Hawkes Bay Escalation

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Anyone else Loose the Special Halloween Escalation for Hawkes Bay after the Transfer to H3?

Like Holiday Hoarders and Christmas I would assume they’ll bring it back for Halloween.


After it Unlocked for Halloween for H2 it stayed to be Played through As often as you liked

They removed all the seasonal content in the H3 switch. We expect them to re-add them permanently when the relevant event rolls around

Holiday Hoarders - Christmas (Dec)
Snow Festival - Sapporo Snow Festival (Jan - Feb)
Mills Reverie - Halloween (Oct)

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The Mills Reverie is available on Stadia though, but not Holiday Hoarders or Snow Festival

And Holiday Hoarders did that for Hitman 1 too, but it was still not put in Hitman 2 until Christmas. It gives them something else to put on their October and December roadmaps.

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