and that was the end of that.

47 soon after took a prolonged trip to the Land of Opportunity, to pressure his passion for cleaning. But it also came with a cost, a rival cleaning company had chased them out of Europe. One day 47 died and he slept for a long time, until a princess who he knew from work waked him up with a kiss. Here he confronted an evil man who controlled the other cleaning service and that was the end of that.

Years went by and 47 continuing cleaning, until one day his boss Travis said that the princess had stolen form work and that would not due. 47 was sent to her house to clean and get back the things she stolen. Here 47 meet a little girl and soon understood why the princess stole from work. He quit his job right there and then and became a hobo, soon he began cleaning without anyone hiring him, he did it all to protect the little girl. One day 47 got an opportunity and a new suit from a blind tailor, which lead him to cleaning the house of a big weapons manufacturer. Later he confronted Travis and that was the end of that, the princess was rehired.

47 and the Princess was back to doing what they loved. Soon 47 began once again to travel the world, where he cleaned all from a big mansion in Italy to fashion show in Paris. But his luck ended there, once again there was another cleaning company that wanted to take control, soon after he meet his long lost brother and they began cleaning together. To put a stop to the evil man they called the Constant and his evil group who wanted to rule all of the land, but that is a story for another time.

The End


Diana hired 47 as an assasin and gave contracts to him. First every contract seemed like they called ICA for a good reason, but later they discovered that all came from one person who called the Shadow Client. At the end of the first game they discovered that Diana’s boss is working for Providence, an evil concuil thing.
At the 2nd season of Hitman they trying to track the Shadow Client and take down Providence at the same time. After they succesfully located the Shadow Client after the Mumbai mission, they discovered that Grey was only a puppet, controlled by the former Constant, who lead Providence. After they hunted him down in Whittleton Creek, they needet to find there clues too what linked him to the active Constant. After they captured him at the Isle of Sgáil, they took him as hostage and tried to pull out information of him. In New York and Haven Island, they tried to find clues what could lead them to the Partners of Providence and that is where the 2nd game ended.


Before the story begins, there’s a few things that are worth knowing:

  • There exists an organisation called Providence. They are basically the Illuminati and their members are highly wealthy and influential. This allows them to effectively run the entire world behind the scenes. They are also the group that funded Ort-Meyers cloning project, which is what created 47.

  • The structure of Providence is this: There are all the regular members, they will provide information to “Heralds” which is basically the middle man, one of the heralds is actually being interrogated in Colorado, The Heralds pass the information on to “The Constant”. This is the same guy you kidnap off of the Isle of Sgail. The Constant is the only person in the world who knows the identities of the three partners. These are the people at the very top of the organisation. The Constant confers with them when making decisions

  • 47 is not the only clone to have survived all this time, Lucas Grey (Subject 6) is very much alive, and unlike 47, he has a full conscience and range of emotions. In the comic series, 47 and Grey attempted to escape the asylum they were raised in, but 47 sacrificed his own freedom to allow Lucas Grey to escape. 47’s memory is then completely wiped. To be extra sure, they tell 47 that Grey had died during the escape.

Pictures for Reference

Lucas Grey

The Constant


The Partners

Before the beginning of Paris, Lucas Grey has been able to learn much more about Providence. He begins a war of revenge, determined to crush the organisation. Part of his plan is to manipulate the ICA to perform contracts that would benefit him in his goal. He anonymously gives hints and tips to businesses and individuals, who will then use the ICA to perform assassinations for them, unknowingly helping Lucas Grey.

In Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh, all your targets are providence members or assosicates, and their elimination is just a part of the war

Bangkok is a little different, Lucas Grey planned to rob reclusive billionaire Thomas Cross, but he has not left his private island in years. He manipulated another client to place a contract on his son Jordan Cross. He planned to intercept Thomas Cross at his sons funeral. His plan worked, and he managed to loot over $3 Billion from his accounts to be used in his war.

After Thomas Cross’ murder, the ICA finally put together the pieces. ICA are truly neutral and do not take sides in any conflict. For this reason, the ICA board of directors order 47 and Diana to hunt down the “Shadow Client”, Lucas Grey.

The ICA are able to track the Shadow Client to a farm in Colorado. The militia you see in the map are all under the command of Lucas Grey. 47 takes out 4 key targets to try and cripple the militia’s command. In the Tornado Shelter, 47 finds all of Lucas Grey’s research. This proves to him and Diana that providence, a hypothetical concept, does in fact exist. They also discover that Erich Soders, a senior member of the ICA, is a providence operative. ICA has been compromised.

The rest of the ICA is appalled by this discovery, and immediately order 47 to kill Soders and a providence lawyer in Hokkado.

After the mission, the constant approaches Diana on a train and makes an offer: Providence and the ICA have a common enemy, they should work together. If they do, the Constant offers the true origins of Agent 47.

The ICA executives decide to accept his offer. From this point, they will be offering contracts that target Lucas Grey and his militia.

Hawkes Bay, Miami, Colombia and Mumbai are similar to the first 4 missions in season 1, they are almost unrelated and are simply targeted strikes against the militia.

During this time, Lucas Grey acquires the antidote to 47’s memory wipe, and leads a trail to the asylum in Romania. When they meet, Grey proves that he and 47 are brothers, 47 can even remember his name, proving some fragments of memory survived. 47 willingly took the antidote. He remembered the providence representative who came to the asylum. It was he and Lucas Grey’s mission to destroy providence years ago due to the torture the were put through

That representative was Janus, the former providence Constant. They hatch a plan to set him up as the real shadow client who was working behind the scenes. They will assassinate him, and search for information about Providence (the clues)

Janus was the original founder of the Ark Society, the group you see on Sgail. They have a plan to track Janus’ coffin, as the Ark Society will likely want to hold a private funeral somewhere. The plan is successful.

In Whittleton Creek, they confirm that the current Constant will be at the meeting of The Ark Society. The original plan is to simply kidnap him, but they soon learn that the Constant has a poison chip in his neck, a final failsafe. The two kill switches that will detonate the device are with the Chairwomen of the society, making them necessary targets.

The mission succeeds, and the Constant offers up the names of the 3 partners. The partners have prepared for this scenario, however, and are currently faking their deaths to minimise their chance of death.

There is a lead to be followed, the partners use the Bank in New York frequently. Everything has happened so recently that the bank records are still unchanged, and are the only lead on the new identities of the partners. 47 has to kill Athena Savalas for no reason other than the mission needs a target :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The bank accounts lead to Haven Island, a service that helps people to vanish from the world with a new identity. The partner’s current identity and location are on their servers, but the 3 owners manually reset the servers every 10 hours. 47 is forced to eliminate the owners so the servers can be hacked.

After the mission, 47 and Lucas know where the partners are. But a confusing series of events happens next that is left pretty vague. The Constant escapes his captivity, and all of the partner’s power and wealth is sent to him. Its hard to say for certain where this will head.

All we know now is that the partners are targets across Dubai and Dartmoor.


Lucas makes ICA kill Illuminati dudes, Illuminati makes ICA kill Lucas’ guys. 47 and Lucas dream team and kill Illuminati leaders


Illuminati bad, help long-haired man kill them


Bravo, sir. This should be stickied.


Some rando super assasin murdering the illuminati agents but realizing they get manipulated so they track down the Puppet master to hunt the illuminati together.

Edit: he has this weird chick with him that’s like some super rule strict gal but suddenly changes her mind bc she has a crush on the superagent or smth like that.
And she do be looking bri’ish

     HITMAN 1

Diana finds 47, an efficient killer ‘without a past’, to her handler program in the ICA, which its director, Soders, never liked.
ICA contracts for Silvio Caruso (Providence) in Sapienza , Jordan Cross (lure for recluse Thomas Cross [Providence]) in Bangkok , Zeidan and Strandberg (receiving payments from Provicence Heralds whose keys to its vault containing information on Providence end up stolen) in Marrakesh turn out to have a pattern.
Such is the Shadow Client(SC)/Lucas Grey/Subject 6 who along with memoryless 47 promised to wage a war against their malefactors and take down Providence.

A day before Novikov’s assassination in Paris, Grey was seen obtaining secret intel from him and his IAGO global spy ring using fashion shows to sell secrets on the global elite to bidders, which caused his elimiation by the ICA hired by British intelligence to prevent the leak of their undercover agents.

Upon realizing it the ICA tracks down the SC in Colorado and Soders sets his militia for termination (Rose, Berg, Parvatti, Graves). There, 47 also find clues indicating the SC knows his identity and that Soders is spying on the ICA on behalf of Providence’s hunt of the SC in exchange for a rare reverse heart transplantation, for which he’s eliminated in Hokkaido .

     HITMAN 2

The Constant of Providence, now working with the ICA against the SC, a common enemy that also happened to be destabilizing the world order, targets Reynard from Grey’s militia in Hawkes Bay for elimination, also revealing clues on his identity.

Following Constant’s order, ICA then also eliminates Providence defectors (afraid of the SC’s war on the powerful) Robert and Sierra Knox in Miami.
When Grey’s identity is revealed, his logistic system is destroyed (the Delgado cartel in Santa Fortuna and its global distribution routes) as well as his Eastern cell (Maelstrom, Shah and Rangan in Mumbai ).

Upon meeting with Grey in Romania, 47 reminds his promise and along with Diana both betray Providence in exchange for answers on his past.
In Whittleton Creek they kill Janus, the first Constant of Providence and supervisor of the experiment with 47 and Grey, under a false report filed by Diana to get to him straight away while retrieving clues for a meeting with the current Constant in the Isle of Sgail .
Kill-switch bearers Sophia and Zoe Washington are eliminated in order to protect the integrity of the Constant with the poison chip before his capture, which reveals the Partners (Stuyvesant, Carlisle and Ingram families) as the leaders of Providence.


The New York mission is thus about grabbing the data on the Partners, now trying to “vanish” from the world, and eliminating another Providence Herald Athena Savalas, data which leads them on to the Haven services in the Maldives as a program to change/clean identities. Its security mechanism is disabled by terminally preventing Vetrova, Williams and Bradley from performing the periodic password keys reset.


Hitman C47 - Hitman BM: You kill people as genetically modified assassin
Hitman Absolution: You try to save genetically modified girl for your handler, Diana
HITMAN: you kill people set up by shadow client
HITMAN2: you try to find and kill shadow client, but you learn it’s your childhood friend, so now you kill people for him.
HITMAN3: (most probably) you keep killing for shadow client.


I loved to read this. Well done sir/ma’am.

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THE shadow client

Your explanation is interesting and quite easy to understand. I’d like to just provide a minor correction, hope you don’t mind. :wink: If I recall correctly, Both Viktor and Dalia have no affiliation to Providence. IAGO is simply a way for Lucas to gain information on Providence by doing a kill for Viktor. The rest of the targets you’ve mentioned are all Providence members indeed.


Thank you! :grinning: T’is the result of replaying Hitman cutscene to cutscene last month to prepare for Hitman 3, haha.


LOL yeah pretty much, the actual reasoning behind that is quite weak.





I know those two, that’s Trixie Mattel and Katya.

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You should be hired into PR for some AA studio. You just did the holy trinity: Make fans active, generate talk around the product (in terms story parts arent clear and people start arguing) and give something away for free. This is awesome.


This wins. I can’t top it. You’ve beaten the master of B.O.T.H

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